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Since it’s been a while, I wanted to express my feelings for some of the Pandora Hearts ships/relationships that ruined my life few years ago.

Let’s get started!

OzAlice *thinking about everything they went through*

OzBert *thinking about the last chapter and Gil’s promise*

OzEcho *thinking about their relationship’s development from the start when they where only strangers*

VinceAda *thinking about how much they’ve grown and improved themselves thanks to their bond*

Elleo *thinking about how they changed thanks to their friendship and about the fact that they meant the world to each other*

JackLacie *thinking about everything Jack has done just to stay with his beloved Lacie and about how broken he was after realizing that Lacie couldn’t come back*

ReimBreakSharon *thinking about the fact that they became a family when everything in Break’s world shattered and thinking about chapter 93*

DucaBarma/Sherly *thinking about how stubborn Barma was confessing and showing his love for Sherly for his entire life and about how they spent their last years together*

Lacie/Oswald *thinking about how much Oswald suffered and felt guilty for what he had done to his sister and about how deep their brotherly love was*

So, summing up, Pandora Hearts is just and incredibly painful experience that will tear your heart apart and leave you crying on the floor without even realizing it ahahahah and I haven’t recovered yet believe me.

But thank you if you’ve read my post, actually this idea came to my mind thinking about re-reading ph for the 1435679th time but then I realized that now it’d be too much for my poor heart to handle and since I’m sure VnC will make me suffer like an idiot too in the next years.


Leaving the cafe, Lacy felt like she was walking on air. He kissed me! He kissed me! She sang in her head. What a rush. And River? She couldn’t have asked for anyone better than him. “Hey,” He began, taking her hand in his. “Before we head back to the dorms, want to take a picture to show the others what they were missing out on?”

“They snooze, they lose,” Lacy set, a sudden wave of happiness washing over her. “But, yeah. Let’s take a selfie.”

River placed his arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to him so that the shot would be nice and tight. When Lacy smiled, he quickly turned his head and placed a kiss on her lips. He snapped the picture. When he pulled away, LAcy’’s eyes were wide. “Too much?”

“I just wasn’t expecting it!” She laughed, hitting his arm. “Warn me next time!”

River showed her his phone. “Nuh-uh. You look so cute when you’re caught off guard.”

Lacy squinted her eyes at the picture. “I mean, I can’t argue with that…”

“My simbook or yours?” River asked, sliding his hand in hers again.

“Send it to me, we can both do it,” She replied, the grin never leaving her face. 

thank you for the request, dear!! i love this idea and enjoyed writing it, i hope you like it too!! ~admin o

               There were a couple of nice benefits to you and Taekwoon having birthdays so close together- one the day right after the other, in fact. The two of you always got to spend lots of time together on those days, usually having two romantic, celebratory dates in a row. However, this year, you were a little sad. Taek had work to do and wouldn’t be home until late- too late to go out and do something, and least for you and his tastes.

                 But as you were moping around alone at home, a little lightbulb came on over your head.

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Wet And Alone (Mark)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you write a scenario of Reader x Mark are dating but Mark is always busy with his own things & doesnt spent much time with Reader/text/call reader. Then whenever reader want to a listening ear , she always go to Jinyoung because Jinyoung is closest to the reader. but she end up getting caught in a rain. When she reach the dorm, she was wet and at the back , after telling jinyoung what happened , u cried and fell asleep on jinyoung. Mark came bk and saw u lying on jinyoung. Happy ending pls😊

“I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t talk for long” you listened as Mark talked “Mark I reall-” “sorry Y/N I got to go” he cuts you off as the call ended. You sat your phone onto your lap before tears collided with the screen “I hardly get to talk to you” you whisper to yourself. You stood up and made your way to the door and walking out. You felt it was fitting as you walked that it began to rain. Almost instantly soaking your clothing but you really didn’t seem to care, it covered the fact you were crying.


