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My mom: oh my daughter just loves to read, she’s read more books than anyone I know

Me internally: all I read is gay fanfiction

Me out loud: oh yeah I love reading

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I'm not sure if you're still taking prompt requests but it would be cute to see some fluff of Stan and Ford getting into an arguement that ends in a tickle fight. After all, tickling is the go to method in order to put annoying siblings in their place.

In life as I know it, there are two types of tickling: The gentle, playful kind used to generate laughter and joy. And then there is the tickling used in combat. To end arguments. Subdue enemies. Tickling that should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

This is one of the latter stories.

“Not -ha- fair!” Stan cried between gasps, struggling beneath his brother’s six-fingered assault. He was not blameless in this argument, no sir, but for Ford to bring out the big guns - especially with his natural advantage - was just poor sportsmanship.

“Y-You have an extra finger- gah! S-Stop, you sonuvabitch!”

“We have the same mother, Stanley,” Ford reminded blandly. Stan scowled, back arching as his brother went for his armpits, the merciless bastard. “Just admit defeat and this will all be over!”

Stan gritted his teeth, chin set with defiance. Still, he wasn’t above bartering.

“I-I can’t breathe, damn it! Gonna have a stroke-”

“Nice try, than won’t work this time,” Ford huffed.

“Y-Yeah, well, my bladder ain’t as strong as it u-used to be,” Stan snarled around a painful-sounding giggle, "and if you don’t quit it, you’ll be swabbing the deck!“

The prospect certainly didn’t appeal to his twin, but being on the ocean - nature’s toilet - it wasn’t the worst threat in the world. “Just say it!” Ford demanded, ruthlessly attacking his brother’s sides.

Stan squirmed like he was having a seizure,a spasm of unbidden laughter torn from his throat. “Never!” he cried. “I’ll die first!”

Ford’s face darkened with impatient frustration. “Admit that Elizabeth should have married Count Lionel! at the end of The Duchess Approves!”

“N-No! He HAD his chance at the cotillion!”

“People change!”

“She deserves BETTER!”

Ship wars on ships get pretty intense.

Anon, you don’t know how accurate this is, with how tickling is used amongst siblings/relatives (at least in my experience)

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Hey Calli.. I love your blog as it is a happy Olicity page and since you are taking asks I would really like to know something. Hope you answer it because I love reading your analysis. What are your favourite unscripted Olicity moments.. Please use lots of gifs & words and explain it in great detail.. XOXO

You’re definitely specific in what you want!  I don’t know how much explaining needs to be done, as I figure these moments pretty much speak for themselves, but I will do my best and try not to disappoint. For the sake of brevity (and the writing I’m going to be trying to get done today) I will pick my fave moment from each season.

Season 1: Oliver checks out Felicity’s hair

What was scripted: Her telling him that she dyes her hair and warning him to keep her secret since she keeps his. What was unscripted, however, was Oliver leaning over to check out her roots.  I loved this moment the first time I saw it, I love it even more as time goes on.  In fact, its one of my favorite Olicity moments period, even considering all the shippy goodness we get nowadays.  It’s so light and cute, during a time Oliver wasn’t at all light and cute.  But Felicity brought that out in him.  Kudos to Stephen Amell for playing it up that way. 

Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks it’s cute cuz over two years later and look who still remembers it. Mmhmm. 

Season 2: Oliver reaches for Felicity’s hand

If we hadn’t been told this was unscripted, we might never have known.  It was so perfect for Oliver and Felicity’s evolution at that moment in time, perfect that he would reach out to comfort her.  To reassure her that he had no choice to make when it came to killing the Count in order to save her.  He’d do it again.  A million more times.  Just another beautiful Olicity moment and thanks to EBR, we know it was unscripted. Nice!

I’m left to assume that grabbing her hand in the middle of scenes is something that generally happens then.  Okay.  

Season 3: Oliver removing Felicity’s glasses

Thanks to seeing the script from 3x20, we know that this wasn’t in the script, that it is something that Stephen himself wanted to add in.  And god bless him for it too because this totally a bit moment for Oliver and Felicity. Him removing her glasses is just as intimate as the sex, let’s be honest.  It’s hugely symbolic and it’s sweet and tender and sets the scene perfectly.  So god bless him for throwing that in there.  

(Inquiring minds want to know what would have happened to the glasses had he not taken them off.  Would Felicity have whipped them off herself? Would they have made love with them on?  SO MANY QUESTIONS.)

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let me know! 

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I can't realistically see it happening, but what would I give to see Green Arrow turn up with Diggle and his massive arms, and the two of them going all in against Stardust and other WWE peeps, only to have Felicity Smoak appear with a laptop threatening to put photos of Stardust doing needlepoint (or knitting or croquet or dressage or singing along to Celine Dion or Michael Bolton) on the big screen. After all, if it's online - you know the rest.

I agree, it’s HIGHLY improbable but that’s not gonna stop me from wanting it badly. 

Dude has it coming

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umm nozomi maki pirate au?

It was the perfect weather for a battle. Clouds drifted lazily across the sky, casting shadows onto the blue green water. The ocean was still, the air charged with anticipation. Maki stood at the helm of the ship,watching her enemy approach. She had been waiting for this for years, the day she would finally be able to capture her arch nemesis.

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