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Trouble - Jughead Jones

ikkaylove said:

can i have a jughead imagine where he accidentally forgets our anniversary and i give him the silent treatment but then we make up in the end. (something like that)

Anonymous said:

Could I please request a Jughead imagine where the two of you get into a big fight and then make up afterwards with lots of fluff

Anonymous said:

DKSFWHER can u do fic where the reader finds out about jughead’s situation and convinces her/their parents to let him crash w/ them since he has nowhere else and,,, he’s just so, grateful and it’s just rlly fluffy bc he’s so lucky 2 have the reader (romantically or platonically, either is fine) ;0;

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Okay, I hope all of you were okay with me mixing these requests. As soon as I read them I had an idea, so let’s see if you like it!!!

Jughead : Y/N I’m sorry.

Jughead : Please answer me

Jughead : At least let me explain.

You watched as your phone screen continued to light up with texts from your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. You didn’t dare reply, you were still fuming about today. It was your one year anniversary as a couple and Jughead, he forgot about it. You felt a little petty that it annoyed you so much, but it was important. So important that, after school before he could go home, you found him and chewed him out for forgetting about it.

“What the Hell, Jones,” you had said, shocking your boyfriend. “What?” You had felt so much anger in that moment, you snapped. “You forgot about our anniversary!” Realization reached his eyes and he dropped his overloaded backpack to the ground. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just have,” You just shook your head, “yeah, I get it. You were too busy with something more important, probably your stupid novel. That’s fine Jughead.” You were about to turn around when you felt him grab your arm. “Y/N please just hear me out,” you simply pulled away from him. “Not now Jughead, I’ll call you later.” You had stormed away from him,  leaving him distraught.

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anonymous asked:

How do you colour code your notes? I have used colours in my notes but i never coded them for anything so it is essentially useless. Do you have any tips? I start uni in a month and I want to be prepared!! Your notes are my goals

Hi! My colour code is:

  • Black - for general notes.
  • Yellow (highlighter only) - for important information that outlines the point.
  • Light blue (pen and highlighter) - for terms and their definitions/synonyms.
  • Red (pen only) - for sentence points and key ideas in my study notes (usually not class notes).
  • Dark blue (pen and highlighter) - for businesses, agencies, legislation, etc.
  • Light green (pen and highlighter) - for quotes, case studies.
  • Dark green (pen only) - for people’s names or important dates.
  • Purple (pen and highlighter) - for books titles, publications, reports.
  • Pink (pen and highlighter) - for statistics.
  • Orange - for examples.

I find it really useful especially for subjects that are very content heavy. It just helps me remember certain words and find information quickly. Here is a post on how to make your own. Thank you! x

16.3.16 I’m trying out green tea! Loving it so far it really energises me. I’m finally starting the infernal devices as well and getting the final parts of my initial research for my FMP finished so I can really get into designing! xxx emily

To Frame a Panel

This is unstructured and a little confusing maybe but I have to get something off my chest about the new issue. I hope it’s understandable, although English isn’t my first language.

The visuals and the panelling were amazing in issue 27. I haven’t read many comic books in my life but I love seeing WicDiv doing things, I’ve never seen before. Since more than a year I have a piece about what I call “disco speedlines” on my computer but I wasn’t able to finish it yet. Honestly idk why.

But with this issue I felt like writing something immediately after reading it. First of all you can divide the issue into three parts. First we have the part where Minerva and Baal are talking and fighting the darkness, then we have two months in ten pages and last we have five pages where the Norns are talking with Blake.

The first part has great panels for example when Minerva is attacked by the darkness. The black dots don’t stay in frame and Minerva is also not able to because of the impact of the attack.

But really amazing for me was the second part, where we have the pages with eight panels on each page. That seems very classical and has a strong parallel to issue 8 but different from 8 this time there lays a strong meaning in the colour of the frames (maybe it also has this in 8 but I don’t know and I don’t have the issue with me right now so I can’t check).

When I was looking at the first spread page, first thing I did was organize my reading order according to the colour of the panel frames but also the gutter, which is black but behind the panels also coloured similar to the frames. That helps the reader to organize which panels belong together. Other links are the character shown in them.

