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i hate how this site shames girls for enjoying anything & everything . you like pastel colors n shit? fuck you. plants&succulents? animals? stereotypical tumblr girl.  non-feminine stuff? hairdye? stop being edgy. fandoms? bands? cringe!! etc etc.. like, can we please be nice to girls in 2017? can yall just let them like what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anybody, for once??

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hey do you know where I can find nathan's solo music?? cool blog btw

i’m p sure most of nathan’s stuff is on bandcamp, but you can find stuff from his old band with decarlo and whistler on the tumblr acc wearenorthern-blog (i don’t wanna tag them in case someone still checks it hdhdhfj). and also thank u for checking out my trash blog

i want 5sos to get individual tumblrs and blog about stuff they like… not their band… like…. i mean ashton would probably be an aesthetic blogger… and luke would blog about music and probably reblog a bunch of naked women or smth…. and calum would be like a humor blog w music thrown in… and michael would deadass be a shitpost blog … they could do so much here… they could prosper… but sadly they all have lives and stuff to do so this can never be

Top 5 Photo

My Top 5 Photos of the Year

1. My beautiful dog yawning. One of the first shots taken with a new lens (35mm/1.8).

2. A bumblebee I chased with my analog lens until I got this shot. It’s in my garden where once a year everything blossoms.

3. The “Kö”, one of the nicest streets in Düsseldorf, my home town. I loved the colours of the leaves this year. I can’t remember another autumn that looked so beautiful.

4. A festival at my university. This was a band from the US I think and I tried out some stuff with my camera. This is the result!

5. A photo I took yesterday. I love christmas! I love close ups! I love bubbles! So yeah, I guess this one explains itself.

By the way, do you realize how hard it is to only pick 5 photos? That was a tough one!

Photographer: Sophia Martini