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mako appreciation week 1 & 2 - passion/sacrifice

Summary: Mako and Bolin are just trying to have some dinner. Problem: there’s a cranky spirit who’s also just trying to have some dinner.
Word Count: 4,200 
A/N: listen i really love mako a lot and my beautiful korra makes a cameo appearance. Likes nice, reblogs nice, comments nicest 😘 enjoy it!!

Sunset. The air is clear and dry and warm, a welcome respite from the muggy evenings so common to a Republic City summer. The colors of the sky shift in a sweeping arc from horizon to horizon, purple to orange, with Yue Bay shimmering under the setting sun like a pool of fire. Streetlights begin to flicker on, district by district, casting wide shafts of light and sending the crickets skittering into the quieter, darker shadows of alleyways. In a peaceful neighborhood on the North Shore, Mako steps off the curb and ambles across the street to the restaurant. With an offhand gesture he drops the butt of his cigarette into the bin, turning his head left and right, searching - someone taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but you look really familiar. In fact, you look kinda like my older brother. Tall, a face like Fire Nation royalty, always clenched up real tight. But, you know, I haven’t seen him since he got married to his job. Beautiful ceremony, I’ve never cried harder in my life - ”

Mako rolls his eyes. “I am not married to my job - ”

“Oh, right. Why would Lin buy the cowpig if she’s getting the work ethic for free? A lot of people like the five-day workweek, Mako. It’s like a reward for them. But you, on the other hand, you sleep in until noon on a Saturday,” Bolin says, jabbing him in the shoulder with one finger; “and ask why you’re being punished.”

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I just think it’s really cute how quickly Tu has taken to treating Mako and Bolin like family.

By the looks of it, Tu is the only family member around the brothers’ age. Growing up, he was probably that kid who was too young for the adult table but too old to fit in with the other children, so he drew his interests outward. He has the most (self-professed) street smarts of anyone within the family, is critical of the Queen’s reign, and is generally more aware of the outside world when compared to his more traditional family.

So then Mako and Bolin come along and somewhat threaten the unique niche he’s made for himself. He’s the only young man in the family, and suddenly there’s two more of them. He’s tough because he’s from the streets, but they literally grew up there. They have some of the more interesting stories and experiences, possibilities he never had.

But he also seems to like having them around. So he has this sort of one-sided rivalry view you see among relatives, but he genuinely respects and cares for them. They barely know each other, but he’s already treating them like cousins he grew up with, and it’s pretty great.