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“Best Stuff First” Petition

Hey guys, I made a post about this a few days ago, but I was sent a link to this petition:

It’s a quick and easy petition to sign, so take a minute, and let’s support content creators on this sight and see if we can get rid of this new feature. 

Also, If you feel so inclined, reblog this post so more people will be aware that this is out there. :) 


Oh heyo whatta know I’m posting things again! And actually drawing again too, I think it’s been mostly a year since I have drawn anything? Eh the only thing I can say is that some shit happened last year that scared me out of posting and drawing things for a very long time :1 but I’ve now started to slowly get back into drawing and sharing them <:3 and what’s the first thing I decide to scribble and post? It’s a (VERY ADORABLE) ship of two bosses from Cuphead >>;;; and ik they look like shit but they look ok enough to post I feel <:3 So these are just some doodles I’ve over the past few days of Cagney, Blind Specter, and the Devil ( who refuses to look good omfg afrshff) Now I’m not sure if I’ll post some more in the future but I’m hoping to get back into making actual drawings <:3 I hope you all enjoy these! ^^

(also I must thank @suspicious-spirit for unknowingly getting me into ghostblossom, thx! :’D )