bullet journal ideas masterpost

Over 250+ spread ideas!🎊

hoping your dreams are fulfilled, your grades are awesome and your skin is glowing in 2018!

Year in Review

  • highlights / reflection
  • achievements this year
  • lessons learnt / growth as a person
  • things you want to improve on
  • advice you’ve received / given
  • best music/movies/tv shows/etc of the past year
  • friends made during this past year

commonplace journal pages

  • things you’ve discovered during the past year
  • useful tips during the past year
  • odd facts and trivia during the past year
  • topics to explore during the past year
  • questions to ask during the past year

New Year, New You

  • calendar / future log / yearly or monthly logs
  • things to look forward to this year
  • upcoming books/music/movies/tv shows being released this year
  • maslow’s hierarchy of needs self-reflection spread
  • goals / new year’s resolutions + steps to put it into action
  • skills you want to learn this year e.g. coding
  • habits you want to break / habits you want to pick up
  • diary: day-to-day happenings
  • budgets: monthly/yearly budgets
  • inspiration spread for new projects
  • level 10 life: rate areas (academic, personal, mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial) of your life out of 10, and write down goals to improve that rating!
  • monthly overviews (e.g. progress on goals)
  • assignment due dates calendar
  • 18 things to do by the end of 2018

Special Pages for Special Friends

  • business cards from networking events
  • gift ideas for your friends/family/significant other
  • birthday / anniversary calendar
  • emergency contacts / phone numbers of important people
  • friendship journal:
    • memories / moments they were there for you
    • how you met
    • moments you want to share in the future
    • their mbti/hogwarts house
    • their best qualities

Trackers/Logs/______ of the Day

  • gratitude journal - # things you’re grateful for every day
  • habit trackers
  • motivational quotes
  • news headlines / this day in history
  • daily affirmations
  • currently reading / watching / listening to / feeling / eating / wanting etc.
  • time usage (read: wastage) tracker
  • k-drama or tv show episode tracker (always forget what ep I’m up to :S)
  • expenses tracker / tax deductibles
  • dream diary (tracker, plot(?), lucid or not, dream meanings)
  • new album or song releases
  • photo diary / sketch diary
  • weather
  • follower milestones
  • social media post tracker
  • household duties/chores tracker
  • grades tracker
  • year in pixels
  • TIL (today I learned)


  • appointments: dentist, optometrist, doctor, therapist, etc.
  • bills: car / internet / rent etc
  • tax: income statements and work expenses receipts
  • membership/licence renewals


  • weight tracker
  • resting heart rate tracker (gives general idea of cardio fitness)
  • water intake tracker
    sleep log / time to bed / time awake / total hours slept
  • exercise log: number of reps / steps / minutes
  • mood trackers
  • period tracker

Various Creative Spread Ideas

day-to-day / life planning spreads

  • skincare routines
  • perfect/ideal morning routine 
  • self-care reminders
  • exercise routines
  • wishlist
  • bucket list
  • firsts: kiss, date, house, vacation, car, concert, etc.
  • DIYs to attempt
  • savings jar (doodle it!)
  • yearly / monthly recurring tasks
  • usernames/passwords (hints only for security!) 
  • 5 or 10 year plans
  • dream job
  • dream house
  • planning for moving houses
  • dream wedding / planning
  • date ideas
  • make a worse case scenarios primer
  • summary tutorials for your reference e.g. step-by-step tax returns


  • studyblr ideas
  • topics I need to revise
  • finals study timetable/plan
  • aspirations: what you want to be and why / how to get there
  • class timetable
  • assignment ideas
  • project schedules / team meeting dates
  • professors’ emails/office hours
  • assessment results
  • anti-procrastination page
  • motivations to study
  • skills you want to learn or are useful e.g. coding
  • formulas page
  • courses you want to take and their pre-reqs
  • college comparisons
  • back to school shopping list
  • textbook list with prices

language learning

  • vocabulary lists
  • grammar structures
  • media (books/tv shows/movies) to consume in that language

self-reflection / personality traits

  • best and worst characteristics
  • what to be mindful of / what you need to work on
  • mbti types you’re most compatible with 
  • fears and how you want to overcome them
  • letters to your future self (include hopes and dreams)
  • letters to your past self (include achievements and things to be proud of!)
  • inspirational people
  • stress management tips
  • charities to donate to and why you support them
  • volunteering activities

fun, cute, and aesthetic spread ideas

  • things worth staying alive for / getting out of bed for
  • a spread with all the things you were worried about which turned out fine
  • message page from your friends to you
  • “i can’t live without ______”
  • creative crafts spread: tips / equipment / tutorials
  • aesthetic colour moodboards
  • happy / comforting / relaxing / funny things spread 
  • seasons (summer/autumn/winter/spring) spread
  • rainy day spread
  • holidays spreads: christmas / easter / halloween / thanksgiving
  • idioms and proverbs from all different cultures
  • flowers spread: fav flowers, meanings, bouquet/arrangements, press ‘em!
  • crystals spread: fav gemstones (doodle ‘em), meanings
  • succulents spread: fav succulents, terrarium layout ideas
  • coffee/tea spread: paint with coffee / fav blends / best cafes
  • what’s in my bag (doodle it!)
  • outfit ideas / polyvore style collections
  • magazine clippings
  • shower thoughts / hypothetical ideas spread
  • draw my life spread / personal timeline
  • favourite characters e.g. gudetama, kumamon, etc. (doodle ‘em!)
  • interesting words list (ephemeral, mellifluous, serendipity, scintillating etc)
  • ideal date ideas
  • wedding anniversary ideas (like 1st is paper, 25th silver, 30th pearl, 40th ruby, 50th gold, 60th diamond)
  • baby animals spread (duckies, puppies, bunnies!!)

