Appropriate SAT words

to use in an essay or presentation without sounding like a pompous ass







myriad - plethora




















affable - amiable - cordial 








extraneous - superfluous















< Please feel free to add to this list >

How to improve your handwriting quickly

To no surprise, studyblr is absolutely full of handwriting to be envious of. There is no shortage of note-taking photos which look like an angel wrote them. Whilst your handwriting is a part of who you are and there is no shame in having wonderfully messy writing, sometimes you just fancy a change. With this technique I’ve managed to adjust my handwriting in a short space of time. I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone, but hopefully it will be of use! Here  is my step-by-step guide to improving your writing:

  • Figure out what you want - what part of your writing do you want to change? Are you wanting to learn how to write more cursive or just make your writing more legible? Do you need to write faster or smaller? Write a random paragraph out and see what you like or don’t like about it. That way you can figure out what you need to change. 
  • Pick a pen - find a pen that you love to write with it! Different pens can influence your writing so try out as many as you can. There is ballpoint, gel pen, fineliner, rollerball, etc! My favourites are Muji Gel Pens and the Pilot G2.
  • Find inspiration - as I said studyblr is full of inspiring handwriting and beautiful bullet journals. Find a few of your faves and save them. Same with Pinterest! Search around for some examples and save them. 
  • Download your inspiration - the quickest way to retrain your hand is to copy. Whilst a handwriting sample from your favourite blog might be available, it can be extremely hard to recreate with accuracy. For this, I suggest picking a similar downloadable font. Sites such as,, and offer hundreds of fonts for your choosing. Obviously choosing a handwritten style is going to be the easiest to recreate so start there. Here are my top handwritten fonts are Shoreline Script, Halo Handletter, MF I Love Glitter, Chocolate Coloured Raindrops, and Handwriting CR
  • Make a cheatsheet - once you’ve picked and downloaded the font you want to make your handwriting like, you can make a cheatsheet. By this I mean opening a word/pages document and typing uppercase and lowercase letters, words and numbers in your chosen font. Pick a size that you think will be easy for you to write on, probably 12pt+. Then print! An example of the one I made is here
  • Start writing - after you’ve printed start writing over the words. By tracing over the letters you’ll eventually retain yourself to write that way more naturally. Take it slow and be sure to properly trace the letters. This might take a while and some hard work but when it works it will be worth it. Try printing your cheatsheet 3 or 4 times and going over them all. Once you feel you’ve got the hang off it try copying without the font underneath and see how similar it is.
  • Persistence - changing your writing is undoubtedly going to take time so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it quickly. It is also important to remember that being able to recreate your desired handwriting exactly can be tricky and might not be totally possible. However practicing should help your normal handwriting adapt to have some of the features that the writing you want has. 

I did this over the past few days and have managed to improve my cursive style writing. You can see my normal writing vs the writing style I learnt in 2ish days. I hope this helps! I’m happy to email ready done font cheatsheets if you’d like one, just message me. If you are practicing using these tips, I’d love to see. Tag me on here or Instagram! :~)


d e c e m b e r 4 ☁️⛄️

three finals tomorrow. eight hours of studying so far. still not quite done.

* top left picture is my fav because the caption is, “you can have an outline for your in-class essay” good thing my outline is literally my paper in bullet form…. 😂😅

5th of December, 2016

| Long time no post friends!!! I have been so unproductive since the start of my holidays, and i’m not gonna lie, I feel guilty. 😂
But here’s a post to let you know that I decided to start learning about Korean Language and hopefully before the new year, I would be able to understand and speak it. Yaaay!

blog rates

Okay, so in an effort to become more active, I’m bringing back my blog rates [yay!!].


  • These blog rates are only for my followers because they are the people that have made me the blogger that I am today! (I will be checking!),
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I will rate the following:

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// Monday - December 5, 2016

It has been a while since I posted content on my studyblr. But I’m back and I have some news: I graduated, started my master’s degree and now I’m busy, busy writing essays and thinking of a topic for my dissertation (yikes!). It’s been a mixture of emotions so far but hopefully I’ll find my place again. 

I’m currently at the library working on a paper I need to turn in next week. It’s about humanitarian intervention and the use of force. It’s been interesting so far and hopefully I’ll finish it by the end of this week!