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On Attachment Types

I’m looking at the Wikipedia article for the attachment styles that Max tweeted and holy shit, ACCURATE. Slightly cut-down versions (seriously, read the article it’s a good fic writing resource)

  • Dirk: Anxious-preoccupied

People with anxious-preoccupied attachment type tend to agree with the following statements: “I want to be completely emotionally intimate with others, but I often find that others are reluctant to get as close as I would like”, and “I am uncomfortable being without close relationships, but I sometimes worry that others don’t value me as much as I value them.” People with this style of attachment seek high levels of intimacy, approval, and responsiveness from their attachment figure. They sometimes value intimacy to such an extent that they become overly dependent on the attachment figure.

  • Farah: Dismissive-avoidant

People with a dismissive style of avoidant attachment tend to agree with these statements: “I am comfortable without close emotional relationships”, “It is important to me to feel independent and self-sufficient”, and “I prefer not to depend on others or have others depend on me.” People with this attachment style desire a high level of independence. The desire for independence often appears as an attempt to avoid attachment altogether. They view themselves as self-sufficient and invulnerable to feelings associated with being closely attached to others. They often deny needing close relationships. 

  • Todd: Fearful-avoidant

People with this attachment style have mixed feelings about close relationships. On one hand, they desire to have emotionally close relationships. On the other hand, they tend to feel uncomfortable with emotional closeness. These mixed feelings are combined with sometimes unconscious, negative views about themselves and their attachments. They commonly view themselves as unworthy of responsiveness from their attachments, and they don’t trust the intentions of their attachments. Similar to the dismissive–avoidant attachment style, people with a fearful–avoidant attachment style seek less intimacy from attachments and frequently suppress and deny their feelings. Because of this, they are much less comfortable expressing affection.

So not only are these ACCURATE AS FUCK and incredibly useful character resources, but I’m sure on more thorough reading will suggest theories for the directions the characters could be taken in this season. One thing that DID worry me was the article on fearful-avoidant highlights its frequency in people with childhood trauma (losses or abuse), which makes me worry just a t e e n y t i n y b i t w o r r i e d about what we might have in store in terms of Todd backstory…