Normally I would read a spread page with 16 panels like this.

But after seeing the colours I read it like this:

I actually did it also for the other spread pages:

Please note: I’m not saying this is how you should read it, that’s simply how I read it. First thing I recognised was that certain characters tend to have certain colours attributed to them, that is something I also saw with the speedlines. With the frames in this issue, it’s something like this: Persephone and Sakhmet have reddish/pinkish frames, Baal, Minerva and Amaterasu orange, Woden, Dionysus and Woden green and blue and the Morrigan and Baphomet a dark blue/violetish.

So Team Fighting is orange, Team Study is blue and green, and Team Anarchy is red or dark blue. It’s like Team Anarchy is divided in two subgroups, one being Sakhmet and Persephone and the other being Morrigan and Baphomet (Baphomet is also kind of red). Blue and green may also indicate places. While Team Study is at Valhalla it is green, while they are out partying the frame is blue. Now some short analysis.

Spread 1

Panels 1-4: Here Persephone is talking to Sakhmet. The frames are of a “warmer” red.

Panels 5-10: Baal is talking to the Prime Minister. The frames are orange.

Panel 11-16: Baal is talking with Cassandra. The frames are green. That could be an indicator that it’s Cassandras’ POV or that she is the dominant one in the discussion. Or it simply indicates that they are at Valhalla.

Spread 2

Panels 1-6: Cassandra is talking to Woden and Dionysus. The frames are still green.

Panels 7-12: Persephone meets Baphomet. In contrast to her talking to Sakhmet, this time the frame is of a “stronger” red, that’s more “stingy”, less orange and more pink.

Panels: 13-15: Dionysus, Woden and Cassandra are at the party. The frame is blue. Here the last to panels of the first page have merged into one, most likely because it’s more of an establishing shot that helps the reader to localize the characters.

Spread 3

Panel 1-4: Persephone and Woden share a performance. The colour of the frames is pink. This could indicate a dominance of Persephone over Woden.

Panel 5-8: Amaterasu has great ideas (not). The colour of the frame is orange, same orange as Baals’.

Panel 9-18: Cassandra and Dionysus are talking. The frames are blue. This sequence had a very intimate feeling for me, especially panel 12 with Cassandra and Dionysus holding hands.

Spread 4

Panel 1-4 and 13-16: The frame is white with a blue glow. Parallel to issue 8 it shows Dionysus’ powers. This time they are also affecting Cassandra, this is new. But at the end she is leaving the party.

Panel 5-10: Persephone and Baphomet are meeting again. But these frames also have a red glow, maybe because Persephone is using her powers too. Her eyes indicate that.

Panel 11-12: The last part of Team Fight: Minerva has also an orange frame attributed to her. (Is she drinking wine?)

Spread 5

We are back to the number four, which is essential to WicDiv

Panel 1-4: Sakhmet and Persephone are talking again. Again the frame is of a “warmer” red.

Panel 5-8: The Morrigan and Baphomet are playing chess in the dark. Something is strange about their relationship. It is also a mirror of the last issue, where the Morrigan made a decision for Baphomet, this time in form of a move during a chess game.

Panel 9-12: Woden, light blue frames, I don’t like him.

Panel 13-16. We are back at Valhalla, where Dionysus and Cassandra have a short discussion. The frames are again green, same as at the beginning of part 2.

Now something short to the last part of this issue: I really liked the spread page where all the gods where shown and their sanity was questioned. One panel shows Minerva and Baal in front of lighting in a very strong contrast. They reminded me of a certain superhero and his teen side kick. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Baphomet and Morrigan are only portrayed by their eyes, something used with Baphomet before in earlier issues. We also have Woden and Dionysus, Dionysus seems very tired. Amaterasu impersonates the sun in her panel and Sakhmet and Persephone are kissing. When we look at the whole spreade page again I noticed something:

I don’t know if it means something, but I thought it was a nice panel structure. Only every second panel features speech and the panels can be read in different orders. I love how Team WicDiv shows that you can use even very “classic” and “strict” panel structures in very innovative ways.

But I thought the strongest page of the whole issue was the last one, because I learned something after a lot of years reading manga: black is a very strong colour when depicting emotions.