You rang the buzzer to the boy’s dorm and almost instantly the door opened revealing Jinyoung. “Y/N you’re soaking wet” he spoke as he pulled you into the dorm. “Why were you walking in the ran stupid?” he teased as your lip quivered as you covered your mouth as an ugly sob left it. Jinyoung instantly realized the problem and headed off to get you something to change into. By the time he got back you were laying on the floor spaced out. “I don’t get why you stay. I get Mark is one of my best friends and group mates but if he sends you into a heap on the floor he’s not worth it” he tells you as you look up at him and groan. “Get changed” he ordered as you turned yourself away from him. 

“I will change you if I have to. Don’t make this awkward” he spoke as you nodded sitting up. He hands you one of Jackson’s sweatshirts and BamBam’s pants “why don’t you ever give me your clothing?” you ask him as he gives you a look “because why ruin my close with all your sorrow” he teased as you let out a laugh. But once more a sob left your mouth as you crumple to the ground again in tears. Jinyoung rolls his eyes as he sits you up “you’re the one who made this awkward” he mumbled as he peeled your soaking top off sliding the new top on “do that bra thing girls can do” he told you as your limb reached under the top and popped it off before taking it off completely and handing it to him. 

“I know this is weird but Mark has old underwear of yours” he spoke handing you pants and underwear. You laid back down as you popped your jeans pulling them down your legs before you stood up kicking them off. Jinyoung picked them up before you pulled your underwear off and put them on top of the pants. “I never understood why girls wore lacy stuff like this. They’re to show off and then in the next they’re in a heap in the corner” he mumbles as he walks off. You slide on the other clothing before sitting down on the couch. 

You found yourself so drained that the tears just hurt as the leaked from your eyes without you initiating them. Jinyoung soon came back and picked up your head before sitting himself down. You closed your eyes as Jinyoung stroked your head and you began to fall asleep with tears still leaking from your eyes. 


Mark and Jackson came home laughing and as they took off their shoes their socks soaked from the large wet spot on the floor. “Really?” Mark scoffed as he peeled his socks off and walked in and as he went to pass the couch he stopped himself when he saw Jinyoung sitting there with you passed out on his lap. “What the hell?” he called as Jinyoung quieted him “Y/N is really tired right now. It seems like she keeps throwing herself into a deeper hole she keeps digging for herself with this horrible boy who doesn’t talk to her when she really needs him” Jinyoung speaks as he turns to look at Mark. “She got fired, her dog is sick, and she’s going to have a cold soon” Jinyoung lists off “but it’s fine because she got a new job, her dog is getting better, and she’s still going to get sick” he continued as he patted your head. 

In almost and instant your shot up rubbing your eyes “I’m sorry I fell asleep” you say as you stopped rubbing your eyes. Seeing Mark there you looked down before you stood up headed to the door but not before slipping on the wet spot sending you crashing to the ground. Mark quickly rushed over to you “are you alright?” he asked as you threw his arm off of you. “Don’t act like you care” you tell him as you get up and grab your shoes and sliding them on “baby-” “shut up” you say as you open the door before it was shut “come on lets talk about this” he tells you. “This would be the most I’ve talked to you in a long time” you say as Mark rolls his eyes. 

“I have a life as well” he told you as you two look each other in the eyes. Mark quickly moved wrapping his arms around you pulling you in for a kiss before pushing your body against the door. “You’re so hot when you’re angry” he whispers as he kisses you again your hands went to his hair as you yanked his head away from you. “Do you really think this will make up for all the crap?” you ask him as he pulls your leg around his waist “this is how I’m gonna start. A long long and tiring I’m sorry. Followed by a late night dinner run. Followed by more I’m sorry’s then if you’re not too tired a good quality crappy movie” he spoke. “Ya! None of that here. I don’t need to find Y/N’s panties in my underwear drawer again” Jackson speaks as he walks past the door way.

