23.09.2018 // sunday morning, rain is falling (not really, but i like the song)


- my watercolour drawing of a tomato, to remind me that i have to live until retirement and start a tomato garden with lin, palm, and fer. a ridiculous reason to continue living but hey, it works!

- study with me video by YoolLee 2월의율리

23/09/18 6:54 | 18/100 days of productivity

Recently I’ve been focusing on keeping my belongings to just what is necessary. I used to have so much clutter and it was honestly taking over my mind! By doing this I’ve stopped buying so much unnecessarily so have reduced a lot of the waste I’m putting out into the earth which is a great thing too. I don’t think I’ll be ready to call myself a minimalist anytime soon hahaha but I’m working on it 💛

What I wish I did in year 12

Thought I would make a list of things I wish I did in order to not be so stressed right now in my last year of A levels.

  • Create revision material right at the end of a topic: now I’m in my last year I feel I’m forcing myself to catch up on revision materials. It would have been done if I had just made it right after a topic.
  • Asked for help on topics I don’t understand: it would have been easier to just ask questions as I thought but I’ve left it a bit late. I can still fix this but I wish I did it earlier.
  • Studied more: I’m really bad for procrastinating so I wish I just got stuff done when I needed to do it.
  • Took a more active role in school: perhaps speaking more could be a step in me getting over my fear of public speaking. I’m hoping to do that soon.
  • Believe I can do this! Probably the most important one. Last year I felt I was pretty much worthless and couldn’t get into uni but now I feel it’s possible. I want to have a better gram of mind.

This is a list of things I wish I did and aspire to do in the years to come! The last one to me is the most important. I hope this may have helped you in some way know what you should do or help you realise you can do this.


i’ve gotten a couple asks about making a handwriting tag, so here it is! i haven’t made any original content in ages because i moved to seattle this month, so now hopefully that hiatus will be over haha

🎵 yam yam - no vacation


How my studyblr photos are made.

AKA: How to do all the crap in like 10 minutes because I’m a uni student, I ain’t got no time lmao what did you expect :P

I posted a poll(?) earlier and it seemed like some peeps were interested, so here I go!

Disclaimer: I am no way an editing master and I have near zero knowledge of taking photos… so yeah.

Now let’s get on with this sh_t

(I can’t seem to upload the in-progress pics, sorry about that!)

Pre-editing (taking photos, angles, all that jazzes)

1. Okay, first of all, I don’t take 100 shots to use just one (1) photo, usually, I go for two or three shots. I’m that lazy welp.

2. The stuff in the photo can be anything, honestly. This is just a (not v good) example.

3. 0 and 90 degrees are aesthetic angles trust me (0 = you hold your phone normally; used for taking a desk area or things that have depth/perspective // 90 = flatlay angle; what can I say more?)

4. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! (it’s your creativity, use it! unfortunately, I don’t have any hahaha)

5. Natural lighting is great but we care always adjust the yellow-ness from the room’s lighting.


1. Software used: Snapseed; free and awesome, yay

2. Open your photo

3. Tools > Tune Image > + brightness, - contrast, - saturation, + ambience, + highlight, + shadows, *- warmth (to get rid of yellowy lights!)

4. Tools > Drama > Light 1 > adjust as you wish tbh

5. Lastly: Tool > Grain film > I usually go for A01 or X04, - grains and - style strength

6. The healing tool is a magic! It fixes the unwanted stuff like the edge of my laptop stand on the upper right corner!

And it is done!

Thank you guys so much for sticking with this post :D I’d be very appreciated if you guys rec. something that I should post next aside my studyblr pics!


09.23.2018 // 04:10 PM

looking at the statistics from my practice quizzes and which sections I do the best/worst in; so now I have a grasp on what to focus on this week! thanks to my study buddies @micahleighstudies & @ultrasunshinestudies for keeping me motivated so I could make a solid study plan!

♫: human by dodie

In biomedical communications we had a couple lectures simply about proper writing and got to read some examples of personal statements that students (of many levels - applying to a fellowship, vet school etc.) and wow some were so bad??? Like not even the writing, but actual grammar and sentence structure…Here’s to hoping I write better then that!

