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my band swag arrived safely from inter-dimensional customs :B

(aka @stanchez-sloppy-seconds is amazing and not only oldschool hand-bleached and dyed this dope freakin chicken nuggets shirt, but also made me a package brimming full of in-universe goodies including a signed polaroid and a legit mix cd)

So, um, for all interested parties, which I’m sure there are a few, at the end of the red band trailer Eggsy actually says “Fuck me…” at the same time as Merlin’s “Oh my god, Harry?”

So, uh, take that as y’will.


Its okay to admire a band for what they stand for and not listen to their music

Its also okay to love a bands music without really focusing on who they are/what they stand for and all the facts

Its also okay to love a band and only listen to a few songs

Its more than okay to love a bands older music and not listen to the new stuff if you dont like it or vice versa

You are all STILL Fans! Your love for their art is valid regardless and appreciated I promise <3

They’re amazing musicians, they’re amazing people and I’ve grown really close with them. Two of the guys who are in the band, I wrote the album with, so that’s been really fun kinda working everything out with guys that I wrote the stuff with.
—  Harry about his band on Elvis Duran
Red Velvet’s Tumblrs

Irene: aesthetic, pastel colours (mainly purple), cute cats or dogs, cute clothes. She may post ootd’s or selfies if she’s really feeling herself. Has cute anons that compliment her and she loves them so much.

Wendy: PUPPIES and cute animals in general. She would also reblog political stuff, like gifsets of feminist quotes or anti-Trump stuff. Posts covers of songs once in a while that get like 3 notes at first until two years later they blow up somehow and get thousands of notes and drown her dash in notifications.

Seulgi: Bright and motivational stuff. Her theme is yellow/orange and she reblogs pretty flowers or cute gifsets of people helping the homeless or sticking up for gay rights. Built up a following slowly but when she hits her peak, she’s really liked. That’s bc she doesn’t involve herself in drama. Her blog is a happy, reassuring place and random anons message her about their troubles since she gives nice, understanding replies ~

Joy: Shitposts and memes and funny gifs. Somewhere in all this mess would be stuff about her favourite bands. Tries to make friends but ppl never reply to her. Finds pics of her fav member, screenshots a close up then posts it on tumblr, ranting about how SHE WANTS TO PUNCH THEIR BEAUTIFUL FACES HOW DARE THEY -

Her tags are a mess btw.

Yeri: Posts like mad for a week straight then disappears for six months. Pretty illusive. Doesn’t interact with others much. Mainly just reblogs pretty pictures of bands she likes or perfect makeup looks: #must try this #nvm I can’t do winged liner :/

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Good vibes. I've always been really nervous around my former section leader and current drum major (band stuff) about my gender and I casually mentioned it to him, telling him that I was afraid of being taken as joke since my name is the same as someone in my section, but he was really cool about it, told me that it wouldn't be a problem since that guy has a nickname, and told probably one of the funniest jokes I've heard all week while doing it. I definitely plan on being more open from now on.

What have you gotten yourself into?

We started our own band somewhere in the mid ‘70’s, just like everyone else who was sick of the Establishment and owned cheap electric guitars.

We were the *Ghosts*. Not just Ghosts, mind you, but *Ghosts*. We wanted our music to be so damn good that it could bring up the dead and make them rock out. Star Ghosts Star. Or S.G.S. As a joke, sometimes we called ourselves Cigs, or even Sags. Funny, yeah? Yeah.

It was Joey, Violet, Elder, and me. I know - Elder’s parents were weird, and he was stuck with the name. We tried to give him various nicknames and it only got worse, and sometimes there were bloody noses involved. Violet was the lead vocal, Joey was lead guitar and backup vocal. I abused the base. We really, really tried to get Elder to play the drums, but there was no way - Elder threw horrendous fits - so he played electric guitar also.

Other than me, who was pretty damn terrible at everything I did, our band killed it even without the drums. (I still think to this day that they kept me in the band only because I had the place to practice, my parents’ massive basement. Us? Garage band? No. Basement band all the way.)

This basement though. Thick walls, no windows, heavy-as-all-hell door to the rest of the house. Super insulated, soundproofing as tight as it could be. Good acoustics too, or so Violet told me - she was the expert on all of the technical stuff. We loved it.

And, so, anyway. Here’s where you come in. What, you think I’ve been telling you this stuff about our band for nothing? You have to help us, you know. Yeah - all of us.

Joey, Violet, Elder, and me. We’re dead. No f–ing clue how, either. We don’t even know if it was bloody. And our instruments are gone.

Our first thought was Elder must’ve finally snapped and beat the rest of us with his guitar. But he’s dead too, and he doesn’t remember a thing. (Well, none of us remember anything, but we all think that at least one of us would remember something like that.) Then we thought that maybe we suffocated in this basement that we thought was so awesome. Violet with that sciencey brain of hers shot that down, apparently there was still plenty of air circulation. Maybe there was someone else in the basement… some… thing?

Look, we just don’t know. You have to help. We can’t even jam so hard to bring ourselves back up! You gotta find out. Help us, help the *Ghosts* or we won’t let you out of the basement…

2. See The Lies

In my journey of listening all of B.A.P’s songs, I’m now into Noir Album, and is sooooo good? I mean, I love their other albums and stuff, but I find this one more mature and deep. Right now I’m obsessed with “Confession” of Yongguk and Zelo. And I like the fact they included a song with a name in spanish, my native language, it’s silly but I love it, although the correct pronunciation of “chiquita” is not like they say it, but the song is amazing hahaha. Well, that’s it, I’ve become B.A.P trash.

Also I’ve been reading and listening stuff about other K-pop bands and I’m surprised that B.A.P is not so popular among fans compared to other bands. 

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sorry i’ve been gone the last couple days; i had some laptop troubles for a while. i still haven’t finished episode 28 hahaha. anyway i don’t really have enough spoons to fill the queue so yeah. blog should come back to life on saturday!!

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