💘Hey lovely people💘

This week is again a journal spread.
I’d say this spread is quite Korea-esque lol
This is how we decorate our diary/journal (cute stickers, pastel colors etc.) .

Spring is coming and now I’m quite obsessed with pink so maybe some of the spreads afterward are gonna be pink !!! + I looooooove love love 💕 those Stitch stickers so you’ll gonna see them quite often from now haha

There are so many beautiful styles out there and I can’t quite pick one cause I’m trying them all! Two of my favorites are rustic-vintage looking/ Harry Potter stuff and the other is simple-pastel-tumblr one haha

What’s your favorite style I’d really love to know ❤️

+ let me know if you think the filter is tooo pink. I’m trying out new things haha

studyblr awards

hey hey hey! jo (@obsidianstudy) here!!
so i’ve got a little studyblr awards thingy for you guys in celebration of me hitting a lot of milestones recently, hehe!! (ノ´ з `)ノ<3


  • sweetheart (nicest blogger)
  • happiness (most aesthetic blog)
  • amazing (best original content)
  • otherworldly (coolest theme)
  • intricate (awesomest url)
  • neat-o (best notes)
  • stunning (best planner/journal/etc)
  • reference (best masterposts)
  • bby (baby studyblrs)


  • must be following me !!
  • must reblog this post! (likes are nice, but not necessary)
    • if your studyblr is a side blog, mention your main in the tags!
    • if you have less than 1k followers, you can join the baby studyblrs category, just mention it in the tags!

awards + prizes 

  • a masterpost of your choice
  • a graphic made of your choice (according to your specifications)
  • an aesthetic / moodboard / blog rate thing???
  • my absolute adoration and eternal friendship!!
  • a spot on my awards page / promo page
  • a calligraphy/typography thing dedicated to you (can say anything you want, color, etc.)
  • anything else i can offer, basically tbh

this ends march 31, 2017!
thanks for joining, guys, and i hope you all have fun!  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


(Noun) 주세요 - Please give me (Noun)

제발 - Please (used in desperation, not for casual use)

감사합니다 - Thank you (formal)

감사해요 - Thank you (casual)

고마워 - Thank you (casual, you can add 요 to make it slightly more formal)

고맙습니다 - Thank you (more friendly)

너무/ 정말 - Much/Really (you can add in front of to mean ‘Thank you very much’)

아니요, 괜찮아요 - No, It’s/I’m ok

미안해요 - Sorry 

죄송합니다 - I am Sorry/ I apologize  

저기요 - Excuse me (When trying to get someone’s attention)

요 Conjugation

Korean Name Suffixes

Greetings and Goodbyes Post


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big + small blogs worth your follow!!!

 honestly if you’re not in here and u want to be, just message me. this is solely for promotion of my fellow studyblrs (and the one or two non-studyblrs in here)

use cntrl + f or cmmd + f (idk how it works for apple) to find any topics + the blogs that they relate to! (i.e. cntrl + f “graphics”

@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

@aeristudies - also minimalistic theme. beautiful original posts. some exo here and there. rly sweet and energetic and cute


@amoebasisters - omg if ur a scienceblr u will love how cute this blog is

@baejoohyuk - v friendly + energetic + sweet. lots of kpop but also other v nice reblogs + things too

@bookandcoffeelover - book aesthetic all around

@bookbaristas - tons of beautiful book original posts omg

@bookworminabox - v nice book aesthetic

@bulletjournaling101 - if you’re bujo crazy, this is the blog for you

@caffestudy - original posts are to die for

@calligr4phy - if you like those cute little random posts from the blogs u follow, get on this blog. also bullet journal is amazing as heck

@castillos-co - reblogs the most amazing things,,,+ gorgeous selfies

@coffeesforstudiers - for when you need an inspiration/motivation/productivity boost

@collegerefs - for crazy kids on the pre-college/ college adventure

@csec-studyblr - rly cute original posts

@determinationandcaffeine - self explanatory 


@eiucidate - gay love all around

@emmastudies - …do i even need a caption for this one

@essayinc - get those a-levels honey

@fall-out-books - BOOKS, HONESTLY

@flaheistudies - …i cant

@heather-jordan - peaceful aesthetic(s)

@hermionegoals - omg the masterposts + advice are so,,,,

@historyandmemes - for all you humanities nerds who keep being told that ur subject is underrated…think again

@illbebachinaminuet - if you like music, (pt 1)

@illeststudy - clean white aesthetic

@intellectus - mmm i like this blog i like this blog

@inspostudying - original posts are killer

@introvertedbookworm24 - for all u fellow book nerds out there

@journalsanctuary - EVERYTHING (about ur bujo)

@laminar - ALSO EVERYTHING  (except not about ur bujo)

@livsdesk - omg

@milkstudy - i cant,,,,help crying,,,,over the original posts,,,also milk theme is so calming

@mincrvas - v calm + rainy mood aesthetic original posts; also has a rly nice habit tracker printable!!