✍ Ipad Pro (9.7” 64GB), Apple Pencil, Goodnotes App

ig: rayraystudies

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in years but here’s a quick snap of my Bio notes! I just had the test for this paper and honestly, even though it’s my favourite paper I really did think I did as well as I could have. I just have accepted the fact that whatever grade I get it’s all in he past and now I need to work 10 times harder to get what I want. I hope you’re all having a productive and enjoyable day!

2 pages from my recent physics notes that i felt like i should post in celebration of my physics test tomorrow 🧠🌻☁️ if there’s any IB / physics student hit me up so we can chat about our sufferings, unless you have a super brain and you’re not suffering, somehow.

Intro// A Studyblr Newbie ✨


Heyy, my name is Caitlin :)

As the title says, this is an intro post for my first attempt at a studyblr~

I'm currently having my third term holidays and I’ve been really stressed with my grades + my extracurricular activities lately [issa literal never-ending cycle] which in turn is seriously messing up my sleep and general well-being.

So, I’m taking this break as a chance to start a studyblr and reflect on my study habits, time management etc. and get motivated! 

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It’s okay to romanticise the small things about your day-to-day life. It’s okay to romanticise sleeping in, waking up to the sun tickling your skin. It’s okay to romanticise the texture of fingers against a page. Sometimes to save your day you need to romanticise sitting at a desk and working, or romanticise studying hyped up on coffee. It’s okay to picture yourself as if you were the mc in a movie. Watch yourself go through shit and know that it’s just the climax of your own story, and that while you sit in your room sobbing to sad songs, good things are just around the corner.

Sometimes to be okay or get through the day you need to romanticise the simple things.

students as months of the year

january: fresh journals, black and white notes, bullet journals filled with motivational quotes, cold brew coffee, loves writing letters, finishes everything on time, a daydreamer, seems laid back but really they’re stressed about everything

february: doodles in the margins of notes, the person who lends you their pens, sloppy handwriting, loves motivational speeches and classical music, finishes easy assignments early but writes their essay the night before its due,

march: straight A’s, study playlists, the teachers favorite, color coded notes, everyone thinks they’re naturally smart (but really they’re spending every night studying), forgets to eat sometimes, hasn’t slept for what feels like years

april: open windows, listening to the rain and thunder, tea pots full of earl grey, a functionally messy desk, fairy lights, always losing their pens, a huge nerd, afraid to raise their hand in class in case their answer is wrong

may: cramming for tests, lives in the library, highlighters and sticky notes everywhere, drinks espresso, would definitely consider bringing their coffee pot to school, messy desk, if an assignment is due at 9:00 they’ll submit it at 8:59

june: late nights, smoothies for breakfast, hanging out with friends, takes notes on their laptop, minimalist, organized, says they’re studying but they’re actually on studyblr, tries to study everything at once and gets distracted

july: staying up late to read, learning new languages, focuses on the learning and not the grade, watches documentaries for fun, loves the classics, owns a thousand pens, takes studyspo pictures, hundreds of unread emails,

august: stationery shopping, getting ahead in class, iced drinks, spending weekends with friends, takes very little notes but does well in class anyways, a relaxed personality, healthy snacks, the master of self care

september: a morning person, new pens and folders, a perfectionist, audio records classes and re-writes notes, over works themselves, loves the smell of new books, competitive, “i’m gonna fail!” but ends up getting A’s and B’s

october: chai lattes in travel mugs, will study for three days straight and then not study for a week, snacking in class, uses washi tape and stickers, sleeps for eight hours but is tired anyways, terrible at accepting compliments

november: gratitude journals, mental health days, the baristas at their local cafe know their name because they’re always studying there, study groups, loves to travel but never travels, cinnamon in their drinks, trouble sleeping, sweet smiles

december: hot chocolate, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, says they don’t care about grades but panics when they get less than a B, to-do lists, tutors their friends, watches movies in their free time, vanilla candles