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Dealing with and managing your stress is not only important for performing well in school but it’s also crucial for both your mental and physical health while trying to do so. We unfortunately do not have a never-failing solution on how to never get stressed, but inspired by this question we decided to share a couple of things we try do do, which help us to keep our stress levels on on a manageable and as-low-as-possible level. So here they are:

1. Have a detailed schedule (or at least a daily to-do-list of some sort). 
Calendars are your friends! Having a list of tasks you need to complete each day actually makes you feel much more on top of things and it is not a secret that there is nothing more rewarding than crossing something off your to-do-list.
But on a more serious note, though keeping a super-detailed calendar might sound a little over the top, it’s actually very helpful when it comes to dealing with anxiety, as it gives you a super clear view of your current situation. We actually write down every single task (no matter how small or trivial it might seem), but if it seems to excessive to you all least create a list with things you need to do and can’t forget about for each day.

2. Stop procrastinating and try to focus more
Of course it’s much easier to say this than to do this and we aren’t strangers to wasting our time, but procrastination is really, really super awful and you should avoid it at all costs. We wrote how you can study more productively here and here, you can try this and see what works for you :)

3. Asses your abilities honestly
Be honest with yourself about what is and what isn’t manageable to do. It is impossible to read and learn 200 pages of textbook in an hour, but you can also do more in an 2 hours than read 10 pages. Always push yourself a little, just don’t do it too much, because you’ll end up resigned and stressed even more

4. Prioritize- part 1
Sometimes, even though you planned everything, and you’re super focused and not distracted at all, there are simply too many things to do, and it’s impossible to do them all. That’s when you prioritize. Always start with the most important thing (be honest with yourself). Next are the most difficult things, then the things which take the most time. Decide which tasks you can wing- those are the last ones you even think about. If you have very limited time, skim through topics and try to remember the general ideas and concepts, don’t make detailed notes.

5. Focus on you on thing
Comparing what you do, and how you do it is generally not a great idea when it comes to studying. Some people need to study for 8 hours, some will remember everything after reading it twice. It might be not super fair, but it is what it is, and getting fixated on a fact that someone was up all night studying, while you were asleep, or you were in a library for a whole weekend, while your friends were partying and relaxing. People are different and they study differently and comparing their methods is a little stupid. Focus on your progress and improving your study techniques, but do it for yourself, and not for your friends.

6. Self-care is important
Try to avoid all-nighters. Eat your veggies (seriously, try to eat healthy). Have some time for yourself each day. Browse tumblr, watch an episode of your favorite TVshow, take a nice bath or read a chapter of your new book. Try to meet your friends once a week. Talk to your family, pet your cat or your dog. School can’t become your whole world, because you’ll simply go crazy. Of course there are times when your school-life balance isn’t exactly a balance (#exams) but even then, try to have some time for yourself, even if it’s just 30 minutes. Also, try to move at least once a week- exercise makes you happy, helps you relax, and clears your head ^^

7. Prioritize- part 2 
School and getting your education are undoubtedly important but you know whats even more important? Your health. Overworking yourself isn’t fun and it most definitely isn’t “a natural part of university experience”, so when you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to do, and you feel it starting to affect your health (either mental or physical) you need to stop. Believe us when we say it- it’s actually much easier to retake a failed exam than to recover from a sudden health decline caused by stressing too much over school. Also, please, please seek help if you think you need it- you are the most important thing in your life, not your grades, remember that!

Hope you’ll find something here useful!


How to deal with a concept you do not understand
  • Breathe. If you are starting to feel flustered, stressed, frustrated, take a break. The more angsty you feel, the less likely you’ll be able to focus on the actual concept. Take a break, study something else, but make sure when you’re trying to tackle a difficult concept, you are calm, cool, and collected. 
  • Re-read your notes. This one is obvious but ask yourself if you’re actually re-reading your notes or if you’re just glancing over the page. Sometimes it helps to rewrite your notes in a different way. 
  • Read someone’s else’s notes. Sometimes reading something in a different way can help you understand a concept you are struggling with. 
  • Ask someone but make sure whoever you’re asking won’t confuse you further. To be safe, ask a TA, your professor, or an experienced tutor. I cannot count how many times I’ve casually asked someone to explain a concept and I end up leaving 10x more confused. Make sure you’re asking the right people. 
  • Google it. Seriously. There are many amazing resources out there that may be as close as the click of a button. 
  • Re-watch a lecture, if possible. Some professors webcast their lectures and going over your notes while listening to them is really helpful when you can’t quite grasp a concept. 
  • Be patient. Sometimes, you’ll need to work at a concept over a number of days and that’s perfectly okay. The most important part is that you try your best to understand and that you realize everyone learns at different paces. 
  • Do NOT wait until the last minute to tackle a difficult concept. Procrastinating on this kind of stuff right up before an exam can increase your anxiety and deplete your self-confidence. Make sure you tackle these difficult concepts as soon as you encounter them so you can take your time to understand everything. 

