Today Things
  • This afternoon my boss and I replied to an email almost simultaneously and said the same thing almost word-for-word totally unintentionally (and it was not like it was something that would have had to have been worded the same way). It was pretty silly, and we both had a good laugh about it.
  • Next week I will be in Denver (for a work conference). Mostly looking forward to that. And hoping to meet up with one or two people while I am out there. Should be fun.
  • This evening we hung out with one of Navyy’s good friends who she has known forever. When we all went to Germany in high school as part of an exchange program her friend and I got placed with the same family, and while we do not get to hang out with her much now (she and her husband live on the east coast), it was great to catch up. She is also apparently pregnant(!) for the first time. So that is pretty cool.
  • I really appreciate evenings like this one where we can sit out on our back deck and just chat and enjoy the nice weather and lack of bugs. Soon that will not be a possibility, but for today it was awesome.
  • Tomorrow is my 3rd laser appointment. Mostly looking forward to having people shoot lazzzzzers at my face some more. For the first time I noticed about two weeks ago that at least some of the facial hair on my cheeks is starting to look a bit patchier. I will be curious to see how much more progress I make after this one.

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