took a lil trip 🏙✨


  • first and most importantly for a flashback episode, A PERFECT RECAST OF YOUNG KARA AND ALEX.
    • (maybe even un upgrade?)
    • gosh, both of those actors did their homework.
    • when alex pulled her phone out of her back pocket in that bathroom i just about died.
    • izabela vidovic doesn’t actually sound anything like melissa, but she did this thing with her voice that is kara.
    • good job, casting.
  • also, music: evil. you can’t cold open with HAIM like that. the sweet escape was a terrible song, but the most 2007 song choice they could have made short of 1234 by feist.
    • i love eliza, and i love that house.
      • but honestly where is midvale???? on the canadian border???? is the drug ring run through a maple syrup dynasty???? how did they drive there so quickly???? (the answer to that question is obviously: flying car.)
    • SPEAKING OF FLYING CARS: i love that they tried to tell us kara could drive for the opening ~aesthetic~ and let that just sit in the background for the entire episode, and then CONFIRMATION: KARA CANNOT ACTUALLY DRIVE.
    • for an episode that only has about 5 minutes of current timeline they packed a lot into that small amount of time.
      • i continue to regret asking for them to focus on kara’s mental health, because she’s just so sad and it makes me so sad.
      • ‘at least alex doesn’t close herself off … you have the most wide open heart for other people, but when you feel weak you punish yourself for it.’
      • ‘if i’m going to do the things i have to do, i have to walk away from certain vulnerabilities.’ okay, not focusing on the “vulnerabilities” because that’s a red herring, but the things i have to do. oh, kara. i wrote something in one of these lists a couple of weeks ago that i think i ended up deleting, but, the opening credits monologue has changed again (kara calls herself a refugee now, which is worth a whole post all of its own) but the line that has always stayed is “an accident forced me to reveal myself”. i hope they’re going to a place where kara can recognise the choices she’s making to live this life. not that there isn’t a lot to unpack to get there, because if we learnt anything from triggers it’s that she probably doesn’t believe she has a choice about this because she was sent here to do this. but that’s not what little kara tells not!alura. there’s always a choice, and at one point she wanted to make that choice.
    • obligatory mention: alex danvers is probably going to end up with a drinking problem.
    • and god, she’s mean, but she’s also right about kara’s pathological need to set the rules. and i think to kara they are rules, because everything about living on earth has been a series of rules about How To Live. see also: an accident forced me to reveal myself, and now i have to walk away from certain vulnerabilities.
    • but that’s just it: sisters. they got each other. and, it would seem, always kinda have*.
    • so this was kind of a weird flashback.
        • god, i hate them. why do they do this to me?
        • “10 years ago.” OKAY, FINE.
        • previously on supergirl:
          • kara’s earth equivalent birthday (disregarding the phantom zone) is between 4 January 1991 and 16 February 1991.
          • alex’s birthday is between 17 and 20 February 1989.
        • so in 2007, and let’s say november 2007 to make it easier, even though apparently they live near canada but it looks like summer: alex is 18, kara is 16.
          • and yet they’re in the same classes?
          • and yet not!alura j’onn thinks she’s 15.
        • kara’s been with them for 3.5 years, and jeremiah’s been dead for 1.5.
      • basically, i just really wish they would stop saying things like “[nice round number] years ago”, because now we have alex and kara apparently hated each other for three and a half years and lena luthor is 25.
        • (and also was apparently 15 when superman took down lex. ;_;)
    • anyway, that weirdness aside, that flashback was filled with goodness:
      • alex and kara shared a rooooooom and had dumb 2007 flip phones and alex wore totally on trend tiny vests but also very off trend chokers.
      • kenny lee: he died so that alex would stop being a dick to her adopted alien sister.
        • awkward statutory rape storyline: awkward.
        • canadian drug ring: seriously, was maple syrup involved?
      • SOME THINGS WE LEARNT ABOUT KARA, all of which broke my heart:
        • she never stopped talking about krypton.
          • calculus at age 4!
        • she wanted to be a superhero even then.
          • ;______;
          • she followed all of his enemies omg.
        • she was really good at gym.
        • she’s always broken things when she’s angry.
        • she misses people too but she’s not lashing out at the world.
          • oh, kara.
        • she had hound blood in her - kara what other trouble were you getting into as a kiddo?
        • she remembers being alone in the pod.
          • ;______;
          • eliza calling j’onn to come and pretend to be not!alura agent noell neill was awful. that is honestly a terrible thing to do to that poor girl, and i’m lowkey pissed at the writers for thinking that’s a thing people would ever come up with as a possible solution.
        • aaaaaand yet maybe the most important line in the entire flashback:
          • no one asked me if i wanted these powers, but i have them and all i want to do is help people with what i’ve been given, and no one will let me.
          • kara wanted to be a superhero. she wanted it desperately. and maybe soon she’ll remember that.
        • she called her mom jeju.
  • eliza’s cardigan in that last scene was awesome and i want it.
  • ‘i am getting better,’ kara says, two seconds before the promo for next week. yaaaaaay……… 😟

Henry Cavill on Instagram: “Sometimes I like to escape from thinking about work, and all the goings on of life. Reading books is one of the ways that I achieve this! This is what I’m on right now after just finishing the first book in the series "The Way of Kings”. It’s a really good series! If you’re into sci-fi / fantasy stuff like moi then this is a must read. If you’re not then believe me it’s a great escape from the travails of daily life, a great way to wind down in bed and actually contains some solid life lessons! Win, win….win.“

Dark vs Anti. Fallen Angel vs Psychopath. Only One Winner. 

Thank you to @pikarosie for helping me put this playlist together! 


Track List: 

  1. Enjoy The Show - NateWantsToBattle ft.Jacksepticeye
  2. You Can’t Escape Me - ChaoticCanineCulture
  3. Tag, You’re It - Melanie Martinez 
  4. Bad Blood - Silence The City (Taylor Swift Cover) 
  5. Watch Me - Icon For Hire
  6. Red - Beth Crowley 
  7. Mangled - NateWantsToBatte
  8. No More - NateWantsToBattle
  9. Too Loud - Icon For Hire
  10. Every Breath You Take - Chase Holfelder (The Police Cover)

Since I did this previously, it’s also necessary to do this: all four of Dragon Ball’s endings edited and synced along “Boogie Back!” The only thing I did really was speed it up around 60% and plopped one of the shots of the radar in a different place in the beginning.

If anyone is confused, people in the US only got the 2nd ending sequence (the one with Launch) for the whole series, but viewers in other places like Spanish-speaking countries (and maybe even in Southeast Asia?) have gotten all four for their respective dubs.

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