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Hi, I start my 12/100 days of productivity, and I started my studyblr the same day. I watched different blogs a while before, and I wanted to thanks these blogs that motivate me everyday ! I study at home this year, and I didn’t like to study for a long time, but the studyblr community has changed everything for me. (sorry for the broken english, I’m a french student :B)

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It’s pretty safe to say that every December since forever you’ve sat down and made a list of things you wanted to accomplish in the new year. It’s also safe to say that every February you’ve abandoned those without much of a second thought. So what’s the secret to keeping up with your good intentions?

set realistic goals

It sounds pretty great to say that you’ll have perfectly toned abs, be fluent in French, and wake up at 6am every single morning by May, but how likely is that to actually happen? Set goals that you know you can accomplish, like resolving to work out for ten minutes a day and keep your Duolingo streak up.

be selective

I’m usually tempted to write a list a mile long of things I want to start doing, but it’s much better to just chose a couple so you can stay focused. Pick the one or two that are most important to you, and then once you have those down you can add more throughout the year.

be specific

So you wanna be healthy, but what does that mean? Instead, say you want to eat the recommended serving of vegetables each day, or drink more water. Be as specific as you can, and make sure to put it into terms of daily action. It’s easy for the year to get away with you, but you can keep tabs on your day.

stay accountable

Tell your best friend, your mom, your grandma, your mailman what you’re trying to do. Put it on your wall. Tattoo it backwards on your forehead please don’t. Do what you have to do to remind yourself everyday what you’ve committed to.

make it interesting

It’s a lot easier to keep up with something you’re excited about. Whether it’s taking yoga classes with your bff to help you get out of bed early, treating yourself to a new planner to stay organized, or promising yourself a delicious dinner from the country of your target language when you can have a conversation, do what you can to make your resolution fun and not a chore.  

start now

Starting a habit takes time, so there’s no reason to wait until the 1st! The sooner you can start the better, so that way by the time the new year rolls around you’ve already got a head start.

Happy new year, all! What are your resolutions?

Studying with Mental Illness: Self-Care
  • Eating and Drinking:
    Make sure you eat food, and drink water regularly. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go if it helps. I always have a water bottle, and something I can snack on in my bag, because I tend to forget otherwise. Eat healthy foods where you can, but honestly, something is better than nothing. Take the time to eat, and drink. Nutrition and hydration is important for fueling your body and will help you focus, and stay focused. 

  • Taking breaks:
    These are necessary. It doesn’t have to be long, but you should aim to take at least five minutes every hour, and some longer ones here and there. It can be hard to stay focused, and you can burn yourself out easily if you try and study for hours on end, day after day. Listen to your needs. Getting a headache? Take a short break. 

  • Mental Health Days:
     We’ve all had those days where we’ve had good intentions to write notes on some chapters, maybe work on an assignment, read a chapter in the text book, or whatever, only to wake up, and feel like our mental illness is getting the better of us, and study just isn’t on your radar. It’s okay to take a day off to do something mindless, or enjoyable, or relaxing. It’s important to take these days when we need too. Don’t feel ashamed to take a day off for your mental health. 

  • Socialising:
    Go to that party, catch up with that friend for coffee, Skype with that friend, catch up with your dash board, or Facebook news feed, whatever it is, it’s okay to do those things. Just as long as you don’t always do those things. Not letting yourself do those things, especially when you’ve been struggling with mental illness and motivation to study, and you take your socialising away from yourself entirely as punishment, can contribute to the cycle of not studying. Find a balance that works for you.

  • Talk to someone:
    A therapist, a friend, a significant other, sibling, parent, teacher, whoever. If you trust them, and ask if it’s okay to talk to them about things that are bothering you/going on for you, then you should talk to them. Talking about things can really help you to start working through things one by one when it all seems overwhelming, and upsetting. Also, don’t be afraid to let your teachers/professors know that you are going through difficult times. Utilise the programs and resources your school/college/university has to offer. Ask for that extension if you need it.

  • Exercise/Stretching:
    It’s good to not only have a regular routine for your overall physical health, and fitness, but during your study sessions, it’s also good to get up, and move around, and do some stretches every once in a while. Just like with taking breaks, you can use those break times to incorporate some movement. Get up, walk around the house, stretch, do some star jumps (I think some people call them jumping jacks???). I am terrible with exercise regimes. I am working on trying to include walking around the block, weights and resistance, and other things into my week, because I know that exercise is supposed to help with focus, and my overall physical health. And it’s supposed to help with mental health too.

  • Sleep:
    Get some sleep, and get some good sleep! 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night, is ideal for most people. Know yourself, and how much sleep you need. I personally need about 8 hours, anything less and I struggle. Sleep can be hard if you’re struggling with insomnia (I do) but giving yourself as much opportunity to sleep as possible (within reason), will really help. Also, taking naps during the day can really be helpful. I often take short naps when I get home from classes, because I find it helps me to consolidate the knowledge better, and revitalises my body, and my mind for me to continue with my day, as classes take a lot out of me mentally, and physically. Don’t stay up all night, you’re better off getting some sleep earlier, and getting up earlier. And take naps if you need too!

