#100daysofproductivity & #100studytips . I AM going to keep this ‘#100 days thing’ going. But I have to apologise that it won’t be everyday, as I do get busy. I’ll try my best though, and it will continue for 100…

Anyway, so… DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW YOUR LEARNING STYLE?? In other words, are you a Visual Learner, an Auditory Learner or a Kinaesthetic Learner? It really is super important that you know what kind of learner you are, so you can short-cut the time of learning, and be more effective and natural with your study. A lot of students don’t really take this seriously, but I think it’s the foundation to good studying. 

For example, if you are Visual, then you should most definitely create and re-create mind maps as you study. If you’re Auditory, then you should create audio-notes and listen to your notes all the time. And if you’re Kinaesthetic, then you should create flash-cards and lay them around the room and perhaps walk around as you study your many flash-cards. What ever it takes to not fall asleep as you look at a boring highlighted page of notes (urgh, I can’t do that). There are soooo many different ways to study using the various learning styles. These are just a few examples. I’m an auditory and visual learner, but I find listening to my notes really effective, as I create illusions in my head as I listen. I know, it’s weird. 

Do Google some Learning Style tests, and see what type of learner you are.. You might be surprised. 

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

fun summer studyblr stuff

a guide to educational but fun-ish things to do during the summer while school’s out!!! 

learn to cook up some tasty tidbits 

be super-duper organized and make a bullet journal

start a rock collection and learn about the planet!!!!!

hone ur algebra skills

dive into college profiles and find out what’s the best 4 u 

essays aren’t fun but money for tuition sure is

learn how to make a paper crane and other rad stuff 

go camping and practice ur photography skills

destress by learning some yoga 

write a killer short story and become famous

take a free online course and maybe earn some college credit!!!!!!

fill out a practice college application 

create ur commonapp account and be ready for application season

study for the SAT in 1 month!!!!! 

study for the ACT in one month!!!!!!

create a study schedule for ur AP/IB/any exams

organize your old paperz

do your summer hw :(

create a summer reading lists of all the books u said u were gunna read but never did!!!!!

start learning or honing a new language 

learn html

learn css

learn how to photoshop (including urself beside ur fav celeb)–like rly well

teach urself how to code!!!! 

watch some super interesting documentaries for free

-have a wonderful summer!!!!❤️  

gabby 💖


I know that many people will not see this but please listen: 

1. Grades do not define whether you’re a good friend. 

2. Grades do not tell you where you stand in all of your relationships.

3. Grades do not define whether your personality.  

4. Grades just test your knowledge- not your ability in life. 

5. You can always resit. 

Exams are there to prepare your job- not you. Sure, without good grades you can’t get a good job but earning money for working is not a sin; stealing it is. Please don’t feel as if you’re a failure- you’re not. You were put on this earth for a reason. Don’t let grades ruin our day or outlook on life :) 

Friday 10th April | 8:00pm

Studying some geography tonight. I finished the Atmosphere section the other day so now I have moved onto Hydrosphere. I like to colour code my written notes with my diagrams as I feel it makes things a lot easier to learn!

3/16/15 (8:55am): Didn’t think i was going to post somehting this morning because I got to school this morning at 6 in the morning and I was/am EXHAUSTED and the coffee place in the library doesn’t open until 7:45. It was torture. Just reviewing my notes for my biology test today and listening to recorded lectures. Thought I’d post a quick picture of my notes before heading to chemistry class. My test isn’t until 3 so i might check in before.. if not, wish me luck (: