stuff bout to go down

Bad Boy Ashton *PART 10* imagine

Then you felt something hit your nose, and the side of your temple

“Aw fuck, shit!” you yelled.

 ”Y-Y/N are you okay?!” Ashton panicked. You holded your nose and your side temple. He put you down and removed your hands. He saw blood again. Dripping on the ground, a lot.

“Y-Y/N..” Ashton was absolutely scared. “Just get to me to the hospital… please…” you felt weak. You fainted. He grabbed you and ran fast to the hospital. To the emergency room.

“Sir whats the problem?” the nurse asked. “She’s bleeding on her left side of her waist, and her temple as well as her nose is bleeding,” Ashton said. Then they brought the movable hospital bed and put you on it, going to the emergency room. Ashton sat down in the waiting room and was really worried about you. He was in the hallway, sitting down and was by a room. 

“Where’s Y/N?” he looked up and saw the science teacher as well with Y/F/N. “She’s in the emergency room…” Ashton sighed. “You’re so worried with your girlfriend,” Y/F/N sat next to him. “Well yeah!” Ashton yelled. “I love her..” Ashton mumbled. “Aww how sweet,” Y/F/N chuckled. “Shut up don’t tell her that,” Ashton blushed. “Why?” she asked. “It’s embarrassing,”  

“No it’s not,” she laughed. “Whatever..”

“Is there a guardian for Y/N?” the nurse asked. Ashton and Y/F/N stood up.

“Looks like she was bleeding because she got hurt,” the doctor explained. “But she didn’t get hit by anything from her side waist?” Ashton was really confused.

“Well she did. And looks like she got a cut on her nose. And she may have to stay in the hospital for 3 days. Because we have to check on her blood,” the doctor explained. “So she is excused from school?” the science teacher asked, and the doctor nodded.  


You opened your eyes and sat up. You looked around the room. You saw Ashton. “A-Ashton?!” you were freaking out. You didn’t know where you were. “Where am I?” you asked. “In the hospital,” he laughed. He was wearing a black bandana, gray tank top, black skinny jeans, and black shoes.

“What time is it?” you ask. “2:45. I got just out of school,” he smiled and grabbed your hand. “And you came to visit me…?” Ashton looked up and blushed. “U-Uh well…” you laughed. “Ashton it’s fine,” you kissed his cheek.  "Well i’m glad you’re okay,“ he sighed.

"Aww you were worried about me?” you asked. He nodded slightly. “Well I don’t want you hurt,” he smiled. You leaned in and kissed Ashton’s lips. You guys were making out. Randomly. “Y/N?” you stopped kissing Ashton and saw Y/F/N. “H-Hey Y/F/N!” you said nervously.

“Were you guys making out?” she laughed. “No-” “Yeah,” Ashton chuckled. “Ashton!” you hit his chest. “You guys keep making out,” Y/F/N chuckled and closed the door. “Good job Ashton,” you sighed. “It’s not a problem,” he laughed. “Thats what you think,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Hey Ashton you- oh this was the girl you were talking about all the time?” You looked up and Ashton turned around. He was tall like Ashton, and he had black hair with brown eyes. “Hey!” Ashton stood up and hugged his friend. He looked REALLY hot.

He looked like a bad boy too. He had skinny jeans on, black tank top, black converse, and his hair was perfect. “Hey would you hu-” then another guy came in, and he was blonde with blue eyes. He was really tall as well. “Oh who’s she?” he pointed to you. “She’s my girlfriend I kept talking about,” Ashton laughed.

“And who are them?” you asked. “This is Luke,” Ashton pointed to the blonde one, “and this Calum.” Then he pointed to the black haired one. Calum put his hands in his pockets. “I gotta say Ashton.. she’s pretty hot,” Calum chuckled.

“Well she’s mine. I’ll be right back,” Ashton stood up and left the room. Luke decided to leave too. Then Calum walked to the seat and sat where Ashton was. You laughed. “What?” you asked. “Nothing. You just. I heard what Ashton said what you did to that girl in class. You really are a bad girl,” he smirked and leaned back. “Don’t say that!” you yelled. “Oh bad girl?” he chuckled. “What did I just say Calum?” you asked. 

“See you are a bad girl!” he chuckled.

“I already hate you,” you rolled your eyes. “Like you hated Ash?” he scoffed. You looked at him. “Shut up,” you said. He stood up and walked to you. “U-Um.. w-what are you doing?” you asked.

He walked closer and leaned down to your lips and kissed your lips. You widened your eyes. “Hey Calum- CALUM!” you and Calum jumped and Calum turned around. It was Ashton. “Ashton!” you yelled. 


-Kelly :] x