My new washi tape came! These designs are just beautiful, I love sticking them in my bullet journal and planner ^__^

My 2017 Planner and Bullet Journal and My new study space set-up for 2017!

My Study Tips

About me~ I am a 5th year optometry student in Australia, follow me for weekly study tips and daily-ish aesthetic pictures of my studying :)

Imagine Your OTP:Monopoly

So Monopoly is the game where it can break relationships. So apparently it’s a good idea for these guys to play it. Person A is the person who has being studying business deals, negotiate any deal no matter what is involves and unbelievably . Now Person B is the person that gets properties because they likes it name and/or color, goes with any deal Person A offers cuz Person B finds it adorable when A gets all business like and IS ALWAYS THE DOG. So Person A rolls and lands on Chance. While A are reading the Chance Card, Person B gets on their knee, pulls out a ring and says “Want to take another chance, on me?”  

  • So before this happens, Person A is landing on NO CHANCES and this KILLING PERSON B
  • Whenever A gets close and Person B counts wrong, they start to get on their knees but quickly make the excuse of “I dropped something”. Something by their heart
  • So when Person A FINALLY ROLLS ON CHANCE, Person B is shaking and sweating but it is okay they aren’t physically sick, just lovesick 

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Study Tip about dealing with bad (academic) news! I’ll speak from personal experience, you can have a look at my Fresh Start post from a while back haha

So~ after finding out your results there’s usually 4 standard reactions, with individual variations. 

  • Over-the-moon! A result or rank higher than you expected :D
  • Satisfied that the mark you received was the result of the work you put in
  • Disappointment when it missed the mark and
  • Utter shock or extreme sadness when you receive a terrible result

Obviously the first two, you’ve put in the work and things are as sunny-side-up as your nutritious breakfast. Great job, and have a pat on the back! But we all have had that result that felt anywhere from disappointment to soul-crushing depression. Here are some tips on how to deal with the bad news. 

The first couple of steps help with coming to terms with your result and not allowing your emotions to overwhelm you. 

Check your results as soon as they come out. Majority of the time (or when you’re lucky with the less organised professors) you’ll be aware at least the morning of, that the results are coming out. My advice is not to put it off unless you have an important exam or event before your day finishes. You’ll have completed your test/assignment 2 weeks prior, so why delay the inevitable with added anxiety?

Take a deep breath and calm down. Especially for assessments with greater weighting. Ensure you are seated so that you feel grounded and in control. 

Take a step back from everyone and everything. It can be quite stressful being surrounded by both underachievers that stress and overachievers that celebrate. 

If you need to be sad or mope, then do so but don’t dwell on it. I personally prefer to let all my steam out after getting the result. I’m probably the student you find moping around afterwards to other people, but the next day I’m usually ready to jump back into it again. It’s best to just let your emotions run their natural course. 

The next few steps help with moving on from the result and sorting out any remaining doubts. 

After you’ve calmed down, verify the result. There are the rare times that a bad result was just so out of left-field that it might just be the fact that the professor missed a page of marking your assignment. I’m sure you know at least one person around you who’s had this happen to them. Professors are human too and they do get tired. 

In addition to that, ask them the reasons why they handed you that result, and what you can do to improve. Many studyblrs are probably in existence as a result of performing poorly in the past and deciding that they won’t tolerate that kind of result anymore. If you can take it as an experience that guides your work ethic in the future, then you’ve set yourself up for success. 

Talk to a friend about it. At this point, having someone who will listen without making judgements on how you’ve done is really good for relaying to yourself the whole situation from an outside perspective. It can also help if that friend is happy to help you think of suggestions for how you can improve!

Contemplate your study methods prior to the exam, and implement a strategy to improve. Or think about your essay writing process. Did you do everything possible or was there something that you could improve on? What can you do better next time? Think about whether it was the way you organised or the way you studied. Self-reflection is a critical part of learning, so let it become second nature to you. It is also part of the process of self-actualisation in your day-to-day life. 