Studying while on your period

Studying while you’re on your period sometimes might even get too hard for the best of us. Over the time I found some pretty useful things that at least help me to get comfortable again and get me into the appropriate mood for studying again without having the feeling to die any time.

  • Before studying The last thing you would want is to run out of tampons/pads so make sure you have enough of them at home.
    Hot water bottles are your best friends and if you suffer from period cramps as I do, these bottles can really safe your ass. Here you can find the one I am using.
    And lastly, if you have experienced cramps that get too bad, make sure you have some painkillers at hand - optional: there are many teas such as raspberry leaf tea that have an natural effect on you.
  • Studying Lovelies!!! Keep yourself hydrated however stay away from coffee or anything that has caffeine in it - caffeine is commonly known to have bad effects on your period cramps and make them even worse.
    Make sure to listen to your body. (It is perfectly fine if you make an exception and study in bed - make it as cozy as you can) If you feel like you can’t handle it anymore and cannot concentrate on your studies, take a break. Nursing yourself and get yourself some leafy greens, dark chocolate and whole grains instead of some junk food (I admit some sweets are good, but get yourself the better alternative!) and reward yourself.
    When you’re on a break stretch a bit, or go for a short walk or something, this will keep your mind also fresh for a new start!
Most Embarrassing Moments (SFW)


 It’s going to be the catch of a lifetime.

Noctis stops the Regalia at a dock he has never seen before. It looks perfect—crystalline blue waters, the sun reflecting in dazzling rays off the slow waves lapping at the rocky shore. He is pumped. Or, as pumped as he can be to relax for a few hours with no royal responsibilities to distract him.

He catches a few small fish, mostly Bluegills, but then there’s a tug on the line that feels… different. Planting his feet, Noctis tugs back.

Whatever is on the line won’t budge an inch. It’s gotta be huge! Noctis begins to reel, but the fish isn’t having it. Even a single turn is too much.

He thinks about calling Gladio to help, but his pride won’t let him.

After fighting with the monster fish for about 30 minutes, Noctis finally puts everything he has into a final assault. Arms straining, legs shaking, Noctis pulls—and a chunk of metal about a foot wide flies out of the water. He caught a hub cap.

When Gladio laughs, Noctis throws it at him.


 When he’s starting high school, Prompto starts hanging out with Noctis more often. Unfortunately, Noctis is surrounded by nobility almost all of the time. Getting along with his bodyguard, Gladiolus Amicitia, ends up being pretty easy. Even Noctis’ aide, Ignis Scientia, is nice, and with time Prompto can see them becoming friendly.

The person Prompto is really dreading meeting is Noctis’ father—King Regis. Prompto is pretty sure he’s going to die of shame if he messes this up.

Noctis brings Prompto to meet his father formally in a small study lined with dark wood and hung with green tapestries. Prompto is a bundle of high-strung nerves. As they walk through the door, he is so focused on King Regis and his imposing Shield (Gladio’s father), that he doesn’t notice the edge of the carpet. His shoe catches it, though, and Prompto trips spectacularly, sprawling in the center of the room with a comical squawk.

Face-down in front of the king, Prompto smothers his tears and gets to his feet. However, when he looks at King Regis, he is astonished to see genuine concern, and not the slightest reproof for his clumsiness. At his side, Noctis is anxiously asking if he is alright, and while Clarus Amicitia displays the same range of emotion as a stone slab, Prompto sees a flash of sympathy in his eyes.


One summer, when he’s 17, Gladio is helping out with the gutters at the Amicitia family residence. He’s naturally agile and has a good head for heights, so he figures he’s better suited to it than their groundskeeper, who is getting on in years. So, with the warm sun beating on his back, he climbs the ladder and gets to work.

About two hours later he’s finally finished and he swings a leg out onto the ladder to climb down. His foot touches rung and he transfers his weight—and then his stomach drops out as the ladder slides off the side of the house.

Gladio hits the ground with a thud that rattles his teeth in his skull. His leg hurts. A lot. He ends up having to call the groundskeeper, who calls his father. It turns out that Gladio’s left leg is broken. He has to have a cast, and he spends six weeks thumping around on crutches.

Iris never lets him live it down.


