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I’ve found the entire soundtrack of BOTW all in one video and in a playlist if preferred (and not just 24 songs like I got on a CD from the special addition) that goes in relative order of the game itself (I know you can go wherever you want in the game, but…I like it in some sort of order…) and it’s really nice and relaxing and great for studying I’ve found :’)

Just thought I might share! (er, spoilers in track names of course)

Keys Of Love || Taeil



Genre: romance fluff

Word count:1k

Requsted:Music tutor ️Moon Taeil story please~! Something sweet and fluffy about him teacher reader to play piano and hands touching all that great stuff please :)

A/N: Great request!! Music tutor Taeil I can imagine that omg. I would actually try and learn a darn instrument if he was tutoring me. And that voice omg.

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You were actually excited to go and learn how to play the piano. After school was over you would jet off to the local music department. You never thought learning how to play the piano would be so amazing. Maybe it was because of your tutor.

Moon Taeil. A music studies major at your school. After working with him for months its been a rather interesting experience. He was handsome and that made you always blush. His mellow personality made you enjoy from him. Taeil was also very attentive to your learning style and taught you well.

While he taught you it was amazing how you picked up the piano so fast. You particularly liked watching him play. His little cat curl lips would be turned up into a smile. While his long slender finger glide across the keys. Making a beautiful song play making you shiver with happiness.

He also sometimes sung. His voice was sweet and nice. It was a joy hearing but it was rare. But a joy none the less.

You sighed looking into the room watching as he taught another female. He spent all his time with other students it made you quite sad. Did he tell them they were amazing? Would his fingers brush against their fingers.

You watched in envy as she sat close to your handsome tutor. You wanted your session to be soon.

They stopped 10 minutes before the hour. “Have a good day” Taeil voice was loud as he waved off his other student. “Hello Mr.Moon” you said bowing to him entering the music room. He looked nice in some causal clothing with his hair pushed to the side a little.

He grinned “Mr.Moon you know you can call me Taeil” he laughed. You smiled at his kind smile “Sorry Taeil” you corrected yourself.

The music room was dark except for the natural sun light that filled the room. “Natural light” you questioned. “Yeah I mean its a beautiful day out” he said.

“Sit” he said patting the empty seat next to him. You nodded putting your bag down and gliding over to sit next to him.  You felt so comfortable near him.

“Now today lets review the song we did on Thursday” he said. You nodded and pressed your fingertips to the keys. Being close to Taeil made you all weird. You could smell the cologne that radiated off him. It was a nice and calming scent. While you felt so small next to his tall frame.

The music filled the room as you tried to concentrate on the music. Your eyes locked with the black and white keys. Playing a beautiful melody.

Then you heard a wrong note. Inner cringe made you hate messing up especially with Taeil next to you. Even though you knew his kind eyes would never judge you.

You finished off the song and smiled. You did well on that one. “That was nice” he praised you. He gently took your hand and lifted them to some keys. “Here on this side part you’re a little shaky I can tell” he said. He pointed to the part that you messed up on.

His fingers were warm like always. As he guided your fingers at the part. “See this is a hard transition part” he said kindly. Taeil was so close it made your heart race a little. His finger were so smooth from playing the piano.

“Good to know” you said brisking your fingers across the keys. “Taeil could you play me a song” You asked him after you practiced your part a little.

He smiled “Of course” he agreed. His long fingers gliding over to his part as he played a melody for you. He looked so passionate as his fingers hit the keys. As he focused on the music. He looked so handsome with the sun highlighting his skin more than normal.

He tilted his head as he continued to play the slow song. You never really heard him play like this before. He hummed a little it sounded amazing.

The session went on for another hour filled with hand touching that you loved and maybe even some flirting. You almost died when Taeil called you ‘cute’. At the end of the hour you wanted to be with him more. . “An hour already” you mumbled disappointed that it had to end. You sighed glancing at your tutor.

Taeil grinned “Hey Y/N” he asked. You noted something about him his ears were pink and his lips wet.

“Yes” you said. “Some of my friends are going out tonight would you like to join” he asked. In that moment it felt like your heart leap a little. And your stomach do a little flip.

“Like a date” you asked smiling wide “Kind of I do want to maybe go on a real date later this week” he said glancing over at you, he was still a little awkward you could tell. Those brown eyes stared at you holding intense wonder.

“I’ll be happy to” you responded. Taeil broke out in a wide smile identical to yours. “Great you already have my number so I’ll call you” he said. You could tell he was a mix of emotions like you.

“Great see you then” you said leaning over to give him a light kiss on the cheek. You flushed at your confidence, Taeil blushed as well as you left the music room.

After you got of the room you walked do fast outside wanting to cheer and tell someone. Moon Taeil asked you on a  date and  meetup with his friends.

You sighed looking at your phone realizing he already texted you. “7:00 p.m I’ll see you” it read. You smiled until you realize you needed to pick out a outfit.

Natalia gets up to get her school book so they can study……(and play musical beds).

Natalia:  “You think just because you’re older that you know everything.”

Dani:  “Well, I am going to be a teen soon.”

Natalia:  “You better not try and date Sylas.”

Dani laughing:  “I have no interest in that boy…..”

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collaboratesss  asked:

Ok I'm gonna ask for a ship, hopefully they're stil open! I'm 5'7 and a lil on the curvy side! I have clear bluuue eyes and ombré hair. I study photography and music, my hobbies include horror movie, old school slasher, always. Also music 💖💖 Also a very gigantic fan of daddy next and Stephen bc DADDYS 😏 Im an excessive smoker and I'm massively socially awkward lmao IDK WHAT ELSE TO SAY OMG Hope you are having a brilliant day today love!

