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The Pirate and … Disguises

The times Captain Hook became a blacksmith, a slave, a knight and a prince.


Prompt #13 - “Eijun and Raichi fighting monsters as magical school girls, please?” from domonsface

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Look what I found while going through my blog! I just re-discovered some of the doodles I did while doing the 30 day baseball anime challenge last year.

I realized I didn’t tag any of them with my art tag… And just as well. So here, have a compilation of them instead.



Some Kara and some Todo, ‘cause I love Kara and I like drawing Totty now. I should be working, but I’ve been doodling since lunch instead. (SHH.)

Couldn’t help myself. Finally bothered reading the manga and Karamatsu is a BLESSING TO THIS WORLD. I literally cramped up laughing at the Karamatsu VS Todomatsu chapter. OTL

Last one based on this.