While collating reports to brief Noctis, Ignis pushes his glasses up onto his forehead. He is running on four hours of sleep and two cans of Ebony, and he needs to give recommendations to the prince regarding electives to take for the coming spring semester. He hasn’t even begun planning next week’s menu, which consists primarily of hiding as many vegetables as possible in Noctis’ meals.

His head is aching. Perhaps a nap wouldn’t be a bad idea?

No, no. Too much to do. In a haze, Ignis gets to his feet and knocks his documents into a neat pile. He slips them into a portfolio.

When he next opens his eyes, Noctis is standing less than a foot away, peering into his face. Ignis lurches backwards but retains the presence of mind not to yell. “Noct! When did you—“

“You were sleeping. Standing up,” says a very familiar voice. Over Noctis’ shoulder, Ignis can see a very curious Prompto. In the doorway, Gladio is doing a very poor job of hiding his laughter. Ignis goes red to his very ears. He was caught, asleep, by the Crown Prince of Lucis and both of his best friends.

He has a sudden urge to curl up and die, but hides it under a veneer of ice. Clearing his throat, Ignis switches the portfolio to his other elbow. “Well. I suppose we should begin, then.

The Toad Question

Part 1 | Part II

The library was finally emptying out and Neville’s resolve had never been so great. He had been there all afternoon watching Pansy Parkinson study, her little dark green toad on the table accompanying her. He had meant to study initially, but ever since she walked in he hadn’t been able to read a single word, so a couple of hours later he decided it was necessary to go and talk to her.

Neville needed to know why someone like her had a toad. Toads weren’t fashionable or cool, and they certainly weren’t expensive like some owls and cats. If someone had asked him, he would have said that Pansy Parkinson was the type of girl to have a beautiful, exotic, purebred cat that would sit and purr on her lap all day long. Something very different from the fat amphibian hopping all over her homework right then.

Neville tried to gather all of his Gryffindor courage. He stood up and looked around to make sure no one was watching him before strolling over to where Pansy was sitting. He was a few feet away when her head snapped up. She narrowed her eyes at him and Neville panicked.

“Sorry, I was just wondering if I could ask you a question,” he blurted out before he lost his nerve completely.

Pansy rolled her eyes. “If you’re looking for a girlfriend for your toad, I’m sorry to say that Juniper is also a male, so you might want to keep looking.”

Neville blushed unexpectedly. “Oh, no. That’s not what-”

“Look,” she interrupted with a sigh. “I have a lot to do, so you better be on your way.” Pansy dismissed him with a hand. Neville noticed that her nails were painted in a shade of green that matched Juniper.

He turned to leave, resigning himself to the fact that he would never know why Pansy Parkinson had a toad.

“Juniper’s too cute for Trevor, anyway.”

For a moment Neville thought he had imagined the words, but when he dared to look over his shoulder, he saw that Pansy had a half-smile on her face as she continued scribbling on her parchment. Juniper was hopping happily over her tower of books.

Or perhaps, he just needed more time.

4 Tips for the Bedroom:

(No, not like that, we’re talking decor.) Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. With my obsession with redecorating, I can’t even count how many times I’ve changed my bedroom around. (Yes I can…I’ve had green walls, multi-colored walls, beige, purple, pink and now white. Along with many bedding changes.) I’ve decided to finally keep my bedroom the way it is now for a while. Which means my parents have gotten me to redo their bedroom (yes!) So here I am in my jammies sipping a cup of coffee about to give you some tips on how you can love your bedroom again, and what I’ve learned so far:

1. ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪᴛ ᴄʟᴇᴀɴ 

This is so important! A messy and cluttered bedroom leads to cluttered thoughts in the morning, at night and NO one wants to look at dirty clothes, empty shopping bags or bills when they are about to ‘get it on’ … so make it your mission this week. Do a complete purge and declutter of your bedroom. Your bedroom should have very little ‘things’ in it. (ex. A bed, headboard, two matching side tables, two matching lamps. MINIMAL decorative accessories on either side, an extra small piece of furniture like a chair in the corner depending on the size of your room, a dresser, and two pieces of art. Less is more. 