If you really feel up to it, reread your notes and have a look at what you didn’t understand. Analysing your mistakes is the only way that you’ll improve, especially for subjects like maths. Try and break things down into different categories or areas, for example, silly mistakes vs. conceptual misunderstanding vs. reading the question wrong vs. forgetting the answer in the exam vs. not studying it in the first place. Depending on what the cause of the mistakes are, the ways that you’ll try and best that will change. 

Now stop thinking about the result and do something you enjoy. After all that’s said and done, take some time to forget about the result and look forward to the future and the possibilities you have open for you. There’s hopefully only one way forward, and that’s up :)

The ‘What I Wish I’d Known Before University’ series

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About me~ I am a 5th year optometry student in Australia, follow me for more study tips and aesthetic pictures of my studying :)

Dealing with a bad grade or negative thoughts:

I have had a huge number of messages and inboxes asking about how to deal with a bad grade, or how to feel better about the fact that they have to much work to do/think they are going to fail their exams. I thought I’d make a post addressing this, in the hope that it will be helpful to some of you :)


  • The first thing you have to do is to accept that you have got the grade you have gotten - whether that is a B instead of your usual A, or it is a fail grade.
  • Try and analyse why you got that grade. Is it something as simple as not working hard for that assignment? Or did you work hard and still not achieve the grade you wanted - then the issue might be exam technique, timing etc. 
  • It is so important to talk in this situation. Talk to your teachers about the grade you got, and about how to improve - do they think this is a one off? Or is there something they can do to help if they think you might be struggling with the material. The worst thing you can do is to deny the grade and just withdraw yourself.
  • As hard as it sounds, look at this ‘bad’ grade as something good. Take this opportunity to learn from any mistakes you might have made. Correct the paper you didn’t do well in so that it is up to full marks, try and see exactly why you didn’t get the marks you missed.
  • Then start working on an action plan of how to do better next time. The worst thing to do would be to stall completely and get focused on this one bad grade. If you focus too much on it then you won’t be able to progress and learn from what you did wrong. Instead of focusing on the fact that you got a bad grade, look forward to the next test and be determined to smash it!
  • If you are in the position that this isn’t a one off, and you are finding a particular subject and its exams very hard, maybe you should looking at getting a tutor? Talk to your teachers to see if they can give you extra questions, or one-to-one sessions during lunch/after-school. Your teachers want to help you, so utilise them.

Changing your attitude and thinking positively:

  • A lot of you have sent me messages telling me that you are scared to fail, or that you are sure that the work you’re doing won’t pay off etc. In cases like this I think it’s you attitudes that need to change.
  • If you take the stand that you will fail your exams, that because you are getting bad grades now you’ll obviously fail in summer so there’s no point even trying etc. etc. of course you aren’y going to do well! You need to think positively in order to succeed.
  • Start telling yourself that you will succeed, that you will pass, that you are good enough - even if you don’t believe it at first. If you keep that mantra going around your head, your attitude will shift and you will start feeling better about your situation.
  • Don’t dwell on the past - on grades you have got earlier in the term etc. just keep focused on the future, and the things you have to do in order to get where you want to go.
  • Keep reminding yourself of your goals and aspirations. If ever you are feeling unmotivated or in doubt of yourself, remember what you want to achieve and think about what you have to do to get there, and how much you want to get there - this will help motivate you and empower you.

Remember that bad grades do not define you. You are worth so much more than some letters on a piece of paper, so make sure you are happy and healthy before you start worrying about a bad grade. Good luck all of you! :)

Swimmer/swim team Percy headcanons

- It was Sally’s idea he join the team.
- She thought it would be a good way to stay active in his high school community, and earn more credibility with his teachers
- Plus it helps let out some of that ‘post quest energy’
- Once he makes it on to the varsity team with flying colors, Sally makes him promise to turn off as much of his power as he can
- He agrees, but can’t exactly help that the water is like liquid steroids
- Also sometimes he forgets to breath the air instead of the water oops
- Annabeth is like supportive #1
- When the two of them aren’t studying or dealing with demigod things, Annabeth likes to watch technique videos with him, and help him learn the proper way of swimming
- Paul was on the swim team in high school for a few years, so swimming is always a good topic of convo between the two guys
- He’s all around good at the 4 strokes, but he excels most in the butterfly

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The ADHDstudy Masterpost Is Here!!!

