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“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.

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Any advise for writing midterms that you have in no way prepared for?

well, step one is gonna be prepare for your midterms. its a bad idea to go on an op if you have no intel.

otherwise? review your material as thoroughly as you can and then sleep on it. i have been told by several scientists that sleeping on info helps integrate it into your brain better. personally my experience has been the exact opposite but im told that has a lot to do with the brainwashing every time i woke up. whatever works for you i guess.

read your prompts carefully. use your first paragraph to restate the question as a statement, (or vice versa) and then answer that question as logically as you can. when interrogating someone, a good technique can be simply restating the facts they’ve already given you in a way that implies that you 1. already knew that and 2. know a lot more besides.  you dont, of course, actually know more, but people fill in the blanks. ominous silence can also be very effective. people tend to babble. not sure how that translates to essay writing but if you decide to kidnap your professor and interrogate them for midterm answers its a good thing to keep in mind. 

more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames

Advice for High School Freshmen

Hello! I finished up my freshmen year and I’m now moving onto being a sophomore. I thought I’d write you some tips based on my experiences since school is already close for some people. 

First Day Advice:

First and foremost, relax! The first week is bound to be hectic but after that, everything goes relatively smoothly. Honestly, when I went to go to class on the first day, I ended up walking into three different classrooms before finding the right one. I had no idea where I was going and if I made one slight change in my commuting from class to class, I would be completely lost. But of course everyone else was doing the same thing-panicking and getting lost. 

Don’t panic if you don’t know where your classes are going to be! I’m not sure about other schools but at mine, in middle school you would tour the high school three times. Still after those three times, I could barely remember where the stairs were. I promise that after the first day, things can only improve from there. By a week later, I knew where all the important classes and some extra rooms were. 

Seniors may be dicks to you. At my school, this ‘treat freshmen horribly’ trend only lasted the first day. After that, as long as you don’t threaten to punch someone in the face, you’ll be fine. 

Different rules- most of which aren’t even followed. Middle school is by far the strictest when it comes to rules. By high school, most of the rules disappear. For example, you have to have a clear water bottle because you can only have water. You know those clear sparkling flavored waters? Those aren’t allowed. Supposedly, you can only have water in my high school, but 75% of the girls bring in Dukin coffees every day. Nobody really says anything unless you have a strict teacher. 

Academic Advice:

For the love of god, do your homework! It affects your grade a lot if you miss a bunch of assignments and get zeros. At the same time, if you miss only a handful of them for the whole semester, don’t stress cause it won’t ruin your grade. 

Do well on tests and all that jazz. Same as before: don’t bomb multiple tests and quizzes and expect a good grade. But if you get a few tests back that weren’t up to your standard, don’t worry. Also if your teacher allows it, retake it or do corrections. 

Balance your studying time. Again, you’ll have to try and find a happy medium. It’s good to over study rather than under study, but it can wear on you quickly. Don’t stay up studying ‘till midnight for three nights straight because you’ll feel awful in the morning. And make sure you study the correct information because all that time would be wasted if you take the test only to realize that it’s on nothing you prepared for. 

Self Care:

Sleep is so important. I’ve never been one to follow a strict sleep schedule and I would pay for that on some days. I’d recommend 7-8 hours each night but if you can get 9+ that’s even better. Only get less than 6 hours if absolutely necessary. 

Take a day out of your week to fully relax. Do whatever relaxes you. Take a long, hot shower or soak in the bath with candles and a bath bomb. Cook dinner for your family or bake a mug cake. Draw pretty pictures or doodle in your bullet journal. Sleep a little longer than normal or take a quick nap. Have your ‘me day’ be as important as acing that test. 

Have a daily routine to wash your face, whether it be in the morning to wake you up or in the evening to feel refreshed. You don’t even need a face wash, although I’d recommend one. Try and wash your face every day or every other day. Trust me, it feels nice. 

Friends, Family & Relationships:

Let’s be real, you’re probably going to lose a few friends. Drama is sprinkled everywhere in freshmen year. Between grades, relationships, family troubles and a bunch of other short-term problems, losing friends is something that’s likely to happen. Now don’t freak out, it’s not like your friends are going to leave you and drop like flies. Who knows, you may not lose any. The first year of high school is also a good chance to see who your friends really are. 

But at the same time, you’ll make a bunch of friends. Seriously. I’m quite the introvert and haven’t made any new friends in years but I think I made around five friends freshman year.

Don’t be afraid of older kids. For my computer class, I was the only 9th grader. There was only two 10th grader, one 11th grader and the rest of them were 12th graders. Honestly that was one of my favorite classes. I obviously didn’t belong in this group of mostly rowdy senior guys but they were all so nice to me. I later learned that that computer class was stupidly easy and was basically a study period where you got college credit for doing nothing.  

Relationships- tread carefully. I’ve been told multiple times not to date in high school but I still disagree. Be cautious of who you date. Seniors are a big no no. See, I liked a senior and he liked me back, but we both knew we shouldn’t date (he was 18, I was 15) and he was leaving for college soon. We didn’t date, but being friends was good enough. Also, judge their personalities. Falling for someone who is a bad person or is manipulating is going to make life so much harder for you. 

