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48 | Study Break | I’ve been buying a lot of those Blue Apron/Hello Fresh boxes and I honestly love them. Cooking is so fun and it’s awesome to receive recipes I wouldn’t have thought to make on my own. Spent the afternoon copying some of my favorite recipes over into my recipe box. Sweet and Sour Pork Bowls and Miso Chicken Ramen are two absolute favs 😋

studyblr introduction!

Hi!  I’m bibliophilebasics, an aspiring studyblr, since I’ve been so inspired recently looking through all of the studyblr pictures, master posts, etc.  Everyone seems to be so positive and supportive of each other, and they’re dedicated towards getting a good education.  I definitely have a problem with procrastination and lack of motivation to study sometimes, and hopefully this studyblr will help me to be more motivated and excited to study!

About me: 

  • high school junior in the U.S.A.
  • super white (mostly German and Irish)
  • Ravenclaw, INFJ
  • I’m such a nerd that I work at a library

Things I like: 

  • READING/BOOKS.  I read pretty much anything I can, ranging from YA to classics, such as Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, The Mortal Instruments, etc.
  • Forensics.  Since I’m aspiring to be a forensic pathologist, I love anything that has to do with CSI or criminal justice.
  • Musical theatre, like Hamilton or DEH, Legally Blonde, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, I could go on and on.  I’m always in my school’s productions of whatever musical they’re doing.
  • Going along with musical theatre, instruments, since I play the clarinet and am in marching band.
  • Calligraphy, bullet journaling, pretty much any aesthetic notes.  My notes are extremely ugly in comparison, but I’m fascinated by how beautiful writing can be.
  • Architecture, like the kind in Europe, Russia has some beautiful buildings, or like the skyscrapers in NYC. 
  • Speaking of various countries, traveling in general.  I’m lucky enough to have gone to Europe, but I’d go back in a heartbeat.
  • NETFLIX (pretty much the reason for my procrastination).  Also The Good Doctor has taken over my life recently.
  • Caffeine and chocolate are beautiful things that should be enjoyed equally and together.
  • Green tea
  • Taylor Swift 
  • CATS

Classes I’m taking: 

my school operates on a semester schedule, so right now I’m taking:

  • precalc
  • AP Lang
  • honors chem
  • honors world history
  • band/chorus
  • health

Next semester: 

  • honors anatomy and physiology
  • AP Lang
  • honors chem
  • honors French history and language
  • band/chorus
  • gym (blech)

My Goals:

  • become more motivated
  • have better notes/plan out more
  • contribute to the studyblr community
  • get into a good college
  • and a good medical school
  • become a forensic pathologist
  • s t o p  p r o c r a s t i n a t i n g

Studyblrs that inspire me: 

@emmastudies, @studyquill, @rhubarbstudies, @kay-law, @bookmrk, @hufflepuffwannabe, @mednotes, @notesworthtea, @ravnclaw, @soymilkstudies, @brainiakk, @academicsapphic, @cardiacstvdies 

just to name a few!

If you’re a new studyblr, please feel free to contact me, because I would love to connect with people in the community!

picture courtesy of @days-e

15 things students should appreciate

1. the first time you use your new markers and stationary 
2. sitting outside in the sun during a break between classes
3. a good coffee-to-go in your hand during a long lecture at uni
4. unlimited free books in your university library
5. student discount while shopping in many big shops (like forever21)
6. a neatly organized and healthy filled lunchbox, prepared the night before
7. classical music in the background while studying
8. walking through the university hallways surrounded by busy crowds of motivated young people with big dreams
9. being fortunate to be able to study
10. professor’s with quirky personalities and jokes
11. endless possibilities, still waiting in the future
12. cosy study sessions with friends
13. creativity in fashion, food and home decor because of little money
14. sleeping in and spending time at home/in your dorm because you don’t work a full job yet
15. dinner nights that involve cooking with fellow student friends and drinking cheap wine on weekdays 

- Clean your backpack and organize your books, notebooks, laptop and study materials you will be needing for the week

- Clean your pencil pouch in case you have random things that have ended up there

- Meal prep- if this is something you don’t do at all, maybe see how it works for you for a week. If you are not a meal prepper, try setting aside the food you’ll have for breakfast the next day

- Clean your bedroom and study space- this will help clear your mind. Having a clutter-free space will relax you aswell

- Update your bujo/agenda with the upcoming events of the week- also, remember to re-write any tasks that you haven’t done from the previous week

- Make a to-do-list for Monday- categorize according to priorities. Also, try starting your list with a task you know you will easily accomplish, such as “eat breakfast”, so that you are motivated to keep on crossing tasks

- Work out- maybe go for a walk to breath some fresh air and fuel your brain with oxygen, or do whatever helps you move a little bit more than what you usually do during the weekdays

- Have a set beauty routine- paint your nails if that’s what you like, apply a hair or face mask, exfoliate your skin, have a bubble bath, or do whatever you know that will relax you and set you in a good mood

- Review your goals, short, medium, and long term- if you have not written any, this is a good time. It’s always a good thing to check your accomplishments and remind yourself of your future plans. This will help motivate you and will give you an extra boost of energy for the start of the week to keep yourself focused on working on your dreams

- Check the weather for the next day and prepare the clothes, makeup, perfume, etc, that you’ll be wearing for the week- having some extra time in the morning is always nice, as you don’t end up wasting 30 minutes of your time deciding what to wear (as it has happened to me plenty of times)

- Have a tray dedicated to store all the necessary things you can’t forget before leaving your house- gather all of them, such as your keys, your wallet, a water bottle or anything you know you will be needing and place them on the tray

- Water your plants- if you don’t have a set schedule for watering your plats, Sundays are the perfect days for that

- Empty your binders, notebooks or bag from lose pieces of paper and place them where they should be- this way you’ll make sure you’re not misplacing any important information that you might need in the future

- Check your fridge and pantry, make a grocery list and go shopping- by doing this, you’ll be certain that you won’t be running out of the foods you mostly eat in the middle of the week. If your grocery shop is located at a walking distance, you can take advantage of this and use that opportunity to breath fresh air

- Finally, have some time for yourself!- watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, watch some youtube videos, read a book, write on your journal, play your favourite instrument, have some tea, or do whatever makes you happy. Taking care of yourself will never not be a productive thing to do.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



Hello!!💕 Here’s the other side of one of my notes. Usually, I take pictures of the front side bc of the title ahah but I want to show you the other side so here you go! As you can see, the mildliner&watercolor&brushpens I used on the front side doesn’t really show. I’m using Kokuyo loose leaf and they’re super great!!
Have a lovely day🌸✨

Studgram: @natastudies