January 22, 2019

I really did nothing this entire long weekend but I’m not even mad about it because I spent almost all of it with friends and it was so fun! My roommates-to-be and I went aggressively apartment-hunting all weekend and WE PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT and I love the place I’M SO EXCITED :D biggest flex is when you turn down priority registration for university housing only to find the apartment and living situation in general of your dreams

Today was kind of A Lot though – I had meetings and class and shifts from 8am to 1am with pretty much no breaks in between – but tbh still running on leftover excitement/adrenaline from the weekend so we’re going to power through

5 things I love about today (23.01.2019)

  1. My college & friends there
  2. Frost and snow
  3. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  4. One of my favourite people in the world who’s birthday it is tomorrow!!
  5. My favourite cafe with said person

Wednesday the 23rd of January 2019

Hi! I meant to post this yesterday but completely forgot oops my english teacher was absent so i had a long lunch break and i went to a coffe shop with my friends to study and it was really nice! plus there was a person with a dog that was soooooo cute and friendly and i petted it and it made me v happy anyway hope you had a lovely day 💞

Song of the day: Trouble by Cage the Elephant


Exam tomorrow. Doing the last bit of revision today 💪. Feeling very positive

23/01/2019, 11:14

What’s this, two posts in as many days? Wow!

I’m currently revising The Cultural Revolution and drinking more coffee than I should (not that I imitate Rory Gilmore at all)

📚- Clockwork Princess

🎧- Next to Normal (seriously this is my new favourite musical, it’s all I’m listening to)

January 23/19.

I’ve been so swarmed with my new courses so I haven’t had time to post yet. But I’m finally getting used to it and I’ve got like 1000000 deadlines this week lol. I hope everyone is having a great day today.

Currently Listening to:

🎶Lee Sora- Song Request (Feat SUGA)