For the past few weeks I’ve been moving all of my resources and links over from my old (and far less organised) masterpost to a new one. Now, I can proudly say I’ve finished the new masterpost and it is ADHD friendly. Organised, efficient, and ADHD and mental health-centred. There’s also plenty of resources for note-taking, studying, procrastination, dealing with adulthood, and an entire page of links to other websites and apps that students have found helpful.

If you have any resources you yourself use, send me an ask and I’ll add it to the masterpost. There are currently 289 resources and I’d love to add more to the collection!

Good health and good studying! ~ adhdstudy

me: gets attached rlly easily. gets attached to dog tht i saw for abt 20 secs. gets attached to ppl who ive spoken to for like. 1 time nd a half.
also me: mmm i wonder y m heart aches ??? wh happened there !! why u feeling so lonely nd unimportant bud !?

Dating Jason Dilaurentis would include:

- Sneaking out at 1am for late night drives with Jason

- Not being close with the girls because Alison lowkey was jealous of you

- Spencer is the only one who is actually your friend because she’s your study buddy

- Dealing with A texts after three months of dating Jason

- Not telling Jason about the texts to protect him

- Jason finding out about the texts because you forgot your phone in his car

- Him reading the texts and getting mad af (ANGRY JASON IS HOT JASON BC VEIN POPPING ON HIS NECK)

- Jason being overprotective of you 

- Jason asking you to move in with him after 8 months of dating to get away from the Rosewood drama after you almost died due to A

- Looking for apartments together 

- Giving up after 1 week of looking at the apartments 10 minutes away from Rosewood

“But babe the 6th apartment we looked at had the fireplace you wanted in the bedroom!”

“Jason!! I freaking saw a dead mouse trapped in a mouse trap outside on the balcony!”

“oh… right.”

- Him calling you babe, sweetheart and baby girl

- You call him babycakes due to an inside joke about the time he ordered a cake for your birthday online and when it arrived it was a chocolate cake that was the size of your hand

- Jason surprised you by buying a small cottage an hour away from Rosewood 

- Packing boxes with Jason 

“Dang (y/n) what did you pack in this box? My back is starting to hurt.”

“Is this your way to ask for a back massage..?”

“You know you wanna see me shirtless..”

“Okay fine. Take your shirt off Dilaurentis, we are taking a break right now.”

- Watching Jason repair his car from the balcony in the hot summer weather

“Are you just going stare at me all day or are you going to bring me water?”

“But jaaason… you’re shirtless…”

- Slow passionate sex in the living room with the fireplace on

- Rough daddy kink sex after a rough day at Jason’s work

- Surprising Jason at work with lunch

- Jason cooking for you all the time because he watches Hells Kitchen reruns all night

- Ordering pizza when Jason ends up burning his pasta

“This is a disgrace”

“Babycakes its ok to mess up.”

“We will not speak of this ever again

“But how does one burn pasta?”


“You’re still my master chef babe”

“Shut up”

- Shoulder kisses

- Neck kisses

- Supporting each other through everything

- Having to buy concealers weekly so you can cover up the hickies Jason left all over your neck

- Jason calling in sick on behalf of you so you can just cuddle him all day

- Him proposing on your 4 year anniversary

- Having a small wedding by the lake and Spencer is your bridesmaid and Toby is his best man

- Going to the Dominican Republic for your honeymoon that lasts for 3 weeks

- Getting matching Jerseys to your favourite baseball team and customizing it to say Dilaurentis on the back

- Trying to be friends with Alison by telling her you are pregnant and she can be the god mother

- Jason is overly excited about the baby news

- Getting close with the girls and they plan a baby shower for you

- Turning Jason on when you call him daddy while speaking to your stomach

“Come on little one, kick for Daddy”

“(y/n) my hand wont be on your stomach for much longer if you keep calling me daddy”

“oh? And what would you do Daddy? It better be clean because the little one is listening”

“Oh I am going to rip your clothes off and-”


“What? Having sex is healthy”

“Shut up!”

