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Hey do you remember the geode???the entire deadly world destroying storm trapped in the big ball in that crater taped together with duct tape??? Yeah when's that gonna be back


Looks like it was forgotten along with some of the other season 1 stuff

The Arrangement - Masterlist

Characters: Alpha!Sam x Omega!OFC (Charlotte, not Charlie), Alpha!Dean x Omega!Donna

Word Count: 15,445

Series Warnings: NSFW, angst, and ABO (knotting, claiming, heats, ruts, all the ABO stuff).

Part 1: Before
Part 2: Run
Part 3: Falling
Part 4: Denial
Part 5: Certainty
Part 6: Betrayal
Part 7: Always
Part 8: Swan Song

Thanks to @madamelibrarian, @trisscar368, @when-the-day–met-the-night, and @formidablepassion for helping with editing and getting this thing done. I will never write anything this nice again. 

spending today catching up on orders and prepping for ECCC

some stuff coming up:

1) we’re moving to a new place!!!! my brother is coming back home after graduating so we needed another room. i’m just glad that i make enough to help/contribute now. it’s gonna be awesome because he hasn’t had his own room in years and slept in our dining room instead. this probably means that march will be fucking awful though because i’ll be juggling cons, etsy, and moving so please send me good vibes!

2) my mom’s mammogram results are this wed! please send her good vibes too bc she’s worried!! 

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Oh god mary and sam alone having that 'he has yellow eyes' moment and then mary and sam together fighting and defeating a yellow eyed demon I was screaming. That first moment though when dean had rushed off to see cas and Mary had to tell sam about the eyes and their FACES it was just so delicate and fragile but ENORMOUS at the same time and one of my favorite moments from the ep hands down

SAME. In case there’s not enough screeching about that on my blog today as I finally sort through my asks (honestly some of which came after 12x13 - are we all just fixated on 12x12 still? :P)

I am so here for all this Sam and Mary vs Yellow Eyes stuff though… It’s going riiight back to all the unresolved stuff from season 1… Oh god, do you think Sam would ever be able to talk to Mary and bring up her apology as a ghost in 1x09?

This is such a brilliant storyline and I’m eating up all these details and screaming about them :D 

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Top 5 sickfic tropes?

5) Fitful sleeping. Let me see someone throwing off blankets or tossing and turning.

4) Platonic caretaking, especially an unlikely pair. The best friend’s girlfriend, the guy you only met once before, someone like that.

3) Small noises. Hiccups, sniffles, even just a weak “mmm” as a response. ESPECIALLY from someone who usually talks a lot.

2) Specific couple mannerisms. Boyfriends knowing exactly how the other likes their soup, pet names, really teeth-rotting fluffy stuff.

1) A strong character breaking down. Be it tears, collapsing, anything, and finally letting someone take care of them. That gets me every time.

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top 5: for your own writings on here!

Holy hell in a handbasket… this one was really difficult, but thank you for asking because it made me think about my own writing (and that I’m probably too self absorbed in the stuff I write!)

1) This one where Jude and Eden both got a stomach bug at the same time!

2) This one where Blake forced himself to go to a gig where he ended up spewing! 

3) This one where Jude was an A+ drama king about feeling sick but ended up infecting Eden!

4) This one which was based on a YOI prompt but Aiden just fitted it so perfectly! 

5) This one where teenage Eden tried not to throw up while in school!

Dissociating stuff

1) I’m like… swaying back and forth and I feel like I’m being pulled backwards even tho there’s nothing there and I feel like I could float off at any minute and I’m just not in the same physical realm and I’m floaty and fake and my body can’t stay still and it’s vibrating and swaying and I can’t control it
2) any sorta “I live in a VR/this world is fake and so am I” thoughts isn’t scary to me,, like it’s calming, cuz nothing matters if I’m fake lol and idk but it’s just like swimming thru warm water and comforting even tho my world is probably burning on the outside whoops
3) I’ve made friends with the shadow people at the edges of my vision, we’re chill, I’m gunna start naming them. Also., are these my hands? They’re fuzzy I’m fuzzy who turned down the sharpness what
4) I’m just walking around lying on different thing, or maybe im standing, and wandering, going to bed to sofa to different bed and oh look we’re on the kitchen floor okay cool how long have I been stating at this cabinet what time is it what
5) is this grunge skater punk fashion or am I visable mentally ill? I’ve worn this same jacket for the whole month… I think the whole month… what month is it? December? January? March? June? July? Wait no still February, thank you google.
6) I checked the clock just a couple seconds ago and it was at 1:35, what do you mean it’s 2:38?
7) I’m numb, I should be scared, Logically I’m scared, I’m so scared, but also why bother, it’s cool, swimming in my warm water fish bowl, cool,
8) aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhh

//the contrast on my dash is startling

it’s like 1/3 nakedness and nsfw, 1/3 random quotes and stuffs, and 1/3 – RIN STOP YOU CAN’T JUST SCOOP UP UCHIHAS AND KEEP THEM AWAY FROM HOME DON’T DO IT HE ISN’T A CAT


We are # 1 but the minute robbie plays the sax it turns into a Sportarobbie amv.