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1/100 days of productivity | February 14th

Let’s give this a shot then! Started off the day at the gym before diving into the confusing yet very interesting world of European Union law. Really noticing how much improvement my English reading skills are in need of, after two years of Norwegian literature. 

Tune: Animals by Carl Louis

(Hi btw, I’m Mathilde. 21, 2nd year law student at the University of Bergen in Norway. Coffee addict (good luck finding a law student who’s not) with an interest in music above average. Hopefully this will help me reach my productivity goals.)

26.1.2016 // This morning I had my Private Law 2 exam, still not sure how it went ..
Only one more day of revision and one more exam then I have 7 weeks of new classes until I have new exams.. It never ends and I just really need a vacation..
But I am excited for the coming semester, I am taking Admin Law, Legal History and a European Union Law Research Seminar. Let’s see how it goes !!


So I invested in an iPad Pro, and I’m loving it so far! The Pencil is super accurate and this Goodnotes app lets me write on the articles I have to read for class!

Earlier I worked on US Foreign Policy, and pictured to the right are the notes I took from a chapter of my textbook.

Sunday, August 2nd 2015 // Today I did good, especially in the afternoon! I studied all the pages I planned to do. I’m really enjoying studying Labour law - I never thought I would say that since the professor was so boring I couldn’t pay attention to a single word he said. It’s a bit like Private law, so it’s not hard to understand… it’s just quite a lot of things to memorize. 

I wish I could dedicate more time to Labour law, but I have to study EU law as well :/ I really don’t like studying that subject… which makes me wonder if I should choose the International law profile in the last 2 years of uni or not. Maybe the Civil law profile would be a wiser choice since I prefer in ‘technical’ subjects like Private, Commercial and Labour law… I don’t know. Anyway, I have another year to think about it!

In other news, my parents said I can go to London again later this year for Hamlet 😳 I never ever thought they would even consider it seriously! I mentioned the fact that there’s this play (Ben C is playing the main character, no big deal) that I’d love to go see and my mum just said “What’s the problem? Go see it!”. We’ve talked about it and they’re perfectly serious - I, Francesca, can go to London, where I’ve been a couple of weeks ago, to see Hamlet, played by Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch. So now my main past-time is refreshing the Barbican website in the hope that 2 tickets become available again! (My brother is coming with me ♥) This makes me even more motivated to do GREAT in my exams!


I graduated, but I still have my German oral exam for my Abitur I have to take and then I am completely done. I wanted to thank the studyblr community and my followers, because thanks to you I’ve had the motivation to study ;)