2. ɪɴᴠᴇsᴛ ᴡɪsᴇʟʏ 

You spend about 25% of your life in bed. That’s CRAY CRAY. But this is where you want to put your investment: Your mattress and your bedding. Since we spend so much time in bed (whether you’re spending your days off there, ‘gettin busy’ or just using it to sleep, you don’t want to be getting a sore back or not having a good nights sleep. Once you’ve invested in the most important things in the bedroom, then you can splurge on the throw pillows. ;) 

3. ᴅᴏɴᴛ sʜᴇᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇᴅ 

Let’s talk sheets. Specifically white sheets. I know you must be thinking “What?! White sheets?! But they’ll get so dirty!” Well guess what? So does black, brown, blue and green sheets. You just don’t see it as well. Which is even worse! Sorry, but I want the place I sleep to be CLEAN and if it’s not, I want to see it! You should be washing your sheets once a week. I know lot’s of you don’t. Make Sundays your cleaning day. Strip those sheets and toss em in the wash. Sadly, white sheets only stay ‘white’ for about 1-2 years. Which means your going to be replacing them. So for a good budget, I recommend shopping for sheets at Ikea. They are surprisingly VERY comfortable for a LOW price. 

4. ɴᴇᴜᴛʀᴀʟ ɪs ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

In my opinion, lots of colour doesn’t belong in the bedroom. Palettes of white, grey and light blue are best. If you must have colour, dark colours can work. Dark brown, green and grey. Studies say red can make you feel tense so stay away from red. 

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

480 words, no warnings, Gen, destiel, pre-slash, mystery, time travel? immortality? first meetings, meet-cute. (unbeta’d) AO3 

“There he is again,” he muttered, flipping back through the stack of recently developed photographs. Castiel sighed. The negatives had been hidden in a school store room for nearly eighty years and yet, there he was again. He couldn’t deny it, not now he knew the face so well. It was the same man. The time traveller. The man who he saw almost every day.

The first few hundred times he had seen his face he had not noticed at all. Then he slowly began to spot him. He was handsome, but not unusually so. But he was tall, very tall for most of the eras he had been studying. The man had bright green eyes and dark blond hair, only visible in the colored photographs of later years. And he had a boyish grin in the oldest photos, his expression fading to sadness in the later ones. And that handsome face was in nearly one in ten photographs Castiel studied — He had gone back to check.

Castiel had studied tens of thousands of photographs in his time, ranging from the earliest days of photography right up to only the previous decade. In those photos the man looked simply desperate, his eyes pleading, his mouth drawn.

Castiel was beginning to get chills every time he saw his face.


Castiel nearly fainted in the art gallery. He nearly threw his bottled water at the painting.

There he was. The time traveller, painted in oils, grim faced yet just as bright eyed, as he toiled in the wheat field from 1830’s France. It wasn’t even the first time he had seen the man depicted on canvas.

Castiel was beginning to think that he should start right at the beginning; with cave paintings. He was certain he would find bright green daubs of paint on the deepest darkest walls illustrating the man’s lively eyes.

Castiel was also considering checking into a mental institution.


Castiel was on a working holiday. Ten days in the next state over, collecting a stack of photographs from a colleague and taking time to see the sights.

For his own personal project he took time out to snap some quick photos as he went. Simple street scenes. He liked to document people, just simple day to day life.

It wasn’t until he heard a weak sounding “Finally,” that he looked more closely at the screen in the glare of the sun.

He looked up, his phone dropping from his fingers onto the grass at his feet. Shocked and fearful he caught the gaze of the relieved and near-tearfully joyful time traveller. Standing tall, looking worn and tired, his face a carbon copy of the one immortalised in his phone screen, was the man Castiel had watched live through thousands of days, hundreds of events, but with only one, never aging, face.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you, Cas.”

Snow White.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Snow White.

Request: Imagine= y/n is Slytherin. Cunning, mature and knows how to read people, a bit of a loner of own choice and her appearance is similar to Snow Whites look! Always up to late in the night in the commroom or astronomy tower. Draco and y/n slowly fall for each other. She got abused and assaulted by students wanting to hurt Draco one night but he saves her in time and takes care of her, he also confessed that he is a death eater and y/n stays with him anyway. (Not a softie Draco pls)! Thnx <3

Pairing: Slytherin! Reader x Draco.

