here is another photo of my AP Econ notes!

looking for a study buddy! so, I don’t really know how this is going to work but if there is anyone taking AP Econ or AP Psych, I would love to get in touch. We can talk about our study plans and encourage each other (i guess?). I am self studying both of them, by the way!!


New year, new journal! This is the cover page for my next bujo, which I can’t wait to use next semester!!

My goal for this journal (and semester) is to focus less on perfection and more on functionality, which is why there’s a spelling error. With my last journal, I would have ripped out the page and started over again if I had a mistake, which was really unhealthy and led to exhaustion and the abandonment of my journal. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen this year! Anyone else have a resolution to change their mindset on something? 😄



Today had a very autumnal feel, considering it’s supposed to be spring in england now! (cmon weather get urself together) Also I couldn’t decide to include the picture of my kitty, Gracie, but then I remembered cats are always a good idea. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and that if you’re in england like me, you stay warm and cosy

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• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 11/100 •

Made my first spread in my bujo! Can’t believe that next week is finals week 🙃

< introduction post >

Hey friends! My name is Kelli, I recently joined the studyblr community as a way to keep myself motivated and organized. I am super excited to meet new people and get more creative through bullet journaling. Here are a few things about me:
• I’m 19 years old
• I live in the United States
• I love horses and literally every other animal
• I will be studying equine thermology in the near future in hopes of making that my career

Some studyblrs that inspire me are @jackistudies @universi-tea @emmastudies

@lou-does-things @meg-is-studying @studyskylar Thank you for reading, and I love making friends so feel free to message me!


Apologetics is one of my favorite subjects, so I’m really excited to post some notes of it on here! I can definitely work on being more neat with my handwriting though lol


so sorry for being a little mia, school has been quite hectic lately… but here is my fall themed october spread that I did a couple of days ago 🌙 🍂

guess who’s back (back again), emmas back (tell a friend)

i’ve been at uni for two weeks now (this is my third) which means that i finally have some things to be doing and therefore posting! my course (Film and TV) is amazing and really entertaining and challenging which is exactly what i need. its so good to be back and if anyone has any questions about uni now that i’ve been here a while, i’m happy to answer!

emma x



Currently having a lot of fun experimenting with bujo designs, sorry if they turn out messy

Using @emmastudies’s calendar background, which is absolutely adorable.

School is next week, so I guess I’m finally allowed to say #SKA!!! (seniors kick a**)

➸ 04.16.2017 | 🐣 Happy Easter everyone! Wanted to make my week plan a little more festive this time around. Only two more weeks in the semester and every day is going to leave me busier and busier. Best wishes to anyone else who is facing finals! Stay strong!!  💪 ✨


This is the list of what to post every day! I’ll be taking part in it and I hope you do too!!

Inspired by: @juliasacads 💗

I will be tracking and reblogging EVERY post with the tag #jackistudies july study challenge


•100 Days of Productivity - Day 57/100•