Okay kids! It’s time for your friendly neighborhood autistic to tell you why functioning labels are bullshit! 

It’s time for a Tale of Two Autistics. 

Autistic 1

  • can “pass” as neurotypical
  • not all of their friends believe they’re autistic
  • ran a psychology study
  • has won writing awards at the college level
  • got a 2380 on the SAT 
  • is starting a small business 
  • can care for pets without help

Autistic 2

  • can’t live independently
  • often forgets to shower
  • periodically goes nonverbal
  • can’t drive
  • can’t do bus transfers
  • incontinent
  • hates most clothing textures and rarely even wears matching clothes
  • can’t go shopping without help

So! You’d say that Autistic 1 is high-functioning and Austic 2 is low-functioning, right? 

Trick question! Both of them are me. 

All autistics have different strengths and weaknesses. The problem arises when people try to group us into broad categories instead of assessing each of us individually. Nobody is saying that different autistics don’t need different accommodations; we’re saying it’s ridiculous to assign us accommodations and groups without talking to us first! `The functioning labels as allistics perceive them just don’t exist! We all have different needs, and we all want to be heard.