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the amount of re-filming and re-editing that went into this video was crazy omg ;; sorry, the editing and quality isn’t as good as it could be, but at this point, i kinda got sick of it and decided to just upload it. 

anyways, since school is starting for me next week, i thought it was time for a long-overdue back to school video!! 

and guess what, guys?? september is tomorrow and guess what that means?? hehehe you’ll just have to wait and see the video which will be uploaded soon! (hint: it involves bullet journals hehe)

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Study Tips!

1. Use an assignment notebook→write down all your assignments so you don’t forget anything
2.Study in the same place →find a quiet place away from distractions with plenty of room to work 
3. Study at the same time → figure out what time of the day you can best concentrate and what works into your schedule 
4.Use a homework box →keep all of your homework supplies in one place , ready to be used 
5.Schedule each homework session→make a schedule that breaks your time up into blocks you will spend on each task
6.Cut out all distractions →no TV , phone calls or loud music(these can ruin your concentration)
7.Do the hard stuff first→Your brain will be fresh and all the easy stuff will still be easy later
8. Review regularly →Homework isn’t just the stuff assigned every night . A regular review of your homeworks should be a part of your homework plan
9.Schedule long term projects →larger projects schould be broken down into smaller , more manageable parts
10.Have a positive homework-friendly attitude →being positive about school work makes it a lot easier 

You’re home sick, but you can’t really afford to be, because so many things are due soon and you only have so much time. Well, now that you have an entire day to catch up, you feel like crap and have lost your motivation. How do you get it back, and get rolling?

1. Assess and treat your symptoms. 

Your symptoms decide how much work you can get done today. Take the proper medicines. Drink something warm (not coffee). Get tissues, nasal spray, a bucket, whatever you think you will need and put them by your study space. Make sure you eat throughout the day, too!!

2. Make a list of things you would like to do today. 

If you have a lot of things, try to get the easiest ones done first. Don’t overwhelm yourself, either, because the most you’ll be able to do probably won’t be more than 4 medium sized assignments. Leave time for self-care and relaxation.

3. Start your first assignment/set of notes for two minutes.

It is said that if you can just do two minutes of something, you’ll be able to do the rest without stopping. Half of being sick is lack of motivation and if you can just pick up the notebook and a pen and write something, anything, you can keep going without hesitation. That being said, if you’re really not feeling it, take a break. The pomodoro method is also highly recommended during sickness, and feel free to increase the amount of break time between sessions if need be.

4. Don’t push yourself.

If your eyes are drooping, take a nap. Let yourself relax if your head starts to hurt. Remember that your immune system is fighting an intense battle and needs as much rest as you can allow.  

5. Read out of your textbook or watch subject-related material.

When you’re sick, you tend to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day (at least, I do). Instead of doing that the whole day and feeling like you wasted your entire day, either replace the media you would normally consume (including social media) with something related to what you need to learn or study. Read your textbook or watch educational media (such as Crash Course) to relax while still taking in information. Don’t force yourself to write notes.

6. Stay in contact with friends and classmates (and even teachers)!

Text or email someone who is involved in the classes you need to study/work for and ask what the day’s classes held! If it turns out something isn’t due, hooray! Take a break on it. If new information was taught, try and find that next chapter in your book and read through it a bit. Let your teachers know that you are sick, usually they understand! 

BONUS: How to Be Productive While Sick In Classes

Not everyone can afford to miss a day, so if you’re sick and stuck in classes, remember to take your daily dose of medicine at least 30 mins before you get to class, and bring tissues. DO NOT go to class if you are contagious or vomiting!!! Bad idea!! Ask for help from classmates if you missed a few notes here and there from wallowing in sickness and sadness. Tell your teachers you are off your A-game, which may not give you extra time, but can get you a bit of sympathy. Drink lots of water, and find people who don’t mind being around your sick self and let them support you.

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hi all!~

this is a lil bunch of graphics i made to help people with handwriting!! i realised when going back to school after the summer that my handwriting had worsened a little because i wasn’t writing over the summer. so, i condensed what helped me get my writing in tip top condition again! ofc handwriting isn’t the be-all-end-all and i think we forget that here when we see such beautiful notes on our dash. but it can help those that may struggle reading their own handwriting or maybe get a bit embarrassed about it :)

i hope this helps you achieve ur handwriting dreams *o*

handwriting goALS: x

much love x

3 Things to Remember for Back to School
  1. You might find the content hard at the start but eventually it’ll make sense. You can’t expect it to be easy straight away.
  2. Make friends with classmates (and/or teachers) so you have someone to ask for catch up notes if you are ill or away.
  3. Keep your notes organised from the start. It’s very difficult and time consuming to organise notes after a month of school so start the way you’d like to finish by giving everything a title and a place.

Have fun studying!