study for this test tomorrow whoops

being a studyblr does not mean that you

1. have all your shit done when it should be

2. that you know the sEcReTs to success

3. that you don’t have days where you PROCRASTINATE HORRIBLY and pay the consequences

4. that you don’t keep making the same mistakes

5. that if you make a mistake you’ll NEVER do it again

being a studyblr means that you’re improving on yourself

not that you’re perfect

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Thank you so much for writing my prompts. Stuckony AU Tony and Bucky are together, Stony AU with minor Bucky/Sam. I left all three prompts and I saw your post that you couldn't leave Steve alone in the third one, Winteriron college AU Steve laughs this one. I would be very happy if you turn the prompt into Stuckony or if you pair Steve with Sam since I like Sam/Steve a lot too. So please do write if inspiration strikes you. Thanks once again for writing the prompts.

OH, THANK GOD. Okay, I changed this around a little bit. Pre-established Stucky both have raging crushes on Tony. Steve tried to date Tony before he and Bucky got together, and thinks it’s a lost cause. Bucky is determined to prove Steve wrong.

The original prompt idea was this. I am so relieved to be turning this into Stuckony! This will have another part or two. Also, I know that Tony went to college very young in most universes, but for this story, everyone is 18 or older.

(Also, in case you didn’t catch it, the second part to my other Stuckony AU went up yesterday. You can read that on AO3 here. Shameless plug.)

“I’m gonna date him,” Bucky said, his voice low, his face determined as he stared across the quad. Steve almost didn’t look up from the book in his lap. He had a test in his history of military tactics class tomorrow, and he was trying to absorb as much as he could.

Steve eventually looked up, what Bucky said finally sinking in. He was confused at first, and a little worried that his boyfriend was professing his desire to date another boy when he saw what, or who, Bucky was staring at. He sighed heavily and went back to his reading.

“Buck, you know that’s not going to happen. Trust me, I’ve been there before. He never even looked me in the eye when I tried to talk to him. Rhodes and Potts practically threatened me!” He said with a huff. It was true. He’d tried desperately to date Tony their freshman year. Steve had been really stuck on him, and honestly still was, but he’d learned his lesson.

Besides, he and Bucky were happy together. It had taken them a long while to finally realize that they wanted each other. They’d been best friends since grade school. There had always been an attraction there that neither of them had wanted to admit to. Both of them scared to come out to their friends and family.

When Bucky had transferred here last year, during their sophomore year, it hadn’t taken long for their newfound freedom and a more accepting campus to get them to admit that they wanted to be together.

Of course, Steve had been honest about his feelings for Tony, and rather than get jealous, that information had caused Bucky to be curious about the known recluse. Which had, of course, led to his boyfriend being smitten too. Not that Steve could blame him at all.

“Seriously, Bucky. Just let it go. He doesn’t date. Anyone. And Rhodes and Potts are downright scary if anyone tries to get close to him,” Steve warned his boyfriend again. He really did not want a repeat of freshman year.

Steve hazarded a glance, looking over to the subject in question. Tony Stark. He was a genius, top of their class, and absolutely gorgeous. Despite this, he was incredibly introverted. He had two friends, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts, and beyond that, he didn’t socialize. He didn’t date anyone, and he had no interest in even speaking or looking at anyone besides his two friends and his professors when he had to.

“I don’t care, Stevie. I’m determined. I’m gonna prove you wrong,” Bucky said stubbornly. He glanced over to his boyfriend with a pout. “We can’t just give up! He’s just a really shy guy,” He reasoned further. Steve glanced at Bucky with another sigh.

“Your funeral,” Steve quipped back, before going back to his reading. He knew that Bucky had a class with Tony this year. Mechanical engineering. Bucky was a science whiz, majoring in engineering as well as minoring in music. He had a talent for the guitar and played sometimes around campus. Steve absolutely loved to hear him play and sing.

“You’ll see, Stevie. I’m gonna get him to agree to a date,” Bucky said, eyes bright with purpose as he stared at the beautiful genius that was sitting under a tree and tapping away at a tablet. Steve just shook his head.

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English, Spanish, and the Language of Love.

Paring: Stingue

Words: 2,745

Summary: After screwing himself over by not studying, help in the form of a friend of a friend comes to save his ass, but Sting finds himself wanting to know more about his new teacher than his actual work.

A/N: It’s 2am and this was meant to be really short but it’s actually the longest thing I’ve ever written whoops. Idk if there’s spelling mistakes but I hope you enjoy this 


For the first time in a while, he didn’t actually want to be. Well, the physical kind of fucking was still on the table as always, but being fucked for the test tomorrow? That’s a kind of fucked you never want to be. He glanced down at his phone before clicking the power button, the bright light of the screen illuminating his room, slightly blinding him as his eyes tried to adjust. Inputting his password, he opened up his texts to find a barrage of messages waiting for him in the class group chat. With hope in his heart, he quickly opened up the chat to see if anyone had replied to his plea of help for notes for tomorrow. But of course, they decided his idiocy of choosing to watch cartoons in bed instead of study quite hilarious. 