- Having a baby girl and Jason being overly attached

- (y/d/n) being Daddy’s Little Girl

- Jason buying a shirt that says that just to make you jealous

- Alison and Spencer ends up spoiling her

- Jason not allowing (y/d/n) to wear the “my Aunt’s the best” shirt that Spencer bought 

“Jason let her wear it”

“Spencer if i have to have this argument again i’ll have it burned”

“Jason i’m going to frame it then”

“(y/n) you’re supposed to be on my side”


“HA she loves me more than you Jason”

“Shut up Spencer”

- Growing old with Jason would include holding hands while taking walks at the park, reminding each other to take what meds at what time, saying I Love You whenever you can, complaining how (y/d/n) barely brings the kids over, having races about who can go faster in the wheelchair, and dying in each others arm while sleeping…

The signs as Branches of Philosophy

Epistemology: Study of Knowledge and  deals with the process by which we can know that something is true. (Sagittarius, Aquarius) 

  • How do I know about it?

Metaphysics: Study of Existence, more specifically it is the study of reality that is beyond the scientific or mathematical realms. (Pisces, Gemini)

  • What’s out there? 

Ethics: Study of Action and is the study of moral value, right and wrong (Libra, Cancer, Virgo)

  • What should I do? 

Politics: Study of Force and tells you how a society must be set up and how one should act within a society. (Aries, Capricorn)

  • What actions are permissible? 

Aesthetics: Study of Art and it includes what art consists of, as well as the purpose behind it. (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio)

  • What can life be like? 

It is about to be the start of the next academic year so I decided to post this masterlist. Here are all of my original study posts so far and they are sorted by topics.

All of the information below can actually be found on this page  (/mystudytips). It is constantly updated so if you want to look for my posts in an organised way you can always go there.


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Getting unsatisfactory grades?

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Sleep and Breaks

Summer Posts

College Advice from a Nursing Student

The new semester is coming up fast, and I thought that I would tell you guys about things that helped me succeed in college (with depression and anxiety and a very very hard major). 

