Just did my overview spread for October 🌾 Who else has started planning for October already, or is it just me? 🙈

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reblog to save a soul and their wallets // Now everyone can get midliners, muji pens, stabilo pens, a kanken backpack for free

i know. you think i’m crazy, or you think this is clickbait. can Tumblr posts even be clickbait? BUT this is 100% legitimate and i have personally used these ways to get free items like school materials. So let’s get into it.Since the school season has started, i thought: why not share how i get essentially free money to buy stuff online. From songs, digital apps, and more but what i’m going to focus on is school materials.

Disclaimer: these are not going to be instant, it takes a good few weeks in order to get enough money to buy things. But i do think that the wait is no bad and you do get money for free, sooo… 


yes you can make money from apps, my favorite include SLIDEJOY (for android), FRESCO,  FEATUREPOINTS, and EBATES

1. SLIDEJOY:    [ download ] 

(ANDROID, sorry apple users) one of my favorite ways to make money as a lazy student that wants to buy midliners and muji pens. The app is a lock screen for your android device, it displays ads on your lock screen and that’s it. In a few weeks you should have made a few bucks to buy those midliners you wanted without having to do anything. this is what i call EZ MONEY. the reason why i chose Slidejoy is that it isn’t “ugly,” it is much prettier than some of the other ad lock screen apps. And the payout is much better than those. Right now i have garnered around $20, so that’s like a 12 pack of muji pens, and 5 midliners.

2. FRESCO:  [download]  *most money*

(AMERICA ONLY, but soon it’s going to be worldwide) One of the easiest ways to get more money. this is a news app, and it pays you for images and videos: so we, consumers, are their sources. If there is a police chase, a protest, a fire, a hurricane or a major event nearby you, you take a picture (if your picture gets accepted) you get $20, a video is even better $50. So if you are nearby anything major, just pull out your camera and take a picture or video to make money. They also have assignment for you, so if want to travel to someplace close to you, you can make easy and quick bucks to buys those stationery products. 

 3.  Featur3 Points:   [download]  R0EPKA 

4. EBATES:        [download]

you spend money at stores, you get cash back. This is more obsolete, since you have to spend money but if you do buy anything, what’s the harm in getting cash back. So hypothetically you are already planning to go on vacation, Expedia is giving 10% cash back, and marriott hotels is giving 6% cash back, that’s like over $100 back into your pocket when you are already destined to go there. So if you are a avid shopper, this is for you. I don’t use it that often but eBay usually gives up to 5% cash back, it’s there, soooo i just use it if i get something there. And the extra money i get back allows me to buy other stuff. This app is a no brainer, if you are already buying things, then why not just get money back?


i could probably make more than $100 for all of these apps, and all of that goes into my savings to get school supplies within a few weeks. Good Luck guys, i know a lot of you guys want those supplies, and now i think everyone can get them.

Now everyone in the studyblr community can get those midliners and those kanken backpacks we’ve been dreaming of. Happy free money. 

1. You’re going to die
2. Say nice things to your family
3. Be happy around people
4. Talk about your passions
5. Share your interests with people
6. Be curious and ask stuff!!
7. Create a good relationship with your teacher
8. Understand that happiness isn’t something you find, it’s already there if you chose to drop the sad pillow
9. Be human, feel things
10. Dress how you like, you’re going to die
11. Don’t procrastinate, i see u
12. Help around your house
13. Hug and brush your PET!!!!!!!!!!! miao
14. Learning a language is hard damn, be amazed by the immigrants coming to your country trying to build a home in a strange place
15. Hello, this is death, when are you coming? oh, you don’t know? well then live, and be funny and kind and eat alot and cry alot and hug people and wear sweatpants and dance to pop and clean your cat’s litterbox and be thankful for humankind bc without it you wouldnt have tacos and be happy about every vegan out there trying to save us and give yourself a pat on the back because you’re all you got and it’s so AMAZING! because you are amazing!!! we are all!! and we get to live in a amazing body with a great brain!! how cool ur so lucky and so am i, cyaaaa


my organization system for school

hey, guys! here’s how i organize my papers + handouts + assignments + other stuff for school! some people wanted a more in-depth description of my organization system after reading my post about various organization systems for school. hope this helps!

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36 days to EOYs - {25/09/16}
‘i live in your heart, i speak in your mind, i tattoo my smiles on your body like it’s mine’

here’s last weeks spread. super yellow so that term 3 can end on a positive note. (term 3 has ended holy shit?!?!!!) i have 6 weeks to my exams… 8 weeks till year 11 ends. wow damn time is passing so fast this is terrible im having a mini crisis but gotta focus on the real thing tbh. need to start studying for real during these 2 weeks of holidays aaaaahhhh im so scared!!!

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went to barnes and noble today and read a few art magazines for inspiration!

i ended up buying a new moleskine sketchbook too since i’m going to focus more on personal art and figure studies now as soon as i finish my current commissions

[day 7 of exam smackdown]

i’ve made these little check lists for all the topics required of unit 3 VCE chemistry! so for all u chem kids and especially vce chem kids out there with exams in a little over a month, feel free to use this!
personally im not sure if ill be going through all of these since i’ll probably go through my most problematic areas first!

used: pilot g2 in 0.7 and blue mildliner (though it didn’t turn out amazingly)