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“You‘re Josh, remember?“

Request: “I was wondering if you could write a story where the reader meets Josh during a m&g and he instantly takes a liking to her w/o her realising it? Thanks! Btw your blog is my fav thing ever. (:“

(A/N): I hope I didn‘t let down your exceptions. Frankly, in my opinion this is one of my worsts works. Thanks for submitting x 

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You‘ve been standing in this never ending line for your favourite band for over four hours now. A fellow friend of yours was supposed to attend the signing hours with you but unfortunately, he has to work so you‘re all by yourself, surrounded by hundreds - or even thousands - of strangers in this malodorous and small area. Eventually, you‘re just one person away from meeting your favourite humans on earth face to face. At the beginning, could hear Josh greeting the two girls and Tyler‘s voice shortly after because he‘s sitting at the very end of the table. 

Before you know it, the girls have left and it‘s finally your turn. Your stomach knots up and your breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Your legs start to shake as you take unsteady steps towards the table. You‘re afraid you might trip. The only thing you could concentrate on is the hammering of your heart against your chest. It seems to be pounding so hard that you feel like it will possibly break your ribs apart. You could not figure out whether it‘s the excitement of meeting your idols or the crippling anxiety that‘s causing your body to react this way. Your eyes are seeing the two men but appearing not to. It‘s almost too good to be true for your brain. Somehow, you manage to utter a high pitched “Hey“ as the security man pushes you forward, despite your empty burning lungs. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I just remembered when Jughead was at the sheriffs station and they already ha his records from him 'trying to burn the school down' but could you write a different version where he was trying to do something nice for betty like maybe everyone forgot it was her birthday except jughead so he got birthday candles for her or something like that where it ends up with him almost burning down the elementary? Thanks!!

Alright, another prompt is here! I loved writing this one because it gave such a nice backstory to Jughead’s juvenile detention center incident and Bughead as kids are just adorable! Plus, I snuck in there a lot of FP and Gladys (and some Alice mentions I’m sorry I can’t help it) because I really love writing about their family dynamic; I have a lot of headcanons about them in my mind. So thanks anon for sending me this amazing idea! I hope you enjoy it!! ❤️

P.S. I know all of you see Neve Campbell as Jughead’s mom but Cole ruined me after mentioning Eva Green for the role so yeah, that’s who I was picturing in my mind while writing and I have FEELS!

Arsonist’s Lullabye

Bright, cold and impersonal.

He had guessed two out of three right.

What he never would have guessed was that he of all people would be sitting with the head hung low in this cold and impersonal room; the police interrogation room.

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My favorite thing is waking up next to you.
If I wake first I get an extra ten minutes to study and admire your face.
If you have already woken, you’re still by my side and I want to capture those moments and hold them forever.

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