study in colours


・*✧ july 1, 2017 || stationery shopping spree ✧*・

my precious stationeries have finally arrived ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚:.。+゚ 

I decided to do some internet stationery shopping around three months ago to treat myself. there’s a notebook, a new pencil case, pens, some more pens, sticky notes and some rolls of washi tape. a lot of them were free because the shipping went way beyond their estimates and I asked for refunds since I was scared they would never arrive (first time online shopping, I was nervous okay?) everything turned out alright and I am so excited to start using the notebook during the summer for bujo ideas!! hoping to officially start organizing myself with a bullet journal as I enter university~

How the signs study for exams

Aries: Gets books out to study, arranges coloured pens neatly, tilts pretty lamp for perfect lighting, gets out the macbook and highlighters… spends 3 hours setting up the shot, adding filters, then instagrams it to make them feel like they’ve done work.

Taurus: Maintains the perfect 3 minutes of work : 3 hours of sleep ratio (somehow still passes).

Gemini: Keenly studying… the contents of every Netflix show.

Cancer: Putting on music to help them study, then getting triggered by the music and spends the next 4 hours reading through old conversations with their ex.

Leo: Does other productive shit to make them feel less guilty like run, clean the house, learn 5 languages… anything to avoid actually studying for what they need to be studying for.

Virgo: Scrolling through their dream life on Pinterest which requires $$$ to achieve which requires good grades. 

Libra: *Writes date and title* *makes themselves a candlelit bath* TREAT YO     S E L F, LOVE UR SELF, DRINK WATER, TAKE BREAKS, UWU !!

Scorpio: …I can always be a stripper. 

Sagittarius: Making travel plans for after their exams finish.

Capricorn: Actually studying.

Aquarius: Deconstructing the educational system, convincing themselves exams do not measure our true intelligence and in turn are meaningless. 

Pisces: 1 hour of work for every 10 hours of crying/complaining/moaning/worrying/procrastinating (about) it.


- ̗̀ may ; 22nd - 28th  ̖́-

psa: primary colours look sO GOOD TOGETHER 👌❤️🗣

this is definitely my most favourite spread of may- what a nice way to end the month :)

🎧 shut up and groove; heize ft. dean


Reflections on wet pavements. The city itself is a natural watercolourist! It’s been a long rainy day at the library, and although I feel frustrated with myself and my work right now, it was worth rolling up just for this.
2016, Photo Diary, April 11.