Pentagon As High School Students

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this is like my 5th highschool au lmao


  • eternal battle with Hui for solo parts in choir and musicals
  • prob part of the badminton team
  • gets extra food from lunch ladies in hopes that he’ll grow more
  • spoiler: he didn’t
  • always in skits for rallies
  • gives the best perf of the national anthem at rallies
  • gets put on other people’s shoulders so he can actually see at rallies
  • gets trampled in the hallways by the tols
  • always mistaken as a freshman


  • always nagging his friends to do their hw and study
  • always raises his hand in class even if he knows his answer is wrong
  • basically that one kid that the teacher complains that they hear from too much
  • gets way into his character if he has to read novels aloud in literature 
  • makes his presentation way too long
  • bring balloons and cake to school for his friend’s birthdays
  • keeps talking and ruining movies with logic when the class has to watch movies in class


  • practically lives in school’s weight room and library
  • weird combo i know
  • straight A student
  • willingly takes PE every year even though he doesn’t have to
  • your mom’s friend’s son 
  • tutors kids in the library after school when he’s not running shirtless with cross country
  • always does his work ahead of time even if the teacher said not to
  • the type to call out the students who are cheating off his test during class


  • super loud during class discussions
  • “accidentally” set off the fire alarm
  • figured out how to bypass all the school wifi restrictions
  • “due tomorrow, do tomorrow”
  • keeps doing his hw the period before its due
  • once tried to play his mixtape during morning announcements
  • was forcibly taken out of the announcement room and all you could hear was him screaming
  • practically raps all his presentations
  • keeps going to concerts during the school week and comes the next morning ready to bit someone’s head off


  • sleeps during class
  • fainted when he had to dissect a frog
  • brings his laptop to school so it looks like he’s being productive 
  • but he’s actually either on netflix or
  • brings a blanket to school so he doesn’t get cold in his classrooms
  • always asked to be a model for the photo students
  • the hallway is his catwalk
  • treats school as some goddamn fashion show
  • never wears the same outfit twice
  • convinced the school newspaper to allow him to run a fashion advice column

Yeo One:

  • always the lead role in school plays
  • is never single
  • takes spirit week way too seriously
  • your mom friend’s son part 2
  • gets good grades without even trying
  • class president whom is beloved by all
  • makes thank you cards for teachers who are leaving the school or retiring
  • always has some fru fru drink from starbucks in the morning
  • once lost a bet and had to come to school dressed as a girl
  • no one knew it was him so they thought he was some cute new student
  • and he ended up getting hit on by almost everyone in school


  • takes mandarin 1 instead of AP so he can get an easy A
  • super friendly with everyone
  • no one has something bad to say about him
  • always chosen to do booth sales because he’s super friendly and also very attractive
  • does the morning announcements 
  • accidentally left the mic on before he started announcements so the whole school heard him singing 
  • accidentally stepped on jinho in the hallway
  • needs to hear instructions like 4 times before he remembers


  • looks the exact same throughout all of high school
  • always ends up doing the manual labor in science labs
  • center fielder for school baseball team
  • has a small group of fans whom he really appreciates 
  • one time he walked into a meeting of anime club
  • he then realized everyone there was a weeb so he never came back
  • got scared of people’s costumes on halloween
  • does the whole project for his group but then lets everyone else speak instead of him
  • freaked during a black out and when the lights came back on he was found cuddling Kino


  • prob the son of a teacher at his school
  • so all the teachers know who he is
  • and all the teachers will snitch on him if he does something stupid
  • gets free school lunch because he’s the son of a teacher 
  • also he’s pretty cute
  • constantly snapchatting in class
  • has snapchat streaks with everyone
  • entire school follows him on instagram and twitter
  • proud founder of school’s dance club/crew
  • wears the same hoodie at least 3 times a week


  • mistaken as a senior during freshman year
  • and basically the rest of high school
  • all because he’s hella tall
  • never seems to know when assignments are due
  • keeps breaking microscope slides
  • keeps getting in trouble because he and Yuto are dabbing at each other from across the classroom
  • always suggesting to play dodge ball during PE
  • he’s usually ends up being the last person to get out
  • friends teachers on facebook to see if they have any embarrassing pictures
  • tried to leave school during a fire drill
  • was caught and got detention
  • one of the many who hit on Yeo One when he was cross dressing
Yixing Boyfriend Headcanons
  1. Weird conversations at 1AM, or 11AM, or 5PM. Just weird conversations.
  2. Waking you up with morning kisses and snuggles
  3. Humming you a love song as you wake up
  4. Gifts all the time, spoiling you so much.
  5. “I saw this in China and thought you might like it. Oh and mom sent you cake”
  6. Strange dates at Baek’s Grandma’s house
  7. “We are friends! She even gave me tips on how to get you”
  8. Little pecks all the time on the cheek and neck.
  9. Randomly smells your hair, pretty much getting high with its sweet scent
  10. Unicorn collectibles, like your room is filled with them xD
  11. Lots of cuddles all the time… literally
  12. You had to run after him every time he sees a bird, he is just to scared
  13. You end up traveling with him to Korea and China because he insists he needs you with him
  14. “You are my lucky charm baobei”
  15. Plays guitar for you as you study
  16. Always but ALWAYS asks for your opinion when he writes a new song
  17. You might not know but you’ve been his inspiration since day one
  18. Reminds you every day, every hour, every minute, that he loves you
  19. Passionate sex. No doubt
  20. Is determined on making you his wife. 

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