@moanastudies - someone managed to combine my two favorite things

@munirastudies - omg so sweet + i love reading through her orig posts and asks

@notestudy - the best the best

@ohgigue - for poetry as visual art

@organizeandstudy - notes that will literally end your life on the spot

@paperandcaffeine - the aesthetic of all aesthetics

@productivityplant - another person who is everything

@ravnclaw - oh my gosh the handwriting is–

@rhubarbstudies - graphics, studyspo and more

@samstudyjam - motivation!!!

@sat-word-of-the-day - omg this is literally the best thing

@sleepybeanjournals - looking for some new content/blogs? check out her blog, please!!

@southernstudyposts - a southern sweetheart indeed <3


@study-harder - “to live without [this blog] is to cease to live”

@studyaesthetc - dEFINITELY an aesthetic

@studyafternoon - the bullet journal.

@studyblr - url probably worth millions of dollars

@studyblrolo -powerful + inspirational posts but also a studyblr

@studyearlgrey - omg this blog,,, follow them, just follow them

@studyign - check out her yt channel!!! 

@studyingcom - calming study blog!! at least imo haha

@studylustre - literally so sweet,,, read over her answered asks lol

@studyplants - mildliner + note aesthetic

@studyquill - her notes omg + yt channel!!

@studyrelief - omg the clean aesthetic

@study-with-jules - new studyblr friend!!! tons of great original posts!! (srsly check her blog out)

@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3

@timelesspossibility - pocstudyblr! studyblr + feminism and everything in between.

@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

SERIOUSLY. MESSAGE ME SO I CAN ADD MORE PEOPLE (whether its u or a recommendation of someone else!!)

Mum gave me some books to help with my Cyrillic handwriting – I can write basic stuff in print but have never been able to read/write in cursive. This is a really pretty + useful page from The Penguin Russian Course, compiled by J. L. I. Fennell (1961)

Not Today - 방탄소년단 (BTS) Vocabulary

  • 언젠가 - adv. someday 
  • 꽃 - n. flower 
  • 지겠지 > 지다 v. fall
  • 그 때 - that time 
  • 오늘 - n. today
  • 아직 - adv. still
  • 절대 - adv. definitely 
  • 죽지 말아 - don’t die
  • 빛 - n. light 
  • 어둠 - n. darkness 
  • 뚫고 나가 - v. to pierce through
  • 새 - adj. new 
  • 세상 - n. world 
  • 너도 원해 - I also want
  • 날아갈 수 없음 - if you can’t fly 뛰어 - run
  • 뛰어갈 수 없음 - if you can’t run 걸어 - walk
  • 걸어갈 수 없음 - if you can’t walk 기어 - crawl
  • 겨눠 총! - Point the gun! 
  • 조준! - Aim!
  • 발사! - Fire!
  • 뱁새 - n. crow tit
  • 친구 - n. friends
  • 나를 믿는다면 - if you believe in me
  • 죽지 않아 - not going to die 묻지 마라 - don’t ask me
  • 소리 질러 - scream!
  • 꿇지 마라 - don’t bow down/surrender
  • 울지 않아 - not crying
  • 손을 들어 - put your hands up
  • 성공 - n. success
  • 차트 - n. chart
  • 트램펄린 - n. trampoline
  • 실패 - n. failure
  • 서로가 서롤 믿었기에 - we trusted each other
  • 너의 곁에 - by your side
  • 믿어 > 믿다 - v. to trust/believe in
  • 함께 - adv. together
  • 방탄이란 걸 믿어 - Trust in Bangtan :’)
  • 눈 - n. eyes 
  • 두려움 - n. fear 
  • 버려 > 버리다 - v. to throw away 
  • 널 가두는 유리천장 (n. glass ceiling) 따윈 부숴 = break the glass ceiling that’s holding you back
  • 승리 - n. victory
  • 날 - n. day
  • ~까지 - grammar: until
  • 무릎 (n. knee) 꿇지 마 - don’t kneel down
  • 무너지지마 - don’t fall >  무너지다 - v. to collapse, to crumble


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