Warning: Like one curse word?

A/N: This is going to be like a over the year thing, but I really like it; this isn’t really like the request im sorry. It was hard for me to stay with it when I came out with this in the time of five hours.

Black hair dark like a raven, and skin as white as snow, was how the Snow White story began.

You had heard about Snow White when a Muggleborn told you how much you looked like her. You sat in your shared dormitory with Pansy. She was going on about how pretty you were, as you applied the red lipstick. “Pansy, hush it. You’re beautiful.” You laughed. She rolled her eyes, “Are you serious? Everyone loves you! I mean, of course, none of the people outside Slytherin. They’re too scared of you.” She laughed, you giggled picking up the mascara from the bedside table beside you, “Thanks Pansy,” she nodded, “Even Draco loves you.” Her voice got low, “You mean that boy you’re obsessed with?” you asked, “It’s not a obsession, just a deep love for someone.” Rolling your eyes you turned around, “Obsessed is a better word for it.” You smirked turning back to your floor length mirror, “Anyways, we’re only in our third year, perhaps he’ll fall in love with you.” “Maybe.” She simply replied as you finished your lashes, “Now we must go to breakfast.” She smiled, you nodded getting up undoing your hair from the messy bun it was in, quickly putting your black sandals on, matching your white button down, and plaid skirt, pulling at your pantyhose you left.

A year had past from that exact date, and from that time you had grown. Everything has grown. Pansy seemed jealous and when Draco asked you to The Yule Ball, Pansy was beyond mad. So, Pansy had decided that she would make Draco jealous.

You and Pansy had been sitting in your dorm getting ready for the dance. Your long midnight blue dress was hanging from the railing on your bed, white heels by your bed. Pansy had asked if you had any lip-gloss, and so now you’re rummaging through the red makeup bag for the two lip glosses you had brought with you. Finding the pink tinted one, you handed it to her. “Thank you.” She turned quickly, her hair flying behind her. You raised your eye brow as you turned back to your mirror, putting your red lipstick on, grabbing your dress and turning around, putting it on.

You and Pansy walked out of the room together, she was going with Crabbe, just as friends, of course. Draco was sitting in the common room when you came out. Neither you nor Pansy stopped your conversation about your family. “Of course my mum and dad are proud I’m friends with the Draco Malfoy, but they were so very excited when I wrote them about going to the ball with him.” You gave her a sly smirk, turning around to great Draco, “You look beautiful.” He said when you faced him, smiling you linked your arms together.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” He smiled at your compliment, walking you both out of the common room to the hallway.

“So your parents are happy you came with me?” he asked, his famous smirk plastered on his face, “Why wouldn’t they be?” you asked, eyebrow raised, “I don’t know, you tell me.” smiling you got up, setting the drink he had given you on the table, you put your hand out, “Let’s dance.” Draco grabbed your hand, you pulled him to the dance floor, putting your hands around his neck. His hands went to your waist, as you guys danced. “I’m glad you came with me,” he smiled, “Me too.”

When fifth year came, the first day you were back, was the first day you were thought of as a couple. You guys had walked into the great hall hand in hand, laughing at something stupid you had said. “No but seriously Draco, mum and dad did that.” You giggled at the story. Sitting beside each other, you kept talking, not missing a single word either of you said. Pansy was the one to pull you from your daze of a conversation, “How are you two doing?” she asked, you both shrugged, “Are you a couple?” she asked, your eyebrows knitted together. “Of course not, he’s my best friend.” You smiled, she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay.”

Later that night, Pansy started asking you more questions, “He’s in love with you,” she whispered, making your eyes roll, “Yeah, and I’m superman.” You snickered, “I know you love him,”

“And? So what if I do? You can still be obsessed with him Pansy, I won’t get jealous.” You jokes, but your joke wasn’t a joke to her.

It took Pansy a year to come after you. Sixth year was overall the hardest year, you were already known as someone who stays up late no matter what Snape said, but you were also known as Draco’s girlfriend, who didn’t put up with any of his bullshit.

