Creativity takes courage 🌄 I’ve had a really good week this week. I have stuck to my goals, got a lot done and had a lot of fun which has helped balance a lot of my stress 😁🙌🏼(It doesnt look like it but I forgot to check off most of the things in my bujo).

Plus, I’m finally starting to see a dent in my long term goals that I’ve been working towards which is really motivating. Although I am still struggling to find the energy to write for my blog. Meh. How has your weekend been? ☺️

Pitiful at Potions||Sirius Black (Part II)

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1011

Warnings: Swearing, slight sexual references

Note: This was requested by @bibliophile221b​. Normally, I’d include the full request, but since this is a series, I don’t want to spoil anything.

Part I

The rest of the evening you tried to come up with excuses to avoid having to spend much of the night with Sirius Black and his group of horrid friends. You tried everything, you mustered up all of your acting skills and took to the hospital wing, attempting to convince Madame Pomfrey that you were seriously ill; she, of course, saw right through you, and you left the wing feeling defeated and shameful. You even went as far as to provoke Professor McGonagall, hoping that she’d give you detention for the evening, but all you got was a scolding and a 2 foot essay.

“Emilyyy,” you whined mere minutes before you and your friend were supposed to head to the Gryffindor Common Room, “I seriously do not want to go.”

“You have to go, (Y/N), I refuse to go alone.”

“You can find someone else to go with you, I’m not going.” You felt bad for going back on your promise to your friend, but you could think of nothing worse than having to spend an entire evening in the same room as Sirius.

“(Y/N), it really would mean a lot to me if you went. I understand you don’t want to go, but as my friend, I would appreciate you being there,” Emily added sincerely, “plus, you’re getting two chocolate frogs as compensation.”

“You’re right, Em,” you gave in reluctantly, “sorry to try to back out on you like that, something about Black just really bothers me.”

“I know, (Y/N), and that is why I appreciate you coming with me so much.” Emily put her arm around you and gave you a friendly squeeze. You both grabbed your books and left the comfort of your own common room. Most non-Gryffindors had never been to the Gryffindor common room, which made it ever more surprising when Emily seemed to know her way there with no need to stop and ask the living portraits for directions. When you finally got up the tower, you found James standing beside a colorful portrait of a lady dressed in the gaudiest pink gown.

“Well,” James began, the ever-cocky sound of his voice annoyed you more than you dared comprehend, “look who decided to show up, it certainly took you long enough to get here.”

“Oh, please, Potter,” Emily rolled her eyes, “we’re here on time, if not early.”

“I suppose you’re right,” he winked at you, which triggered you to fold your arms across your chest, already regretting the decision you made to go, “c’mon in then.” Potter opened the portrait and you followed Emily inside. The common room was warm and inviting, a large fire crackled inside its hearth, and the whole area seemed to give off a golden glow. Near the center-right of the room there was a large couch and a couple armchairs; it was there that the four boys had set up their studying materials. Peter and Remus were sitting on the floor thumbing through textbooks, dog-earing any important pages, and Sirius was lounging nonchalantly on one of the chairs, his legs thrown over one of the arms. On his lap sat a large piece of unfolded parchment, he looked at it once, then looked directly over to where you, Emily, and James had just entered the room. Smiling slightly, he tapped the parchment and shoved it in between the cushions of the chair he was sitting on.

“Hey, girls, glad you could make it.” Remus said, and motioned for you to join them at the table. You sat in one of the chairs, as far away from Sirius and James as you could. Emily settled in on the floor close to the table, setting her books and various studying supplies on the table.

“What are we going to work on first? I’ve had the most difficulty with identifying the different kinds of myrrh and frankincense, but I also want to work on…”

“Woah, woah, slow down there.” James interjected, you felt the heat of anger rise in your face, feeling furious for your friend who was just interrupted.

“James,” Remus began annoyedly, “we’re, well I’m supposed to be helping them, and you might be better off getting some help too.”

“To him, Mooney!” Sirius exlaimed, and swung his legs off the arm of his chair, “I, for one, would like to study productively tonight.” Upon him saying that, Peter snorted incredulously, which warranted him a dirty look from Sirius.

“Wow,” you began, “Sirius Black wanting to be productive, better alert the Daily Prophet.”

“Oi, (Y/N), don’t be so rude to him, you’ll break his heart.” Remus nudged Sirius’ leg.

“I’d be surprised if that tosser even had a heart.” You stated matter-of-factly; although you weren’t thrilled to be there in any sense, you found it relieving to be able to insult Sirius semi-publicly. Emily gave you a look that nearly wiped the smirk off your face, you could tell that she was not happy.

“Oh, (Y/N), he certainly does have a heart,” James explained, leaning over the gap between the couch and Sirius’ chair and pushing him, “in fact, I’d be surprised if his heart was focused on anything but you.”

“Okay, shut the fuck up, mate.” Sirius growled, obviously tense. You rolled your eyes at his reaction to his friend’s joke. Horrible personality and no sense of humor, what a person, you thought sarcastically.

