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Wednesday Drabble Wabble & Long Fic Friday

Ok…So I’m going to change this blog up a little compared to last time! On Wednesdays and Fridays I’m going to be reading the drabbles and fics that are posted on here and reblog them (with tag commentary) so if you’d like your stuff read/supported by bear, go ahead and tag me in a reblog and I’ll try to get to it.

I know there’s a ton of DA fanfic out there and I’m someone who likes to read and have something nice to say about it (because that’s just what I do) so it could take awhile to get through them all. Regardless of how fast or slow I get through them, I still want to read them so send them my way please!
Ok that’s it! Have fun! And remember you’re awesome! 😘

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How would you name superheroes? I want to make one people would remember, so it's kind of hard to create a really good one, you know?

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Oh my sweet summer child, welcome to my own personal hell. I hate naming characters. Sometimes the perfect name just pops into my head, and others I can find after a few minutes scouring baby name forums. But most of the time, I hate naming characters with a passion I can’t describe, and I’m supposed to be a writer, goddammit. 

And superheroes? Superheroes are assholes. For one thing, they demand two names. Real names are bad enough for me, especially guys’ names; one author can only have so many James’. But superhero names? Might as well just stab me now. I hate them. If one doesn’t pop straight into my head, I’m screwed. And if what pops into my head is dumb as hell? Then I’m doubly screwed. Between stuff that’s too cheesy to bear, stuff that’s been done before in this very crowded industry, and the bastard hellspawn mix of the two, naming superheroes (and villains) is hard.

I have a couple I actually like. Solaris. Freeze Frame. Darklight. Knockout. But others? Some of the most important people in my universe? Terrible names. Awful. Cheesy beyond belief, or weak and ineffective. (Or puns. Because I’m a terrible person and I tied myself into knots for a whole superhero book just to make one epic pun). 

But, for the purposes of this ask, I’ll assume you mean coming up with heroic IDs. Here’s what I resort to when I’m super stuck:

  1. Brainstorming. Make a spider diagram of all the words you would associate with your character. Get your thesaurus out and add on all the synonyms of those words. Keep playing around with mashing different combos together and hopefully, you’ll come up without something you like!
  2. Asking people. Since throwing names at other people tends to be fun, asking people (especially other writers) is often a good plan because they’ll hopefully enjoy it and you might get a name out of it! This is especially good if they’re the creative sort and you can’t come up with anything good no matter how hard you try.
  3. Check the existing hero wikias! First off, to check you haven’t picked a name that actually belongs to Marvel or DC, but also because a lot of names have two parts that you can mix and match. Even looking at general themes can give you ideas, especially ideas on how to subvert those themes.

But overall, you’ve gotta remember that it isn’t a cool name that makes a memorable character, but how you develop them on the page. For heaven’s sake, we have Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Iron Man –hardly create names when you think about them in any depth, but the most iconic of heroes all the same. So work hard at your naming, sure, but people will remember any name so long as the character attached to it is compelling enough to force them to remember.


you’re fishing up a storm you’re fishing up a storm you’re fishing up a storm

so that timed quest

anonymous asked:

buck if the avengers were animals what animals would they be???? thank you

i assume you mean based on personality, and not which avengers have been turned into which animals lately.
what has happened to my life that that is even a question i have to ask??

anyway, steve would be a dog. everyone is right on the money on that one; hed be big, fluffy, loyal as hell, appetite the size of rhode island and love to play fetch. and also have the bite power to sever a mans hand if he was so inclined. you would trust him with a baby but also to eat the face off anyone who threatened that baby. well. maybe not EAT. he does have SOME standards. theoretically.

tony would be a raven. reputation associated with death, but personality of a class clown–likes pranks, messing with people, and trying new stuff. dedicated to family and intelligent as hell. chatty. tool user. did you know ravens can people-talk? if they couldnt, im sure tony would figure out how anyways.

nat would be a swan. beautiful, graceful, but at the top of the do-not-fuck-with list in most animals books. mates for life and more loyal than you would think, with a take no shit and no prisoners attitude. i have a healthy terror of swans, as does any sane human being.

clint would also be a dog, but not like steve. hed be one of those scrappy little terrier mutts that descend from a working breed that are supposed to do things like kill rats. just as loyal and smart and fun-loving as the big guys, but makes up for lack of size with pure tenacity. and so scruffy its cute.

bruce would be an elephant. smart and social, with strong emotional bonds, generally calm and compassionate, but never something you want to be standing in front of when it gets pissed. also really enjoys peanuts?

thor would be a lion. content to chill out most of the time, and more social than most cats, but also totally down to throw down on a moment’s notice. pretty smart but not somebody you ever wanna cross. majestic as anything. 

i would be a bear. likes a lot of food in large quantities, and i would love to sit in a river and let dinner fling itself into my mouth. asleep like half of the time. big and badass but generally pretty chill, and smarter than you might think. also a faster runner than you might expect (that’s not really about me, bears can just run at like 35 mph which is a thought to keep you up at night.) and if theres one thing everyone knows about bears, it is that you do not mess with what they are protecting.
also they are opposed to forest fires?? not sure what that has to do with anything, but i guess i can get behind it


The mobile network provider RBB’s phone is connected to confirms that (if the phone is pay as you go) in order for the SIM to stay active, someone needs to perform some kind of chargeable usage (a phone call or a text message, something like that, just topping up the credit should be adequate too).

In other words - we already knew this, but - someone is definitely still maintaining the number, nearly 18 months after OTRA ended and over a year since the phone was switched on for any period of time. (Either by paying a monthly bill or by switching it on and topping up or sending a text.)

[if you want to know why I think the phone is pay as you go and not on a monthly contract, click here. If anyone wants more information, send me an ask. I think I might rewrite my thoughts on that later on anyway.]