Today wasn’t any different than last. You had stayed up reading a book and drink a cup of tea. You read the last page of the book before setting it down, sighing. “Another book finished, only twelve more to go.” You sat your now cold tea on the table next to the couch, pulling at the sleeves of your dark green sweater. Looking into the fire, you studied the way the flames moved. You heard a pair of footsteps, than another, than another. About three pairs?

Who would be up at this time?

You looked up at the clock, you heard a screeching voice behind you, “Y/N why are you up?” Pansy asked, making you turn your head. “Reading, it was a book Draco recommended. It was quite brilliant if I do say so myself. Want to see it?” you asked, picking up the book. “No I don’t want to see the book.” She sneered, your eye narrowed. “What has your knickers in a twist?” laughing, turning back to look at the fire. Crabbe and Goyle were behind her, you not taking notice. When you weren’t paying attention you felt a hit against the back of your head.

“Ouch,” you muttered, putting your hand on your head. “This is what happens when you lie to your friends.” Pansy said harshly. Turning around was a mistake, you were hit in the face, square in the nose, with a very powerful punch. You couldn’t get a word in as she started throwing punches. “I told you I loved Draco,” she muttered under her breath. Struggling to get a word out without her punching your teeth out you whimpered, “Stop,” she didn’t. Your heart was pumping and you couldn’t do much, you let out a blood curdling scream when you felt a especially hard punch to your jaw. Loads of people started running out. Draco walked out of his room, bothered by the ruckus, before noticing your hair; his eyes grew as he ran down the steps, pushing kids to get his way.

“Move, move! That’s my girlfriend you git!”

When Draco got down to see everything closer, he pushed himself through the two bigger bodies. “Pansy!” his voice rose, she looked behind her, “Oh, hey.” She smiled, a bit of blood on her fist. “Get off my girlfriend!” his voice rose higher, as he pulled her off. Grabbing you and holding you in his arms he looked at you. “Go! Leave!” he shouted. He stroked your hair as he lifted your body up, “I can get up you know?” you laughed, he chucked looking down, “I guess you’re right.”

“I am right.” Draco rolled his eyes at your comment, he lead you to his room, opening the door before shutting it. “Are you okay?” he asked, you shrugged, “I’ll go to the infirmary in the morning, but for now, I would like to sleep.” You laid on his bed, “I actually want to talk to you,” he said, sitting beside you after discarding his shirt, “Go on,”

“Well, please don’t be disappointed.”

“Why would I, of all people, be disappointed in you Draco?” your voice was soft, but full of sarcasm, “Unless, of course, you cheated on me with Pansy.” Your eyebrow raised, and his eyes widened, “No! No! Never would I do that to you, I love you too much.” He sounded panicked, you knitted your eyebrows together, laying a hand on his thigh you looked at him, “Tell me.” your voice was stern and had a look that could kill.

“I’m a death eater.” He confessed, you sucked in a breath. “Okay, is that all?” you asked, “Yeah.”

“I still love you either way. Whether or not you’re a death eater or not, I will love you endlessly; now if you don’t turn off the light and cuddle me I might not, but I know you’ll make the right decision and cuddle me.” you smiled as his lips curled into a grin. He stood up to turn off the light before laying in bed with you. “Thank you for not leaving.” He muttered, “Thank you for saving me.” you thanked before falling asleep.

Mint and Paper

GaiaSanta Secret Santa Prompt:
@10kiaoi : Turk Cloud assigned to keep an eye on CC Sephiroth. Humor preferably.
A/N: I had so much fun writing this! I hope that you enjoy it very much! Merry Christmas, 10kiaoi!


He’d always intended to be a Soldier. It was what he’d left home for and what he’d desired since he was a boy. But then the man in the sharp suit had gifted him with a different option—one that he was assured would suit him perfectly.

As grueling as the Soldier training had been, Turk training was worse. But his paycheck skyrocketed, even as he learned the easiest way to clean a corpse, and the fastest way to dig up a grave, and the most effective method of using hostages. Unlike the traditional tactics and history classes, Cloud excelled at the one-on-one training with his new ‘coworkers.’ Before two years were out, he had donned his own dark suit and red tie, and he wore them proudly with the knowing smirk he’d learned from his seniors.

