stuff [old]

A postcard from Moscow

sent by someone from Glasgow

Oh the scent of lavender

accidentally transferred through the hand of the sender

inhaling the smell of the faraway land

it makes me wish I was in a band


and touring

all over the place

seeing a different face

yet this all is just a dream

perhaps I should buy an ice cream?

and save the change for a rainy day

or maybe I should meet the moon by the Bay

and plan for our future trip to Moscow

so that we can finally meet the mysterious sender from Glasgow.

D C de Oliveira ©2013

ok no one cares but i love talking to myself so here we go! life has been okay i’m finally on summer break and im finishing my (boring ass) internship this week! currently looking for a job bc i realized how expensive I am and now that i can drive, I have been spending all my money on food. but!!! I can’t wait to get new pieces for my closet and become a photogenic thot and also can’t wait to get a nice body woohoo. also i love my manz who’s not really my manz but lowkey is actually my manz but I still love attention from everybody so oops!!! also i love dick but recently all my DAs have been equating to Disappointment Appointments rather than Dick Appointments :( but yanno what! Psalms 55:22 says to give my burdens to the Lord and He will take care of me so I know God will have better DAs planned for me in my future! hallelujah!