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Unmasked Chapter 5: Home

This was a fun one to write…


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Nesta drew the curtains to the study closed.  The birch tree just outside the window did little to block the late afternoon sun that blinded her every time she sat back in her chair. She could also sense Lucien was distracted by the lateness of the day.  Every few minutes he’d been peering out the window to see if his family was coming up the hill to the townhouse.

“We haven’t really talked about the time when you were first separated. I know a lot happened then, for you. What was your state of mind at that time?”

Lucien settled back into the couch. “Before we moved back in with our old pal, Amarantha, or after? Because I have to say, my state of mind after was not great. Lots of wishing for a swift death. Actually, I’m a little surprised you haven’t asked me about my first impressions of you. Frothing at the mouth, your legs kicking helplessly in the air. It’s an image I’ll not soon forget.”

Nesta settled an icy stare on him, just barely concealing her mirth. “I wish I could convey to you just how much I hated you.”

“Oh, I wish you could, too.”

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