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10 reasons why steve harrington isn’t a shitty boyfriend.

i may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out i’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter. 

The signs as stuff from Stranger Things 2

aries - “and if you need to reach me again.. don’t” *slams door

taurus - dart

aquarius - arcade cheetos guy

pisces - single mom steve

gemini - double agent will

cancer - BOB NEWBY, SUPERHERO ;( ;( ;( *cue crying

leo - “Code red? I got a code for you instead. It’s called code shut-your-mouth.”

virgo - dustin correcting everyone that it’s a “demodog”

libra - steve when dustin explains why dart is not a lizard

scorpio - “so jonathan, how was the pullout?“

sagittarius - “son of a bitch, you’re really no help at all, you know that?”

capricorn - emo eleven

It’s Chloé’s fault

She and Adrien are friends

She doesn’t get along with Marinette

Chloé’s friendship with Adrien causes Nino and Adrien to become friends 

That her treatment of Marinette causes Marinette and Alya become friends

That a misunderstanding happens between Adrien and Marinette 

Which causes Nino to give advice to his new friend 

and Marinette to become Ladybug to save her new friend 

Which overall results in Marinette and Adrien falling in love with each other