mar 23 2017 // ap chemistry

we finally finished learning all the necessary material for the ap chemistry test… so I can finally present my flashcards system!

this is how I have been studying for all of my second semester chemistry tests, and it’s how I will study for the ap exam.

read more about this flashcards system below the cut!

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30/100 Days of productivity
I’ve just finished adding to my notes for Cognitive Psychology! Still have a lot to do by Sunday to meet my personal deadline (Biological Psychology notes, Ozone notes, part of families and households for Sociology. Might do some more work for now but I’m having a break and reading for now 😊

March 23, 2017 >> It can be so hard to start, I use the “touch it once” method. I make it my goal to touch every task at least once each day. Even working on something for 10 minutes might seem pointless but it will add up. So here I am at 9 PM, coffee in hand, starting on my immunology notes for the day because I have to touch them at least once before I go to bed. Find your activation energy to get you over the “I have so much to do” hump and get sh*t done!

simple, happy things for a wee break💖

here’s a list of stuff that NEVER makes me feel bad and helps me ease back into doing the productive stuff again:

-read a book
-meditate and say some positive affirmations
-clean your makeup brushes (we all know you haven’t done that for what, 3 months)
-play your instrument
-watch one inspirational youtube video
-listen to the song that’s been in your head
-organise a space or folder that’s been bugging you for a while
-cut, file and paint your nails
-have a quick scroll through your social media feeds (ones that won’t make you feel bad about yourself - my go to is twitter!)
-go outside and breathe in some fresh air and stretch
-make a list of what you’ve accomplished today and what you still want to do
-spray some perfume
-RANDOM DANCING (my top tip: the cha cha slide makes ANYONE feel good)
-draw a little doodle of something you want to picture
-spend some time creating and eating a quick and tasty snack
-do a bit of journalling and let all your emotions out onto one page
-speak to someone who is a positive and happy influence on your life, either in person or over message for a bit of a boost
-brush or style your hair into a nice do, just for you
-light a candle
-clear your inbox
-find a nice quote for your day to motivate yourself

remember that maximum performance = maximum productivity + maximum positivity, and breaks from time to time are vital for both to happen and to prevent burnout! all the best💖

rebecca x

23.3.17// planning the courses for the next semester. This time I want to attend all the courses and write two Papers/Hausarbeite. So I´ll have just one Hausarbeit and a project left and I can start planning the Masterthesis. It scares me a little bit to plan everything in advance but I also would like to do a Praktikum / traineeship and I need free time from the courses. I also would like to attend a C1 german course and a Kulturtandem. I´ll be kind of busy <.<

MacBook vs MacBook PRO

I need to buy a laptop and am deciding between the new MacBook (12″) and the new 13″ Pro (retina but without touchbar). 

Seeing the 12″ in store, it seemed kinda small, but it’s lighter & slightly cheaper than the Pro. Are the Pro’s better specs worth it just for a studying laptop?

What are your thoughts/opinions/comments on this?

Greetings and Salutations!

I’m Nelly and currently experiencing my sophomore year in high school. I would like to introduce you to my studyblr, my bookblr, and my langblr page called “Studyingpeonies”. Currently I am trying to motivate myself to study harder in my classes and learn several languages.

Currently I am taking the following classes:

  • AP World History
  • English
  • Speech
  • Algebra 2 Honors
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • AP Literature and Composition
  • German 2


  • Learning a new language (German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, etc.)
  • Reading poetry and literature
  • Community Service
  • Harry Potter (i’m a hufflepuff)
  • Musicals (Hamilton, Heathers, etc.)
  • Writing short stories
  • Drawing
  • Playing Chess

I am planning to post book reviews, notes, study tips, etc. (I am also hoping to start a bullet journal.)


@studyign @emmastudies @getstudyblr @studywithmariana @paperandcaffeine @intellectus @studyquill @tbhstudying