  1. GO TO CLASS I’m dead serious here. Go. To. Class. It’s super easy to skip one day and then skip another, and another, and another, and another, until you’ve skipped three out of the five classes you take during the week. Going to class and paying attention brings you up at least one letter grade, and you don’t even need to study. Make a deal with yourself and try to keep it. My deal was that I wasn’t allowed to skip class unless I was so sick I couldn’t go, or if there was an emergency. In the end, I went to every single class last semester (I was actually so anxious about missing class and failing that I forced myself to go. Not a good thing, guys). 
  2. Don’t party on a weeknight. This may sound?? I don’t know. Lame (do we even call things lame anymore?) or something, but really, it works. If you limit partying to Fridays and Saturdays only, you won’t ever have to skip a class because you’re hungover.
  3. Be in bed by 11:30 on weeknights. You don’t need to be asleep, but just being in bed, not working, not going out, just chilling on your laptop or phone or reading a book will help with your exhaustion in the morning. 
  4. DO NOT WORK/STUDY ON YOUR BED!!! You have a desk for a reason and libraries and cafes exist for a reason. It’s so you don’t study on your bed. If you do that, your brain associates stress and work with your bed, which will make it much, much harder for you to fall asleep. Which makes you very very tired in the morning.
  5. Sit in the front. I do this for two reasons. If you sit in the front, then the professor can see when you’re not paying attention. I do that on purpose. I feel guilty if the professor sees me on my phone, so I don’t use my phone so I’m forced to pay attention. Also, if you’re in a huge lecture hall (I was in three last semester), then you won’t be able to see all the people in the class, which makes the professor and the class feel much less intimidating. 
  6. Use a notebook, if you can. I call this studying without studying. If you write your notes, then you’re more likely to remember what you learned in class, you’re less likely to get distracted by the internet, and you won’t need to study as much later because you’ll remember more. Also older professors love shit like that. They think technology is satan or whatever, I don’t know. 
  7. Give yourself time to get to class. Running to class and being late is a) disruptive b) exhausting and c) super stressful. It may be tempting to cut it close, but I’m telling you, it’s really not worth it. 
  8. Start studying exactly seven days before an exam. Of course, adjust this period if you want, but for me? I do exactly seven days for a very specific reason: it’s less stress. I’m a victim of the Fuck It Point™️ where around 24 hours before an exam, I say, “if I don’t know it I never will, fuck it I’m going in with what I have.” A week gives enough time to study, but not study too much. I’m a flashcard maker. I make flashcards for literally everything. So what I do is on day one to three I say to myself, “go through the cards at least once a day.” Does it always happen? No. But it gives me enough time to not finish going through the cards but at least start and not feel guilty that I’m doing nothing with my life and that I’m going to fail. After day three really start to crack down. Go through them at least twice and at most five times. By the end of the week you’ll know every card, I swear.
  9. Take Naps. I know some people can’t sleep during the day, but I want to tell you this: if you can’t fall asleep during the day, just take twenty minutes, lay down, and close your eyes. I promise you will feel so much more rested than you were before. 
  10. Join a club with low commitment. I joined the fencing team because I fenced in high school. It gives me something to do outside of work and if I really can’t, or don’t want, to go, I just don’t. No consequences, no stress, just something I do in my off time. 
  11. Pick a day to get your shit together. Every. Week. My day is Sundays. On Sundays, I clean, I do laundry, I go grocery shopping, and I relax. No work. No studying. No going out and being crazy. I just get my shit together and recharge. That way on Monday, I feel at least like I can pretend that I have my life together. Tell people about it. Let them know. They’ll a) think you’re more put together than you actually are and b) be impressed (I also do this so that I actually do it. If I tell people, then they know, and if I don’t do it, then I lied to them. Healthy? Not sure. Effective? Totally.) 
  12. Go see the school’s therapist. They’re real therapists and it’s usually included in your tuition. My guy is Mark. He’s pretty chill (he takes me too seriously sometimes). Everyone does it at some point, I promise (nursing majors are well known in the psych department because we very often have breakdowns). I don’t go every week, but he’s always there when I need someone who is the Real Deal to talk to and get help from. 
  13. Let yourself break down. I call them Days™️. I let myself have them and I try not to beat myself up about it. We all have moments of insecurity and “holy shit what am I doing here?”. It’s alright. A lot of people do. I had coffee  and had a panic attack in the middle of me lecture hall. It was kind of embarrassing. I then proceeded to go home (aka my room) and lay down for the rest of the day. The next morning I woke up, only wanted to die a little bit, and went to class. 
  14. Talk to people. You don’t need friends, and you definitely don’t need best friends, if you don’t want them. Im not a friend kind of gal. I find people draining and stressful. I have like, two good friends that don’t even go to my university. But I still talk to people, and I still engage in conversations with my neighbors and whatever. It’s good knowing people because honestly, it helps me feel more human. I then hole away again. It’s good for people to know you and to have people to talk to. Mental health and all that. 
  15. Join a community. My school has a community for all the POC (I go to an extremely white school, so MCSC is like a safe space). Every employee in the program is POC, we have dinners and there’s a living room to just sit and hang. There are advisors that help you with racial/cultural stuff and we have workshops that help you feel out your identity and how to deal with, well, dicks, basically. We also have a Women’s Center, an LGBT+ center, and so much more. They’re just places to relax and find people like you. Your school probably has them, too. 
  16. Wash your face in the morning. It’ll help you feel more awake, less like shit, and it’ll do something about the stress acne. Also wash your face at night. Dorms and campuses are gross. You’ll feel much cleaner, I promise. 
  17. Find your routine, and stick to it. It’s easier to do things when you’re just doing them on autopilot. It feels like less effort. If you keep with a routine you’ll have less stress and feel more accomplished, I swear. 
  18. Learn to be alone. I spend like 95% of my time outside of class alone nowadays, and it’s really not a bad thing. Some people will never rest, and some people will tell you you’re wasting college. You’re not. If you enjoy your alone time, and don’t have anywhere to be, don’t sweat it. It’s okay.
  19. Shower. I know the showers are gross, and I know how easy it is to forget and push it to the side, but just getting in the shower and feeling clean really helps brighten the day up. Self care is hard, and sometimes just doing the shit you don’t want to do but have to is the best way to take care of yourself. 
  20. Eat. This sounds a bit like, duh yeah, but dining hall food is fucking nasty. I’m guilty of not eating just because the food is gross and just, no (I’m the queen of forgetting to eat, too - set reminders on your phone and carry snacks). But food is, literally, food for your brain! You’ll feel more awake, less sluggish, less faint and dizzy, and less like you’re falling apart at the seams. The freshmen 15 doesn’t fucking matter okay. Your health is important and who gives a fuck if you gain a bit. Love yourself. 

Ofc, everyone is different, but maybe this can help you guys keep your head above water. And it may seem obscure, but all of these things contribute to me doing well in university. But let me leave you with one last bit: 

You’re the most important person in your life. Treat yourself with care; it’ll translate into everything you do, I promise. 

Imagine badboy!Woozi looking attentively at you instead of studying during one of your tutoring sessions with him. When you tell him to stop staring at you and continue studying, he says “I am studying. I’m studying you” in a nonchalant manner.