Random Advice:

Bring a water bottle every day to class

Have an emergency bag with a snack inside :)

Eat a little in between classes if you can 

Make your lunch light because you may not have a lot of time to eat

Have a planner!! 

Sit in the front or the middle of the classroom 

Make sure you always have a few pens/pencils with you

Try and have at least one friend in every class

Explore clubs and other extracurricular activities 

Participate if you feel comfortable doing so 

Learn to get over grudges and beef with others

You may miss your old middle school life, but learn that you have to move on 

Remember headphones for when the nice teachers let you use them

^ Bring an extra pair for your friends who don’t have any of their own

If you’re gonna screw up, then screw up now while you still have time

And finally, just relax and have fun

Thanks for sticking with me whilst I’ve been MIA I have my A-Level exams coming up so I’ll be focussing on preparing for them Elle Woods style- theres no other way tbh. I miss you guys, but I’ll be back to posting before you know it  (~˘▾˘)~

Ok but replace the nerf gun with a real gun and this week’s AHWU more or less features my image of FAHC Steffie; chill and organised with occasional bouts of vicious retribution. 

I feel like she spends most of her time rolling her eyes and cleaning up messes - finding a last minute replacement for bikes the Lad’s totalled a day before the heist, sourcing new suppliers every time the crew manages to kill off or mortally offend another one, identifying lists of contractors to look into for various one-off jobs, tactfully losing keys or bottles or specific addresses when one of her crew-mates is hellbent on making a fool of themselves. 90% of the time she does it all with minimal complaint; some snarky sarcasm, threats about one day leaving them high and dry, the occasional stubborn strike until someone owns up to their latest incident of assholery, but everyone’s patience has limits. She’s not a saint. 

Steffie snapping is a rare event, happens maybe once a year if that, but there’s no missing it when she does. No one gets any warning, it’s more often a last straw kind of situation than a response to one big fuck up, and her rage is as brief as it is destructive. Once, after the countless shrugged off eh we’ll just get another one incident of the week Steffie took a gun, calmly made her way to the penthouse’s garage and introduced several new holes to some of the more expensive vehicles stored there. Another time she wheeled Geoff’s fully stocked alcohol cabinet onto the balcony and pushed it off, yet another had her snatching Ryan’s mask right out of his hand and hurling it into the lit fireplace, simultaneously melting the skull beyond recognition and forcing everyone to evacuate to avoid the fumes. For the shortest of times Steffie is loud, is angry and disappointed and thoroughly unimpressed, she is truely pissed off and it is terrifying

As soon as she’s gotten her frustration out Steffie sighs and gets right back to work, as reliable as ever, but the outbursts never fail to leave the rest of the crew kind of shocky, torn between horror and awe. When they’re not the target the rest of Support is mostly entertained; take pains not to draw attention to themselves as they settle back and watch the fireworks unfold. On the other hand the main crew, who are in many unexpected ways absolute wimps, tend to slink away with their tails between their legs, wide-eyed and vowing to behave themselves while hissing angry complaints at whoever managed to knock Steffie over the edge this time. 

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Wait your summer is already over???what????mine just started *_*

my summer will be over at the end of the month when uni term begins!!!!!! there’re the usual orientation camps and whatnot which i’m so sick of but…really anxious about starting uni. 😞

You know though—poor Mom Kageyama

Woman just wanted to raise a loving family like all her friends and instead got loving family + Weird, Ultra-Powerful, Inexplicable Psychic Phenomena from her baby. I don’t think she has any real strong opinions of psychic powers other than she’s tired of them making homemaking 1000x harder.

And now Mob’s really coming into his own with his powers and he’s probably growing out the phase of weird, unintentional outbursts (save for the occasional bent spoon) and finally Mom Kageyama is living like a 95% normal mom-of-teenage-boys life.

Then, THEN, poor woman—you get the dinner scene in episode 12 with Ritsu unbending Mob’s spoon. Not by turning it back into position. No. God no. By using telekinesis to unwind it. And Mom Kageyama is watching this just Oh no not another one.

Mom Kageyama flies out of bed at 4 in the morning to the sound of literally every vacuum cleaner in the house turning on. (Dad Kageyama remains fast asleep). She goes down the hall, pounds on Mob’s door, “Shigeo, the vacuum cleaners again! I thought you outgrew the vacuum cleaner thing!” Mob answers the door half-asleep, looking around. “I’m not doing it, Mom.” Filled with dread, she knocks on Ritsu’s door. “Ritsu…are you the one controlling the vacuum cleaners?” There’s a stuttered snore from the other side, all the vacuum cleaners turn off, Ritsu answers the door rubbing his eyes “Am I doing what?”

Every single esper-in-training thing that affected Mob, that Mob has since outgrown, now resurfaces in Ritsu. Cleaning supplies inexplicably stuck to the ceiling? Check. Every door in the house locking itself spontaneously? Check. Tiny, self-contained earthquakes knocking everything off the shelves. Double check. (Everything but the accidentally bending the spoons thing—because if Ritsu bends a spoon the boy’s gonna goddamn know.)

Mom Kageyama is reminded of her friend who, just after happily getting their kid past the terrible two’s, accidentally got pregnant again and had to do it all over. Mom Kageyama is on a ladder, trying to pull the dish soap down, which has been bobbing against the ceiling for the last half hour, and she thinks she might prefer another accidental pregnancy to this.