This was inspired by the scenery of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. It ended up in this comic-like look, originally planned to be more realistic, but I still have a long way to go with landscape drawings….😭


George Inness (1825–1894, United States)

Nocturnes and twilights

Inness was an American landscape painter, recognised during his lifetime as “the father of American landscape painting”. Initially influenced by the Hudson River School, after study in Europe, his style found itself aligned with the realist Barbizon school, with elements of Impressionism and Tonalism. He is best-known for his ethereal landscapes, often blanketed in mist or low-sun.

The sky is really beautiful, once in a while go out and look at it. It will smile you back in stars, sunsets, sunrises, grey clouds. Nature is fuel for the soul. Studies show that spending time in nature makes people feel more alive. So, if you’re feeling sluggish, you know what to do. Don’t settle. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, if it doesn’t make you happy, like really-really happy, don’t even think about doing it. Also, if he makes you more sad than happy, trust me with this, you’ll be better off alone. Remember to compliment people if you like their smile, make-up, clothes or voice. Seriously, don’t lose the chance to brighten somebody’s day. People don’t change, believe me, maybe I generalize, but never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice. It’s not “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but it’s “I’ll see it when I believe it”, our thoughts are very-very-very powerful. Honestly, you’re what you think you are, if you think that you’re beautiful and you look great today, everybody will think the same about you, I promise you, our thoughts can change our life, so pretty please, think positive & positive things will happen. Don’t worry about your past or future, just seize the day and don’t hurt yourself by thinking negative thoughts, because no amount of anxiety changes the future. If you’re feeling down, watch youtube videos with cats/dogs, funny videos, write down your crazy ideas, write down a to-do list, a bucket list, write things you like about yourself, write things you don’t like about yourself and try to change them or change your attitude. Find a new passion, I really like playing the piano on, it just makes me happy and I like learning new songs and playing them when I want to be in peace with myself. Take photos, a lot of photos, take photos of everything, of your mother, you, your brother, that pink flower, that beautiful girl down the street, your books, your diary, everything. You know what the say? “When a flowers doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”, so, think about it, maybe you need to change something in your life in order to grow? Be brave, be yourself, be kind, be happy, help people, go for what you want, believe in karma, be proud of yourself, smile, cry, but never give up, please.
As she watches the sun set,
Studying the sky as it fades from orange to coral,
From pink to lavender,
I’m studying her.
Her big brown eyes,
Her soft pink lips,
Her perfect porcelain skin.
I watch her fervently,
Astonished to have found something-
More beautiful than the sky
—  she’s my everything

In case you were wondering, I am absolutely in love with the city of Vienna. I took this picture a few days ago from the roof of the Allgemeines Krankenhaus (the General Hospital) in Vienna. Bathed in the muted pinks and reds of sunset, the city itself seems to glow.

Below is a picture of Vienna that I took back in November, as seen from the Donauturm (the Danube Tower). This is one of the tallest buildings in Vienna, and from the top, one can sip a coffee, while slowly rotating to look at Vienna in all her glory. How could you not fall in love with a city this beautiful?

I just realised the many beauties of the sky

-the stars when it’s at night and you’re walking with a torch and you can see a constellation (this happened on my way back from maths study)
-how fluffy and plump clouds look on an otherwise clear day
-how beautiful the sun is and how it radiates colour
-how the sea just naturally reflects the beauty of the sun and the moon
- how the sky’s colour can vary from a grey, warm or almost icy cold tone.
- how the pink clouds some days pop out from sunsets and sunrises
-those beams of sunlight you sometimes see from he more faded clouds
- when the snow you sometimes see just falls deep and consistently to brighten up a darker area
- how rain can somehow make you feel better when you feel like crying (I know this sounds dumb but like you get the vibe that someone else is in a similar situation and you aren’t alone)

“Seeking Harbor” oil on canvas 18″ x 32″

My last oil painting study. I’ve learned countless lessons about light and shadow, color blending, and patience from doing these studies and now I want to use these skills to focus on my own projects and fanart. 

What I associate with the signs
  • Aries: skydiving, reading about adventure, video games, red and orange sunsets
  • Taurus: small bakeries, home, genuine smiles, the color of cinnamon
  • Gemini: giggling, driving around the city, summer vacation, lime-colored paint
  • Cancer: deep oceans, laying out in the sun, studying for tests, navy blue
  • Leo: wild hair, staying up late, talking to new people, the orange-brown of a lion's mane
  • Virgo: plant life, peace and quiet, having the light on at 2 a.m., charcoal-colored hand-knitted blankets
  • Libra: raising your hand in class, reading fantasy novels, windy days, light blue skies
  • Scorpio: witch doctors, comedians, indie music, the black midnight sky
  • Sagittarius: randomly going on an adventure, telling bad jokes, running, yellow sunflowers
  • Capricorn: warm blankets, keeping secrets, chai tea, dark brown eyeliner
  • Aquarius: aliens, leather jackets, deep 3 a.m. conversations with your best friend, metallic silver sharpies
  • Pisces: swimming with fish and dolphins, chamomile tea, sleeping until 1 p.m., the turquoise waters of the caribbean