“He was kidding, Sirius,” Peter piped in an attempt to dispel the growing tension.

“Yeah, whatever,” Sirius got up, “I’m feeling tired anyway, I’m going to bed.” He stormed off, and the three remaining boys exchanged looks. You five continued to study, your head filling with information you hadn’t previously known. James seemed uneasy almost the entire time, and well into the evening he announced that he was going to go upstairs and talk to Sirius. After that, only you, Emily, Remus, and Peter were left. Emily and yourself left close to midnight, and had to sneak your way down the tower and through the corridors in order to avoid being caught by the caretaker.


day 59 of 100 days of productivity
it’s been a long day & i’m so tired but i still have so much to do !!! (this photo is from yesterday) & i have a test everyday this week (end me) also (big surprise all round) i got a top grade a in my english language & a b in english lit (peak)
however i did get promoted at ccf ahhh i’m so happy & then my crush was like ahh yee congrats mate and i was gloWIng


Your brain has no word limit. “Memorise every word you encounter” That’s not a requirement, that’s an impossible goal you should set for yourself. Learning vocabulary is like a plate that slowly turns into a bowl the more water you pour in it(weird metaphor I know but bear with me). You can learn 100 words and you’ll quickly forget a lot of them. You can learn 10 words and you’ll quickly forget some of them. But learning 30 words out of 100 is much better than learning 8 out of 10(you feel me?). The plate will overfill regardless of how much water you pour in there, so just pour as much as you can and turn that sucker into a bowl.

Simply put: The more you learn, the easier it gets to learn. 

There’s no such thing as a useless word. Vehicle. Spaceship. Run. Skedaddle. Are all important words. Never ignore a word because you think it’s useless. It’ll come to you, maybe in the next test, maybe in a conversation with a stranger, maybe written in scary red paint on the wall of a sketchy neighbourhood telling you to skedaddle. You need it.

Speak your target language*duh*. *Imagine if you will, you’re in France with little to no vocabulary. You walk into a hotel, worried as to how you’re gonna communicate with the person at the desk. As soon as your eyes meet he greets you saying in the most fluent english accent “Hello there! How may I help you?” You sigh a sigh of relief, however you remember that you’re in France, you’re committed to learning the French language. You take a deep breath and respond with “Salut! je maple Timothy je want une casa” Now obviously there’s so much wrong there. But it’s so much better than speaking english because you’ll learn what a room is, and you’ll even learn a word in Spanish. 

You’ll embarrass yourself in conversations.  No advice here just telling you a fact. A Chinese guy once asked me if I understood something and I simply replied with “I am bread” So yeah good luck.

Idioms. Learn them. They’re awesome. 

Think in target language. Weird I know. But seriously if you know how to think a sentence in your target language, do it. You’ll be more comfortable saying it and you’ll revise what you’ve learnt. As well as discover what you forgot.

Lie. When it’s harmless. Try telling a taxi driver you’re Sri Lankan see where that takes you. Unless you are Sri Lankan in which case you’re Cambodian. Say you married an Austrian pilot, or own a pet rock, or maybe related to the queen. You’ll have much more fun and useful conversations.  (P.s. If you’re half-Sri Lankan half-Cambodian you are officially Martian.)

Helpful Apps: 

HiNative: Allows you to ask native speakers what something means, how it’s used, whether your sentence is correct, or simply any question you have about said language or even culture. 

Flashcards: Pretty self explanatory. Make your own flashcards, one side in your language, one side in target language. Perfect in revising words. You can also download decks that other people have created and made public. Obviously you can use it for other subjects too. 

HelloTalk: Texting people of target language who want to learn your native language.  Help each other learn each other’s language and has great features for correcting sentences and grammar. 

(dictionary): No that’s not the name of the app. Having google translate is helpful and all but try finding a language specific App(e.g French to English). It’s also good to have a dictionary. All words. Easily accessible. Works offline. (For Chinese that App is Pleco)


MUNIFICENT - (myoo-nif-uh-suhnt) - adjective


  • extremely liberal in giving; very generous
  • characterized by great generosity

Related forms:

  • noun - munificence, munificentness
  • adverb - munificently

Example sentence:

  • After gambling all his money away, Tom hoped for a munificent tax return.

Stovenly thinks:

  • shout out to those people who keep the drinks up 24/7
  • you know who you are

In Dutch we have a word for the action of throwing stones across the water to let them bounce multiple times, “Plimpplamppletteren“, and that are many “p”s in one word.


26.JUNE.2017 // 7/100 Days Of Productivity.

Here I’ve got my Ecology Notes.

I’m acting all productive, but I actually just had a sleep-in this morning…’till like, noon. That was like, the sleep-in of all sleep-ins. Great start to the week! *note the sarcasm*. 


Tuesday, June 27:

Short revision for my class test about equality and the civil rights movement this afternoon. 📕 I really enjoyed designing this study spread, because I think that this is a very important topic and should be part in every curriculum.

Besides, on Wednesday I’ll get my wisdom teeth pulled out 🤕 I hope it won’t take a long time to heal.
Does anyone have experience with it?