I ship you with Stephen! (Ayyy girl)

He probably bums a cig off you, and that’s how you meet. Though, he’s a gentleman and lights yours for you. He finds your hobbies quite interesting, and loves to see your photography skills. He doesn’t understand horror films, but he’s willing to cuddle with you and watch them. And he’s def doesn’t mind being your daddy.

Go get you some.

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A toast to the groom! To the groom! To the groom! To the groom!
To the bride! To the bride! To the Briiii To the Briiiiiiide!
From your sister, Angelica Angelica Angelica
Who is always by your side. by your side by your side
To your union, To the Union!To the Revolution!
and the hope that you provide, you provide you proviiiide
may you always, Always
be satisfied! Rewiiiind

{worldly inspiration}

  • civ vi england x
  • civ vi china x
  • civ vi japan x
  • civ vi india x
  • civ vi russia x
  • civ vi france x
  • civ vi germany x
  • civ vi egypt x
  • civ vi arabia x
  • civ vi greece x
  • civ vi rome x
  • civ vi sumeria x
  • civ vi kongo x
  • civ vi spain x
  • civ vi brazil x
  • civ vi norway x
  • civ vi america x
  • civ vi poland x
  • civ vi aztec x
  • civ vi scythia x
  • japanese instrumental x
  • chinese instrumental x
  • korean playlist for studying x
  • jewish folk music x
  • french accordion x


  • animal crossing i x
  • animal crossing ii x
  • mozart lullaby for babies x
  • studio ghibli music collection i x
  • studio ghibli music collection ii x
  • studio ghibli bossa nova x
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  • super mario galaxy x
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  • song of the sea ost x
  • kpop piano x
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  • music box ii x
  • misc japanese bgm i x
  • misc japanese bgm ii x


  • chopin collection x
  • beethoven collection x
  • tchaikovsky collection x
  • mozart collection x
  • brahms collection x
  • schubert collection x
  • debussy collection x

{star wars}

  • episode i x
  • episode ii x
  • episode iii x
  • episode iv x
  • episode v x
  • episode vi x
  • episode vii x
  • rogue one x
  • dagobah yoda’s hut x
  • tatooine dune sea x
  • hoth i x
  • hoth ii x
  • coruscant apartment x
  • kashyyyk at night x
  • endor at night x

{harry potter}

  • the philosopher’s stone x
  • chamber of secrets x
  • prisoner of azkaban x
  • goblet of fire x
  • order of the phoenix x
  • half-blood prince x
  • deathly hallows part 1 x
  • deathly hallows part 2 x
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  • dumbledore’s office x
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  • gryffindor common room i x
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  • hufflepuff common room i x
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  • slytherin common room i x
  • slytherin common room ii x


  • game of thrones x
  • amélie ost x
  • jurassic park ost x
  • pride & prejudice ost x
  • bossa nova cafe music x
  • sound of the shrine x

hey guys! here’s a good live mix to study and chill to! it doesn’t lag or buffer and it’s live for hours at a time!

how to start studying after school

  1. clean up your desk: it’s hard to concentrate when there’s a pile of rubbish on your desk. the chance of you fiddling with things is also higher! you’ll get more done by cleaning your desk! if you’re looking for an easy way to organise your desk, check out these handy organisers!
  2. get your books: get out all the books you need to study that particular subject. if it’s geography, an atlas might be handy.
  3. get a notebook: if you’re in uni or college it’s a good idea to re-write all your notes for your classes that day. make them look clean and tidy. if you’re in secondary school and you’re studying for a test, summarize everything you have learned. in any case, it’s best to have a few notebooks on your desk too. here’s a 4 pack of spiral notebooks for $7.04!
  4. grab some pens: seems self explanatory! i recommend you having an ordinary pen, a highlighter and a pencil on hand. (a.k.a. the basics!) here are some super cute gel pens!
  5. turn off your phone: by turning off your phone, you will get less distracted by social media. sure, people won’t be able to reach you but you’ll get some peace and quiet. obviously leave it on if you’re expecting an important call!
  6. look for a study playlist: if you easily get distracted by your laptop too, skip this step. i personally find it harder to get distracted by my laptop than my phone, so i leave it on and look for some music to study to. here’s a masterpost of some good playlists to listen to!
  7. get a glass of water: you really need your h2o, everyone. grab a large glass or fill up a water bottle. some super cute ones: i ii iii
  8. get a healthy snack: if you’re like me and you love snacking on things while your studying, the best thing to do is to grab something healthy. cut up some apples and sprinkle some cinnamon on them (try it. it’s amazing.), grab some hummus and some celery or carrots or cucumber to dip in it, fill a little bowl with nuts, treat yourself to a square of dark chocolate! if you’re studying during dinner time or lunch time, make yourself a nourishment bowl to nibble on. for more study snack ideas, go to pinterest and snoop around the study snack tag for a while. try out my favourite smoothie bowl too!
  9. take a deep breath: i know from personal experience that sometimes the workload can be really scary and freak you out. the most important thing to do is to take a deep breath and to tell yourself you can get through all your work. you can do anything if you try hard enough!
  10. get cracking: now that you’ve done steps 1-9, you can actually start studying! good luck!