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i just made my best friend into a larry shipper and i showed her many many larry proof videos and everytime the "Chicken, wrapped in parma ham..." Scene came on we made the motions and said the words. :D Am i the only one doing so? :0







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Minific #10


1000 FOLLOWERS AND THE FIC IS ON TIME (because I wrote it ahead of time)

This one is based on this request, and is as such a combination of two prompts - one by egg anon, one by me.


They hoped it’d be worth the investment, but if they really thought about it, they knew they didn’t have any kind of doubt that it was.

It was really a very simple machine, although it was very large. But most of its size came from its enormous, semi-transparent tank; the attached tube and pumping mechanism were only a quarter of its size. The kit had also come with a remote control, with an on/off switch and speed meter, with settings from 1-7.

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For Fluffy Friday, "Give yours a doll/stuffed animal", Ardith/Cullen?

I went with my recent head canon of Ardith as the twin sister of Inquisitor Micah Trevelyan for it. (Warning: this one’s fluffy even for me.)

It was late when Cullen returned to the chambers he now shared with his wife.

His wife.  He couldn’t help smiling at the thought. It still gave him a thrill, even now, three months after the wedding.

Ardith Trevelyan Rutherford. His wife.  His footsteps sped up as he neared their room.  

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