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007/100 days of productivity🍂


Desk details.

I had a mental health day break today so I skipped school and decided to watch Korean dramas and variety shows to cheer myself up. For those who have a hard day more often than others, I hope you keep your head held high and always get up. There shouldn’t be any shame to just take a day off to gather yourself. 화이팅. 할 수 있어요.난 믿어요. 힘내 세요🌱

25•10•16 : quick little post.. doing some Spanish translation practice (please forgive if you read any mistakes - that’s why I am practicing :P) Also a wee bit of revision of demonstrative pronouns and adjectives in Spanish.. made a cute little revision card that is going to go straight onto my notice board WHICH I plan to change into a Spanish revision board so might post that up later 🍂☕️

Hi everyone! I’m Katie, and I absolutely love taking pretty notes (which is why I decided to make a studyblur)! Foreign language absolutely fascinates me, along with biology, English, and history. I could never pick a favourite subject:) I’ll be posting pictures of my notes and general motivation

08.01.17 • When you’re trying to finish English coursework but you have a headache and writer’s block 😑 I am currently on my way to see family so have gathered all my Eng Lang resources into the back of the car and trying to get as much done as possible.. 2300 words so far and haven’t even finished it.. the max is 2500 send help.

9.5.16 Hi to all my new snapchat followers! Love you guys so much. Floor plans was yesterday’s focus so I was working on an A1 sheet! I’m a little worried that my models going to be too small but I didn’t want it to be big to be honest. All of what I do is small nowadays, which I really love. The floor plans required a lot of maths, so this proves you definitely need trigonometry in real life! I’m on Costa coffee free day 4 now so I’ve earned the hardcover Throne of Glass! Stay fed guys xxx emily