some friendly reminders everyone needs to hear✨

  • stop living for others, and live for yourself. life is short, so don’t waste time on trying to gain other’s validation.
  • live more in the moment. take a second to just breathe and forget about yesterday or tomorrow.
  • stop wishing that your life could be different. the right things and people will come at the right time.
  • be grateful for the little things in life.
  • take responsibility for your life. stop blaming other people or things for your own downfalls.
  • be the kindest person you can be. to others and yourself.
  • take care of yourself. rest when you need to. drink some water and put on a face mask. don’t drive yourself into a burnout.
  • don’t wait for the “perfect” time to do that thing. don’t wait for yourself to become confident or the new year or that spark of inspiration. start now. there is no perfect time.
  • treat everyday as a new beginning. you can start over whenever you need to.
  • do your best. even if you’re not where you want to be right now, keep going. hard work pays off.

I’m going to start a ‘journal’ for my bachelor thesis process to see how I’m going to do over a longer period of time. Another post about it is going to be uploaded soon. Let me just say that I finally feel ready for doing this. My student exchange has given me tools to work on such a long paper and completely in English, plus some research papers have been published this year which turn out to be very useful. Cheers to graduating before the end of this year!

♫ Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Me


my wall got repainted, which was the perfect excuse to redecorate it. might add more stuff soon, but i already love how it turned out.

finals start in less than a month so it’s full speed ahead from now on. already finished an assignment due in june this weekend (what’s happening?!) so i can fully focus on those dreaded finals.


late study session | classical chinese, chinese literature, thesis articles and some extra reading for upcoming exams

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rainy morning. drousy end to an extremely unproductive week. still so much to do for my thesis, but so little time. hopefully better soon

🎶 van morrison / and it stoned me


one of my good friends is off to Cambridge in September to do her MPhil in International Politics, and I have to say, I am so excited to visit her 💫

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire - October 2018


definitely one of the nicest bookstores i’ve visited so far. also treated myself to a cinnamon bun and some downtime to re-read ‘a man called ove’ (big tip!)

i’ve applied to an advanced master programme and had to do an assessment test, which i thought i completely failed. but they invited me to a meeting so…who knows?!


things are starting to kick-in around here! it’s a little scary, and a lot overwhelming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m finally starting to find my routine; and even though change is constantly a fear in my life, for once I’m craving it. it’s comforting knowing that I have the capacity to change. coming from the mindset I once lived in, these days seem more and more surreal as time passes on. sometimes it still feels like dreaming. but no- this is my life now.

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lazy study tips

1. use quizlet. quizlet is amazing because you can access your flashcards on your phone!! this way you can easily flip through them while waiting in line, watching tv, etc.

2. use the pomodoro technique. if you’re lazy like i am, sitting down for 6+ hours a day to study can be daunting. giving yourself multiple breaks throughout a study session will help to keep you going!

3. watch youtube videos. watching videos or listening to podcasts on the topic you’re studying could be a huge time saver and is a lot more interesting than flipping through a textbook. and you can easily do this in bed!! (i would not advise to do this instead of using a textbook all together just in case information is left out of the video)

4. try to build a steady study routine. block out a chunk of time in the middle of the day every day for studying. this way, you know that when the time is up, you have the rest of the day to relax!

5. get sleep. i’ve found that i’m at my laziest when i haven’t been sleeping much. avoid being sluggish throughout the day and get some rest! this will cut back on nap/rest time and increase productivity during the day.

6. consider the consequences of not studying. which will benefit you more in the long run- getting your work done now, or watching another episode?

7. reward yourself. give yourself a little treat (a piece of candy, etc.) after completing a set amount of work. this will keep you motivated to keep studying!

8. just start. the hardest part of studying is starting- force yourself to sit down and open up your notes.

as always, thanks for reading! x


this will be a good week because:

  • a friend went to a garden centre across the border yesterday and brought back plants that were cheaper there (i love europe)
  • i went to get flower pots for them today, then went to the park for coffee afterwards. the weather was amazing. we had to make a detour around the lake to avoid the angry swan family
  • a friend is back from a trip, so takeout tuesdays + movie nights are back on this week (she can go to the movies for free each tuesday so we split the price)
  • the! weather! is! nice!

🎶 captain beefheart / tropical hot dog night


some on-campus snaps :) it’s only my second day on campus and I’m falling in love with it more and more as the first day of quarter approaches. I know it’ll probably eventually wear off, but as for now I just feel lucky to be here. I’m far away from home, but exploring new grounds has never felt more exciting.