#just bullet journal things

  • bujo spread layouts and devices to try out (e.g. chronodex, parallel time ladder) 
  • key/legend (keep it simple!)
  • colour palettes/swatches
  • washi tape / pens / markers swatches
  • banners / fonts
  • doodles
  • ticket stubs / receipts
  • stickers / stamps
  • cutouts of info brochures
  • pressed flowers
  • calligraphy / brush lettering / handwriting practice
  • favourite stationery


_______ that you want to do* / have done* (kind of bucket list)
*watch, read, listen to, try, taste, cook, play etc. 

  • books
  • movies
  • tv shows
  • music
  • hobbies
  • arts/crafts e.g. paper quilling
  • sports e.g. archery
  • how to play / equipment / etc.
  • video games
  • foods
  • activities
  • board games

books / movies / tv shows

  • summary / review
  • favourite characters
  • meaningful moments / moments that made you laugh / cry
  • (for the media critic) artful moments:
    • best descriptive passages
    • best cinematography
    • best action scenes
    • best use of soundtracks
    • (basically moments that make it deserving of awards)


    • album reviews
    • favourite songs
    • playlists for every mood and all seasons
    • meaningful lyrics
    • songs you shazamed
    • favourite genres and exemplar songs


    • reasons why i love my bias / bias wrecker / group
    • letter to your bias
    • comeback concepts / favourite outfits
    • visual/picture tutorials for makeup styles
    • calendar of your favs’ schedules during comeback season
    • in-jokes/memes
    • awards / achievements / records broken / milestones
    • translated lyrics
    • kpop songs vocab lists
    • upcoming releases
    • on this day


    • pics of your favourite artworks/artists + write about it
    • art styles you want to emulate
    • explain techniques for different media e.g. watercolour wet-on-wet
    • doodle ideas


    • natal chart readings/aspects/placements
    • solar return reading for the incoming year / transits
    • synastry / compatibility chart readings
    • constellation/star charts
    • symbol reference page for planets, zodiac signs, aspects


    • recipes
    • meal plans
    • shopping lists
    • interesting foods: (doodle ‘em!) taste / texture / smell (e.g. truffles, caviar)
    • cafes/restaurants you want to go to + their specialty dish (photo)
    • cocktails you want to mix/taste (doodle ‘em!)


    • interesting articles + moral/ethical issues it prompted you to think about
    • controversial topics on the news and for/against arguments/your thoughts
    • on this day in history
    • fav websites / blogs
    • jokes / puns / pickup lines
    • favourite poems / quotes / short stories


    • burn book - write things that make you angry/sad and rip the page out
    • wreck it journal - e.g. colour, scribble, stickers all over this page


    • places to visit
    • travel itinerary
    • cultural parables
    • useful phrases in the language and their meaning
    • travel memories spread: things you did / places you went / selfies
    • postcard collection
    • packing list
    • friendly and not-so-friendly people that you met in foreign lands


    • short story ideas
    • plot brainstorming spreads
    • journal prompts
    • drabbles
    • character designs
    • foreign words which can’t be directly translated into english

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    Overcompensating for the snow by making my study setup extra tropical 🌵🌿

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    concept: it’s exam season and you’re studying morning and afternoon, taking breaks in between, eating proper meals and enjoying the fresh air when you get a chance to. you’re still hanging out with your friends and you’re still doing things outside of revision. you have bad days in which you don’t revise and you know it’s okay because you know you’re not a machine and you need to take care of your health. and this is you doing your best and I am so proud of you.



    Study set up for today!
    Studied for an exam I have tomorrow. I am enjoying having my notes on Pages, far quicker, convenient, and efficient. I can go back to add or change things, I have all of my module assignments and study material in the same document.

    i always have a hard time finding good stuff to listen to while i’m studying so i’m here to hopefully help some people with the same problem and share some of my faves! i’ll divide this post into instrumental and non-instrumental albums/playlists in order to make it even easier for you guys to navigate :-) 

    happy studying!

    instrumental albums and playlists

    non-instrumental (with singing) albums and playlists


    20,000 words of notes and drafting later I have finally conquered my latest essay! I’ve titled it ‘The Transideological Politics of Irony: Disrupting Historiographical Metanarratives in Morrison, Rushdie and Hatoum’, but who knows what I have actually argued at this point :’–)


    (day 20/100 of productivity Spring Term 🌷) When you start to map out a paper but your cat wants to cuddle. Working on this philosophy class always feels like a break from my other courses, I really enjoy the material. My controller may seem random, but I listen to spotify or youtube playlists via my xbox, so its always near me.