I learned a lot about essay writing in high school and now I barely use it in college, so I thought I would share some of the tips I learned with y’all

just as a disclaimer, these are the basics that I learned in high school. always make sure to talk with your teacher / professor if they have specific guidelines or requirements for an essay (especially if it’s an academic / scientific paper). also, please don’t forget to cite your sources !!

happy writing !!

Just saw this comment on instagram and again I’m so thankful for the positive studyblr community. Just because you struggle doesn’t mean you are lazy or not working hard enough. Sometimes it isn’t easy and the small thing keep adding up. At those points it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and nobody should feel guilty for that.

june 24, 2019.

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted and it’s mostly because I didn’t have time and was too focused on getting the school year over with and finishing junior year with a bang, but a lot has also happened so here are some of them: I’m now an avid MCU fan after watching all of the movies in a span of two days after AP exams and suffering from a broken heart after Endgame, I’m also now an avid X-Men fan after watching all of the movies chronologically, getting lost amidst the timeline changes, and feeling dissatisfied after Dark Phoenix, both Deadpool movies stole my heart, I’m taking my last state exam tomorrow and school will finally be over, and this summer is gonna be pretty busy because I’m gonna try to make next school year easier for me. I hope all of you are doing well, my lovelies, and remember to be kind to yourself! 🌻✨

🎧: hey dj - cnco

Langblr syndrome

I was thinking to make a list with all the things that happen or will happen to language enthusiasts.

  • You’ll save resources regardless if you use them or not.
  • You will desire books in your target language and you might have the same title in Nth languages. (Ask @languagesandshootingstars who has the first Harry Potter book in like 10 languages)
  • You’ll want or get books in languages you don’t even study. (Again, @languagesandshootingstars knows it best)
  • Your family and friends think you know every language out there.
  • If you learn Korean, Japanese or Chinese, people will ask you to translate texts in the other 2 because they look the same for them.
  • You will forget words in your native language.
  • You will forget words in almost every language except the one you don’t need at the moment and you will become frustrated. Most of the time, these words are basic words like apple or stove.
  • Listening to music and watching movies is considered studying to you.
  • There’s a grammar concept that’s just a bitxh to you. Usually irregular verbs or prepositions.
  • There’s also a skill that it’s also a bitxh. Usually speaking for most languages.
  • Hearing your target language or a language that you like makes you motivated and you either feel a fire inside you or you want to cry because it’s just beautiful.
  • You want to find a way to use premium/paid resources for free.
  • You can’t wait to start a new target language. You might even have a list.
  • You want or have foreign friends.
  • Talking to natives is a scary experience.
  • You want to travel.
  • You cried/want to cry/will cry out of frustration.
  • Everyone seems to have nice notes but you.
  • You think that there must be a faster way to learn.
  • You daydream how it will be to speak your target language with a high level of proficiency.
  • You took a break once and that break got longer than expected… Like 4 months, 25 days and 10 hours more than you initially planned.
  • You want more media in your target language or at least to know where to find them.
  • Suddenly all you want for Christmas (or really any opportunity for gifts) are language stuff related.
  • Trip to the book store? More like trip to the language section of the book store.
  • You want to know how you can learn words and never forget them, preferably learn them in less than 5 seconds.
  • You have a playlist in your target language and there’s at least 1 song you know by heart but have no idea what it says.
  • You have playlists for languages you don’t even study.
  • If you don’t understand something when someone talks to you, you just smile and nod.
  • You can’t resist the temptation of listening to others talking in other languages, even if you don’t learn/know that language.
  • Suddenly you got folders and bookmarks with resources for languages you don’t even study or know that you want to study.
  • You wish your friend would be interested in languages if they aren’t already.
  • Your friends think of getting you language books as a gift. (They might be afraid you have it or used it already though)
  • You might have some language memes and jokes saved up just because they are way too funny.
  • You probably forgot to do duolingo for 10 years.
  • You appreciate Duo but you can’t help roasting it once in a while.
  • You have or want to make a langblr. The community seems fun. (We are fun, come to the language side)
  • Everyone seems happy with their language journey. (We might cry hugging a chart with irregular verbs once a while though)
  • You might pick up a language without a reason.
  • Anything became a good reason to start a new language.
  • If you have or had a favourite language, you might buy stuff made in that country. (Like me buying 20 pairs of socks because they were made in South Korea)
  • You started, want to start or will start a language challenge.
  • Then you might stop after a couple of days.
  • You have installed way too many language apps and you don’t even use them all.
  • Your language skills decided to downgrade on a certain day? Rude.
  • You try to convince someone to start learning a language with you.
  • If you dislike a grammar concept, you avoid studying grammar for a while.
  • Complaining about the lack of resources if your language isn’t that “big”.
  • The happy strike hits you when you find resources for a less known language, especially if the resources are GOOD.
  • You might admire or hate someone for their language progress.
  • You have a list for your future language choices.
  • You want/have langblr friends.
  • You feel guilty for not studying your target language sometimes but you still don’t study it.
  • You compare your progress to others sometimes.
  • You watch a movie/video and get frustrated that you understand nothing but still keep going for a little more.
  • Your motivation can be strong at 6am but at 6:05am it might be gone.

More medical student things:

  • Impostor syndrome
  • Can barely handle their own mental and physical health, expected to take care of other people
  • Interesting medical topics: Everything that’s not related to the upcoming exam
  • Friend from med school: “I have this cool rash on my arm, want to see?” Me: “Ur prolly gon die lol”
  • This could be para-para-parasites
  • Forgetting the difference between left and right, because the patient’s right is to your own left and everything is a mess - where is the heart by the way?
  • Forgetting your own name when greeting a patient
  • Loving big textbooks but never reading them
  • Willing to fight anti-vaxxers in a parking lot at 2 am
  • Me: “Good luck, hope you get better soon” Patient: “Thanks, you too”
  • You’re only as cool as the colour of your stethoscope
  • Did advanced maths in high school, now needs calculator for basic multiplication
  • Relationship status: idk, ask a nurse or someone else who knows stuff around here
  • Wtf is nephrology and how do I remove it?
  • Can’t spell, but neither can the doctors reading the stuff you write, so it’s all good
  • Wtf is a food and how do I get one?

june 24th 2019 - hello there, i don’t work today nor tomorrow and i’m making the most of this long weekend. it tastes like the holidays and i just cannot wait! *.* .

so now i’m gonna drink that smoothie and read the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue ☺️ .

have a wonderful day!