study hall lounge

Our school has two separate buildings, Main and Anex. The Anex is approximately 60 years old, the main one a little over 10. The Anex has a cafeteria but we use it as a study hall and student lounge. We had a party in the cafeteria of the Anex so I was sent into the kitchen to get some chairs. Theirs nothing but old kitchen devices, chairs, and two neon green drinks that may be radioactive we’re not sure.
It’s a weird room, feels like you entered the twilight zone.

16 Things all BU Students Know:

1. Whether you call it Shelton or Kilachand Hall, you know the fourth floor is haunted by the ghost of Eugene O’Neil

2. If you walk across the BU seal in Marsh Plaza, there’s no way you’ll graduate in four years

Sure, you may graduate early, but is it worth risking?

3. No School Has Better Food…

4… Or Stronger Password Requirements

5. Scarlet is an entirely different color than plain ol’ “red”

6. You know more acronyms than you’ll ever use again in your life: COM, CGS, CAS, GSU, SAO, DOS, CSC, HTC…the list goes on!

7. In winter, the BU Bridge may just be the windiest place on the planet

8. T. Anthony’s is, hands-down, the best college pizza shop in the city

9. If you’re lost, the Citgo Sign will guide you home 

10. You may never live anywhere as nice as StuVi again

11. The Beanpot is the best college sporting event in the city

BU has won more titles than any other school (30 to be exact).

12. You can survive for days at a time without leaving Warren Towers

Between the laundry rooms, dining hall, study lounges and common rooms, Warren makes the outdoors seem overrated. 

13. The BU “Beach” isn’t a beach at all 

But the sounds of the cars passing on Storrow Drive can be eerily calming. 

14. You’ll never have to walk more than 0.2 miles to get to the T

From Blandford to Babcock, the B line is essentially the “BU Line.”

15. There’s no other place where you can meet so many people from all over the planet

16. Having a traditional campus is overrated when the city of Boston is at your fingertips

Lately I have been going out more. I have been taking more pictures. I have been laughing more. I have been talking to more people. I have been loving more. I have been dating. I have been standing up taller. I have looked at beautiful people and felt more than happy with my beautiful being. I have done so many things these past couple of months that scare the shit out of me. People have told me that I am the most positive/cheerful person they have ever met. But if you were to ask me I am the most pessimistic, apathetic individual on earth. It makes me want to cry. It is so strange because I never like to cry. I think that my heart hurting from crying must mean I am getting bad again. It must mean that I am going back into that pit of ugly deep dark depression, right? Wrong. I am finally beginning to understand that these tears that kiss my cheek aren’t so bad after all. I am so happy. I am so much better. I am not bragging. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. In fact I have this bad habit of never letting things be good because good gets bad regardless. I just really want all of you to feel this way if you don’t. I really want everyone to feel so happy. If you already do then stay doing you. I know what it is like to feel like everyone is against you especially you. I know what if feels like to want to disappear. I am so sorry for the random parade of sentimental shit. Guys, I am just so happy. We all deserve to be here.
—  It is 7:17pm and I am in my dormitory hall lounge studying.