Korean Grammar: 지만 ‘but’

Even though 지만 is used as ‘but’ it is also used to contrast two different clauses. All you have to do with it is attach it to a verb stem (which include both descriptive verbs and action verbs)


축구는 좋지만 야구는 싫어요.

I like soccer but I don’t like baseball.

Below are the different uses for 지만:

verb stem + 지만 Present tense
verb stem + 았지만/었지만/였지만Past tense
verb stem + 겠지만 Future tense
Noun + 이지만 Nouns (to be)
Noun + 이었지만 Nouns in Past tense (was)


가다 → 가지만  “go, but…”

오겠다 → 오겠지만  “will come, but…”

먹었다 → 먹었지만  “ate, but…”

예쁘다 → 예쁘지만  “pretty, but…”

슬프다 → 슬프지만  “sad, but…”

형이다 → 형이지만  “it is my brother, but…”

Different Subject Rule:

If you are talking about two different subjects then its important to not forget about topic markers! Either the topic marker 는 or 은.


매운 음식을 먹을 수 있지만 먹을 수 없어요.

I can eat spicy food but my brother can’t.

Connection Two Sentences!

So even though so far I’ve only covered that you can use 지만 to connect two clauses it can also be used in connecting two sentences. That being said we have to use the words; 하지만, 그렇지만 or 그러나.


여름이에요. 하지만 덥지 않아요.  connecting two sentences

여름이지만 덥지 않아요.  connecting two clauses

It’s summer. However it’s not hot.

12:11 (28.3.17) 

I don’t know how much i’ve said it in the past months, i’m really sorry for being so inactive. I’ve had a lot going on, exams, moving into another flat etc. I’ve been struggling a lot with my exams…  I’m studying for an exam that is coming up next week in computer science and I don’t know how to learn for it. I’m reading at the moment a book about Java and doing some coding exercices that are in the book. 


[ 28.03.17 ] an updated what’s in my bag! i know my freebie cosmetics pouch, my creased lab coat and my complete disregard for the usage of pencil cases aren’t the most aesthetic combo ever but that’s uni students for you. not pictured: wallet, laptop (i don’t always carry it) and lunch.


I recently hit a mahoosive 15,000 followers and I wanted to give back to you all to say THANK YOU! I often get a lot of questions asking ‘what’s the best way to revise for a-levels’. So, I thought I’d put together a sheet of my top tips. I’ve tried to go with different ones, so hopefully some of these will be new and ~inspirational~ to you! I wrote these specially for A-Levels, but I’m sure a lot of points will be handy for GCSEs or IB or whatever thing you’re studying. Best of luck with your revision and, as always, shoot me some more revision questions if you have any!!

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•Application for WI scholarship sent off
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•Overview of Bamberg witch trials made

Overall I’d say today has been incredibly productive even if now all I want to do is curl up and cry.