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Sneak Peek | The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar [x]

Hey guys, this isn’t to do with studyblr but this is so cool and I want to give back to you guys! This is an app called Mercari, its similar to Depop or EBay and has everything really cheap enclosing study materials and make up! Use this code to get £3 to spend, which you can surprisingly buy a lot with ! Love you x


Me and the boyf 🙈 

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. Midterms are slaying me rn but I’m so pumped for the bts comeback. I preordered all 4 of the albums and now I’m broke but I gotta support my boys 💁🏻 I tag @jehbum @tuanstrash @mingenious @skullhongs @rapsae @busanie @taeost @sugakookie @justonetae and @vikooks 

As always you do not have to do this if you don’t feel like it and sorry if we don’t know each other too well^^ If I don’t talk to you that often I would love to get to know you and you all have wonderful blogs(: