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Starting the day off with coffee and some geography- my biggest tip to all students is to print out the specification of your exam and work your way through it making sure that you’ve covered each part🌎
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Stuff to do/eat/see in London

Gonna post stuff I want to do whilst in London here. Might not get to all of it, but I hope I can get to most of it!

Anything denoted by * means you can get in free with the London Pass, and anything denoted by + means you can skip lines with the London Pass.

Anything denoted by !! means you should buy tickets ahead of time


  1. Tower bridge exhibition* +
  2. Tower of London* +
  3. Globe Theater
  4. Museum of London/London Museum*
  5. Thames River boat cruise*
  6. Westminster Abbey*
  7. The Queen’s Gallery*
  8. Wellington Arch*
  9. London Zoo* !!
  10. Kensington Palace* +
  11. Hampton Court Palace* +
  12. Windsor Castle* +
  13. Wembley stadium*
  14. Chelsea FC stadium*
  15. Kew Gardens*
  16. Buckingham Palace
  17. National Gallery
  18. British Museum
  19. British Library
  20. St. Paul’s Cathedral !!
  21. Millenium Bridge
  22. London Eye !!
  23. Big Ben
  24. Hyde Park
  25. The Shard
  26. Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park
  27. Somerset houses
  28. Rooftop film club
  29. London’s Rib Voyages !!
  30. Cambridge
  31. Madame Tussaud’s !!
  32. National Theatre
  33. New London Theatre
  34. National History Museum
  35. St. John’s Gate
  36. Curzon Soho
  37. Kensington Gardens
  38. Queen’s Ice skating and bowl*


  1. Wembley stadium tour*
  2. Wimbleton tour*
  3. Chelsea FC stadium tour*
  4. Royal London walking tour*
  5. Sherlock Holmes walking tour*
  6. London bicycle tour*
  7. Warner Brother’s (Harry Potter) Studio tour !!
  8. Olympic Park tour
  9. Sandeman’s new London tour
  10. Muggle tour
  11. Globe Theater*
  12. National Theatre tour*
  13. Museum of the Order of St. John tour (near St. John’s Gate)


  1. Vincent rooms
  2. Afternoon Tea at Dean Street Townhouse
  3. Brick Lane Beigal Bake
  4. Nandos (cheeky af)
  5. St. John’s Bakery
  6. Crabtree pub
  7. Lexington pub
  8. Union Street Cafe


  1. Fortnum and Mason
  2. Waterstone’s bookstore
  3. Harry Potter shop
  4. Piccadilly Circus
  5. Borough Market
  6. Harrod’s
  7. Waitrose
  8. Columbia Road flower market
  9. Westfield shopping centers
  10. Oxford Circus
  11. Marks and Spencer
  12. Reagent street
  13. Liberty of London
Last minute tips

If you’re studying a language and have a listening exam coming up, just listen to music e.g. when I was doing my French GCSE I had to get 2 A*’s in the exams to get an A average so I bumped up by B to an A* in listening by listening to French music everyday, my favourite was Stromae. I know it sounds really weird and no one listened to me but TRUST ME it worked.

If you’re doing a levels (AS or A2) and you’re not sure what to do or you’ve finished revising and now you’re looking for another method or whatever your situation…bottom line at this stage start EXAM QUESTIONS. Whatever subject, even if you don’t know the content well enough, just do them and get into the exam practice alongside revising content if necessary and trust me it’ll work so much better. Once again, this is something that people are so stubborn about but. it. works.

Even if your subject is a new spec (like all of mine) and there are no past papers, use old spec past papers just so you can learn the exam board technique and learn simultaneously through the mark scheme.

kiss me through the phone

summary: farkle is on a study abroad tip in london for a semester and riley really misses him, please enjoy! This is obviously mature content so viewer discretion is advised, but they are both around 19 at this point!

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author’s note: ive been doing a lot of chaptered writing recently and i’ve been wanting to get back to my roots of one shots for a lil and an anon that referred to me as ‘the riarkle smut girl’ inspired me! this is also the filthiest thing i have ever written and i feel kinda weird about it bc i am a Loser Virgin (not that being a virgin makes you a loser but u know what i mean) and i feel as thought i have no business writing this but here i am, writing it

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