But when Tseng offered him the job of keeping an eye on Sephiroth, every piece of Cloud that was still a fanboy Soldier-wannabe came raging wildly to the surface. He was glad for the painful reconditioning that had given him an extra layer of protection between his internal emotions and external expression.

“Sounds boring.” He said with a slightly wider smile instead of letting himself shriek out a ‘yes please!’

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A Trained Professional

Ereri Week: Day 6 – Storm

Summary: Ode to Jurassic Park (and raptors… and ereri). Using “storm” as an excuse to write the ereri Jurassic Park AU I always wanted. Action/Adventure/Romance/RAWR. Part one of many.

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Each June, as the northern skies over St. Petersburg were suffused with the brilliant pearls, blues, and magentas of the famous “White Nights,” the Emperor and his family regularly made a series of journeys to a series of lodges and palaces throughout the Empire. Nicholas, Alexandra and their five children would board a tender and slowly steam across the placed waters of the Gulf of Finland to Kronstadt, the island naval base which served as the semi-permanent home to the Imperial yachts.

From here, at least for the next few weeks, the Imperial Family could relax as they cruised through the Finnish Skerries, enjoying both the simple pleasures of life at sea and daily excursions to the small islands and protected compounds edged by deep pine and evergreen forests. The Imperial yachts provided the most luxurious means of travel. The Standart was the most elegant of all royal yachts ever built, and the envy of other European sovereigns.

Everything about Standart was on a massive scale. She was 420 feet in length, and weighed in at 4,334 tons. Twin screws propelled her through the water at a top speed of 22 knots, fueled by steam and coal. The private cabins used by the Imperial Family were decorated in mahogany and teak paneling, with bright English chintz papers for the walls, and chintz fabrics for the furniture and curtains. Nicholas had a small study, a dark cabin filled with his favorite green leather sofas and chairs, while Alexandra’s boudoir was finished in mauve and gray, its walls covered with family photographs and icons.

The rooms for the children all had brass bedsteads, with walls hung with English floral cretonne and chintz curtains at the portholes, and marble washbasins. Although the Dowager Empress retained use of the imperial yacht Polar Star, she had a private suite on Standart as well, with a sitting room hung with chintz, a bedroom with a brass bed, and a dressing room filled with family photographs.

Alexandra enjoyed these holidays as much as did her husband. “She had loved the sea from childhood,” recalled Baroness Buxhoeveden, “and the greatest pleasure she had was when the Imperial family were on their yacht, cruising in Finnish Waters.” Whilst Nicholas was occupied with his official duties and the children played or had lessons, Alexandra sat on deck knitting, reading or writing, or she played the piano in the Drawing Room, often singing duets with Anna Vyrubova.

The Empress,” recalled Baroness Buxhoeveden, “spent most of her day lying on a couch on deck, one of her daughters always staying with her when she did not feel well enough to go ashore. She was often joined by one or other of the officers, or by some of the Household, who at and talked to her, while she worked or drew.” Often, she spent long hours chatting with Anna Vyrubova, forming a deep bond which would last to the end of her life. “What she told me that summer seemed to relieve her mind and she was more cheerful at the ending of the cruise than at the beginning. The commander of the yacht was good enough to tell me that I had broken down the wall of ice that seemed to surround Her Majesty, and that now she could be more easily approached.” Even Alexander Mossolov, the Head of the Court Chancellery, who often found his relations with Alexandra cold and distant, recalled that while on board Standart, “The Empress herself grew gay and communicative.

Returning to the yacht, the Imperial Family gathered on deck for evening prayers at sunset. “The Empress loved the long, still days,” recalled Baroness Buxhoeveden, “the bright, moonlight nights on the water, the evening prayer of the sailors on deck before the lowering of the flag, when the last rays of the setting sun rested in the sea, on the woods, and on the escorting ships, while the deep voices of the men, singing the Lords Prayer, echoed far away into the silence.

By eleven o'clock, the lights on deck had been extinguished, and the Imperial Family had retired to their staterooms below, watching from their portholes as the sky danced with the pinks, blues and reds of the northern lights. It was a tranquil, idyllic existence, far removed from the pressures and intrigues of St. Petersburg.