“Then I guess your bed is our destination for the rest of the night” he coos as he grabs his jacket and shoes “plus bring my sweater back stain free and BamBam’s pants. I hat-” but Jackson’s rambles were cut off by the door slamming shut.

anonymous asked:

So, on Instagram Jennifer Morrison made a post about how Emma's dress was intentionally inspired by Grace Kelly. I think there was already a post before Jmo's post about how the style resembled Grace Kelly's dresses. While the fashion style may look pretty and all, doesn't it send a weird message? It just makes the CS marriage all the more wrong. What do you think?

I think “inspired” is a euphemism, since it’s straight-up a copy of Grace Kelly’s dress.
Personally, I also don’t find the dress that  pretty. The lacy stuff that covers everything looks very unflattering and I think it’s a bit over the top. Back in Grace Kelly’s time, that was probably fashionable but it’s just not adequate in 2017 (or whatever year it is in OUAT messed up timeline). (No hate towards Jennifer Morrison here, she is a beautiful woman).
But to the symbolism of copying Grace Kelly’s dress, I agree that it just makes CS look worse.
Here is a good analysisI read that explained it all very well:
I remember that @freifraufischer also did an excellent analysis of the dress and Grace Kelly’s history, but somehow I can’t find it right now. If someone could link it, that would be awesome!

Stages of Romantigoth Fashion

1. “Boy, I wish I could wear those fancy Halloween costumes of vampire ladies and witches all year round!”

2. “Actually, that Party City stuff is constructed pretty poorly for long-term use.”

3. “If I still want to dress like that, I’d better get real lucky with thrift stores or else save my money for good-quality black lacy stuff.”

4. “At last, I have a wardrobe that looks like it belongs to a fancy vampire or witch!”

5. “Ugh, why do people keep asking if I’m wearing a costume?”

monochromemedic  asked:

How about we share headcanons about Warf. I'm pretty sure he's a big weaboo, probably doesn't care about what clothes he wears he just likes what he likes, he'll wear makeup and lacy stuff. He probably also takes alot of bubble baths.

i don’t like to headcanon wilf as an anything-boo because it means he’s fetishizing a culture (plus, mark’s asian). i like the fact that he’s a big bath fan and probably steals pOUNDS of lush products. wilford has to ATLEAST wear blush, or else he can’t do anything that day

Welcome Home Brother - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Is it okay to request a Liam imagine where the reader is Isaacs sister and he’s in France and she lives with Scott, do her and Liam are sneaking around when Scott brings Isaac back to surprise her and they end up walking in on them kissing.

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Word Count: 1,474

Warnings: Smut like actions but not full smut.

Author’s Note: I kind of went a little bit heated on the kissing part. I hope you don’t mind. As for the ending, sorry I couldn’t come up with something better. I had trouble coming up with an ending, maybe cause I already wrote something very similar but with Stiles as the brother instead of Isaac. I just couldn’t rack my brain for a different and good ending. So please excuse my shitty ending but I hope you still like it. Lastly, not beta proof read.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“Hey Lahey!" 

I quickly turned away from an episode of The Vampire Diaries to see Scott standing in front of the door with his hand on the knob. I looked back to see Damon and Elena together in the same bed in some cheap motel. I paused the episode so I wouldn’t miss anything. "What’s up, Scott?”

“I’m going to hang out with Stiles tonight. We got something to do and mom is working the night shift.” I nodded my head as an ‘okay’. “Do you think you’ll be okay by yourself for a couple of hours?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m 16 and don’t need a babysitter, Scott. I can very well take care of myself. Thank you very much.”

“Right. Umm there’s money in the counter if you want to order pizza.”


As soon as I heard Scott’s motorcycle leave the driveway, I quickly grabbed my phone from the coffee table and opened up a new message. 

I have the house to myself… Wanna come over? ;)

A smile formed on my lips as my boyfriend replied in a matter of seconds.

I’ll be there in five minutes!!! 

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