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I Thought We Were Working

Can you do an imagine where you’re studying for a test with Dan, but he gets bored and then things just get all smutty from there??

A/N: I kinda wrote Dan extremely flirty. Whoops.

“Define speciation,” You asked Dan.

Dan sighed, “I don’t give a shit about speciation…”

“Dan, come on!” You exclaimed. “Our test is tomorrow, you need to know this stuff!”

You and Dan were at his place, studying for a biology test, or at least… YOU were studying. You had quizzed him, but he wasn’t interested in studying at all; he was interested in doing something different.

“I’m bored,” Dan said; laying flat on the duvet with you by his feet.

You sighed, getting this boy to study was challenging.

“Isn’t there something else we could do?” Dan smirked a little, sitting up and moving his body over to you.

“L-like what…?” You asked, breathless as Dan started to move his lips closer and closer to you

He hovered over you, his lips just inches away from yours. “I think you know…” He said with a wink.

“Dan…” You muttered his name, the words barely escaping your lips. God, he’s so sexy.“W-we…” You stuttered. “We have to study.”

“Do we though…?” He pressed his lips against yours, pushing you down on the couch underneath him. His tongue and yours fought within his mouth until he moves his mouth to your neck, biting and sucking on the skin until love bites form. He first took off his own shirt, and then reached towards your shirt, taking it off in one slick motion, he now moved his mouth further down, closer and closer to your boobs.

You bit your lip to try and keep you from moaning, “Dan, come on! We have to study!”

“More, you say?” He smirked. “Okay!” He undid your bra, and moved his mouth over the left nipple, sucking and squeezing until you couldn’t bare it anymore.

“Dan! Fuck!” You cried. You couldn’t take the teasing, you needed to be fucked.

It was always like a game to him, anytime he was bored, he would try his absolute hardest to make sure you would keep him entertained. And even though it was annoying, it was one of things you loved about him.

“Take off your underwear, baby.” He commanded with a grin, knowing he had now won the game. “I’ll do the same,”

You chuckled a little, kicking off your shorts and panties so that it was just your pussy against Dan’s erection. He was already hard as could be, and you desperately wanted him to move his body downwards and place his cock inside you. Dan, however, seemed to be more focused on your breasts; which he was squeezing and sucking on.

“Dan… please…” You whined, begging for his cock. “Give me something down there.”

“Of course,” Dan moved his body downwards, intrigued. His hands brushed over your clit, which was dripping wet. He rubbed a finger against the area.


He curled his finger into your pussy, you clenching around him. You couldn’t help but squirm, the pleasure taking over you. “Dan… oh my god…” You moaned, hardly able to speak.

“Baby…” Dan whispered against your skin, “You’re so tight…”

“Oh my god….” It never mattered what Dan did, you were always putty in his hands.

Dan smirked, “And I thought you wanted to study,” He teased; shoving another finger inside you without warning.

“DAN! SHIT!” You screamed. “I’m so close, fuck Dan, I’m so close…” You could feel yourself about to explode at any moment.

He nodded, “Spread your legs wide, baby.” Dan’s hands parted your legs, a moan escaping from your lips. You needed him inside you, NOW.

Dan lay on top of you, a smirk on his lips. His cock was oozing precum, and you could tell from the look on his face, he couldn’t last much longer; so, he held his shaft with one hand, inching the head into you slowly so that you’d cry out.

“DAN! FUCK!” You cried again; “More, please, ohmygod, more…” The words came out as desperate cries.

Dan nodded and thrust faster, pushing himself deeper into you so that his balls slapped against your skin. “Oh fuck….” He moaned. “I can’t-”
“I’m gonna cum, Dan!” You told the boy.

He nodded, sliding himself in and out of you faster and faster until eventually; your hips bucked up into him, and you exploded, heat filling your body.

Dan retracted straight away, allowing you to recover from your orgasm, “Finish me off…” He ordered; sitting down on the duvet with his cock oozing precum. He was so close, you’d have to finish him off with just a handjob.

You gripped his shaft in your hand, moving it up and down to pump his cock. You started moving your hand faster and faster, hoping to catch some of the cum in your mouth when he was done.

“Baby! Fuck!” He called, his hips bucking upwards as he climaxed; shooting his cum all over your hands and face.

You licked your lips, cleaning yourself off. “We should…” You blushed, sitting up. “We should get back to work.”

Dan turned your head towards him, “I thought we were working,” He said with a wink.


so remember how I said I’d be dead forever or something like that?  That’s not happening - I do have a test tomorrow that I thought I’d have to study forever for, but it looks like I’ve actually done all the studying I need to already.  So WHOOP WHOOP HAVE SOME HORSE