  • Be fair to yourself: 
    This is really important. Know your needs, and treat yourself fairly. Even if you don’t get everything done that you wanted, even if you had to take a mental health day when you have so much to do, it’s okay. Your feelings are valid, and you are not weak/worthless/incompetent/insert other self-hating statement here. You’ve done so well to accomplish what you have managed today. You are amazing. 

    This is the last post to my post series Studying with Mental Illness:  Some Ideas for Studying, Motivation, and Self-care. Here can find my general post, studying post, and motivation post. Thank you for reading. I know these ideas won’t work for everyone, but I hope that they might be useful to someone. Take care. 
Spell Timing - Weather

⛈Lightning Storms - power, manifestation, cursing, protection
🌧Rainstorms - purification, cleansing, healing, compassion, release
❄Snowstorms - balance, stillness, purification, transformation, letting go
☁Dense Fog - invisibility, stasis, mysticism, shielding
🌀Heavy Wind - travel, study, intellect, breaking bad habits
☀Searing Hot Days - courage, protection, strength, energy
🌠Meteor Showers - power, magickal boost, wishes
🌘Solar & Lunar Eclipses - banishing, destruction

some correspondences taken from Scott Cunningham’s “Earth, Air, Fire & Water” along with my own personal correspondences

Made a set of simple printables, because I was missing some things before the start of the school year. 





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When Ron, frustrated with studying for NEWTs and with Hermione’s anxious sixth-year nagging, explains to her what reading is like for him, Hermione’s breath catches. “Ron, you’re dyslexic,” she says, softly, and instantly regrets every snide comment she’s ever made towards his study habits. 

Soon, by asking around, Hermione amasses a list of spells for Ron to try - some stilling the page, some changing the font of books for easy reading, some going after Ron’s temporal lobe directly. 

These help, a little, but not as much as knowing there’s a word for why reading is so hard for him. That it’s normal, that he’s not stupid, and that Hermione suddenly helps instead of criticizes, looks for solutions rather than complains, praises instead of gloats. 

{1/100 days of productivity}
Happy New Year! Today is the start of becoming a better me. I went to the gym, I remembered to moisturize, and I put up my vision board (thanks to @theorganisedstudent for the printables!) for the year. Started the 100 days of productivity too, so let’s see how far I get. Hope everyone has a great year of success and achievement too!

What to do When you get a Bad Grade

1. Don’t mope around and keep beating yourself up. That will only distract you from your studying, and stop you from doing your best in other subjects.

2. Remember a bad grade is only a bad grade. It doesn’t mean you’re worthless or have failed as a person.

3. Try and find a way to let your feelings out through some kind of physical activity. For example, through running, jogging, or going to the gym.

4. Aim to do better on the next test you have. There will still be other tests where you can get a higher mark. Maybe see it as a wake-up call, and change your study habits.

5. Try and figure out why you received the bad grade. Do you need to study more, or to learn some new techniques? Did you not fully understand the course material? Did you just have a bad day, or were you tired or feeling sick?

6. Get extra help from your teachers if you need it. Most of them are happy to answer students’ questions.

7. Be determined to keep going and to persevere. It’s easier to do well with a good attitude.

hello everyone! a question that I get a lot is how to build and keep up with good study habits. here are a few things i’ve learned over the years that may help you create your own positive habits!

what are good study habits?

when you look at people that you think have it all together, it’s probably because they have some combination of the following habits:

start early

starting your work early – and not putting it off until the day before – means that you have more time to do the project and can then do it better, are more relaxed, and have more time to do other (more fun!) things.

do a little everyday

instead of a lot all at once. studies show that you gain knowledge best over time, and not by cramming all the info the night before. plus, by doing work for a certain amount of time it becomes a habit, instead of an afterthought.

stay on schedule

if you don’t already have a planner that you keep up with, go get one. right now. i’ll wait. but forreal – having a plan and sticking to it is essential to having a successful study session, and making the grades you want. make a habit of updating your planner with assignments and deadline, as well as times you need to study, as they come up and check it every morning to see what’s on tap for the day.

don’t overwork yourself

the fastest way to get burnt out is doing too much too soon. give yourself breaks to relax. for me, this means meals, anytime after 7, and sundays are study free zones – find your balance between productivity and downtime.

these are just a few examples of good habits that can lead to good grades, but play around and find a way to make your habits work for you. 

how to form habits

make a plan

decide what habits you want to form, and figure out how to make it happen. 

get started!

the best time to start a new habit is right now. 

stick to it.

this means make it something you enjoy somehow. do you like to draw? then try bullet journaling to make keeping a planner fun. take your daily study sessions to your favorite coffee shop so you look forward to it everyday. set a timer if you need to, but whatever it takes make sure you don’t skip a day.

never underestimate the power of a simple habit! making your bed can make your day, so get to it and go build a life you love!

Reminder for Midterms

Make a plan!
-Start studying for all your classes at least a week before the exam.
-Studying in small increments everyday is more effective than studying excessively a day or two before.
-Eat healthy food/drink water
-Sleep, sleep, sleep
-Try getting a study group together
~have everyone make some flashcards
~studying from different notes will improve your understanding
~also gives you a break from being all alone at home/in the library
-Just because you’re studying hard doesn’t mean you don’t need a break (try the tomato method)
~listen to music
~watch a tv show
~get a snack
~take a walk
~make some tea/coffee
~call some friends
-After your exams are all done, take a well deserved break