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Back To School Tips Master Post!

I had a few people asking me to do a back to school tips/ how to do well in school post so here it is. I’m a sophomore in college and an honors student so I plan on sharing the things that have helped me succeed. Even though these tips are things I use now in college, most of them I also used in high school so it can be applied there as well. 

Organization                                                                                                           The most beneficial thing you can do is stay organized.

  1. Get a planner.- I bought mine this year at Walgreens for around $7 but it has a plastic cover so all paper ones are even cheaper. A planner is good for keeping track of when everything is due. When I get my syllabi for my classes I go through them and write down the due dates of homework, essays, tests, etc, on the day they are due. You can color code your classes or just write the class next to the assignment. This way you can look at a whole week and see everything you have due for all of your classes in one place. It’s also easier to add in things or make changes if your professor decides to due so.
  2. Use a white board- I know white boards can be expensive, so if you can’t afford one, expo markers will write on laminated paper which you can get for around $4 on Amazon. I use this to keep on my wall and write the next really important date for each class. So I have all my classes listed on the board and let’s say my next big date in Psych is a test. I’d write that date on the board, then after the test, I’d erase it and write the next important date. These dates should be in your planner as well but it’s nice to have them right in front of you at all times so you don’t turn to the next week in your planner and realize you have a test on Monday. 
  3. Buy durable folders- If you’re going to be using your folders all year make sure they’ll last all year. You want to lose any of your assignments. I get plastic folders at Office Depot for $0.39 a piece. I chose a color for each class and write the class at the top in sharpie and I’m good to go!
  4. Notebooks too!- You’re going to be taking a lot of notes so make sure to keep a notebook for each class as well. Mine were $3 each at Office Depot but they have a plastic cover so if you need to save some money get the paper covers because you most likely wont reuse a notebook.
  5. Get a pack of loose leaf paper- Sometimes you have to turn things in and if you’re like me then you hate tearing it out of your notebook. But if you don’t have a problem with that then don’t worry about it!
  6. Use some sort of bag/backpack- This will help you not lose anything plus you can put water, snacks, etc in it as well!

Study Tips                                                                                                               Tests are often the biggest portion of your grade so knowing the best ways to study will help you out the most. 

  1. Figure out what type of learner you are- This can greatly improve your study skills. There are visual learners; these people learn best with charts, graphs, and anything that show a visual relationship between information. So if you’re this type of person, to help study you could make charts, graphs, tables, draws arrows between points of information, or watch videos. Anything to help you see it. There are also auditory learners; these people learn best when hearing the information. So the best way for these people to study is to recite information out loud, or if your course has an audio book to listen to it. You could also have a friend read information to you and you say it as well. Some people are reading/writing learners; they do best when reading the text and writing down important points/taking notes. This is the type of learner I am so to help me study, I write out my own flashcards, I copy power points into my notes, and as I read my chapters I write the important information.  Something else that is good for these kind of learners is to make little quizzes for yourself. There are also kinesthetic learners; they learn best with more hands on activities. This can be hard to do especially with some subjects. If you can physically do what you’re studying then do it. If not, make a game out of it. For example, ask yourself questions and if you get it right take a shot at a basketball hoop or a soccer goal (if you don’t have these things use a paper ball and your trashcan or anything you can substitute. Figuring out which learner you are will greatly improve how you study.
  2. Don’t wait until right before a test- Cramming your brain with all the information a few days before a test will not help you remember and only stress you out. This is called Massed Practice and is proven to be a waste of time and information is not retained well. Study a little everyday or every other day. This is called the Spacing Effect and is proven to improve retention and recall of information. So it is best to do short sessions of study over a long period of time rather than a long session all at once.
  3. Find a good place to study- If you like quiet places and your house/dorm is too loud go to a library or outside if it’ s a nice day.  If you like a lot of background noise play some music or go to a coffee shop.

Overall Tips                                                                                                            These tips are still really important but I don’t have enough that fit together to make another header.

  1. Work on what’s due first- Some people think it’s always best to work on the important things first but that’s not always the case. If your essay is due in two weeks and you have an assignment due in a few days then finish the assignment first. You’ll still have plenty of time for your essay. I suggest doing all your work but if something happens to where you just can’t then yes do the more important thing because it’ll be a bigger part of your grade.
  2. Writing Centers- A lot of colleges/universities have writing centers.  If you’re not the best at writing or just need some help you can make an appointment at the writing center where someone highly qualified in writing will read your paper/essay and help you with grammar, punctuation, idea flow, overall organization etc. I highly suggest checking to see if your school has one of these.
  3. Check your email/Blackboard/whatever your professor uses- This is where they may add extra assignments/ cancel class and not mention it in class. It’s always important to check.
  4. Try to relax- I know it can be hard, especially for students with depression, anxiety, and other mental/physical illnesses but it’s important to always take a moment and calm down. Take breaks from your work and do something you enjoy for at least a few minutes everyday. If you need a nap, take a nap. just set an alarm to pick back up on your work later.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect- This is still something I’m working on myself but getting better at. Last semester I got a B for the first time since my sophomore year of high school and it bothered me to no end. But, I told myself I did my best, and as a person with bad social anxiety I’m okay with my B in public speaking. So for anyone else who feels like they have to keep their 4.0 all 4 years, don’ t panic if you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with not being perfect, almost no one graduates college with a 4.0. Always do your best, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
  6. Take classes you enjoy- Hopefully you’re in a major that you enjoy so you wont hate your classes too much but it’s still important to try to take a fun class every once in awhile. If you like art, take an art class. Then, you’re still doing work but also doing something you like.
  7. Get a tutor- If you’re not doing as well in a class as you would like, don’t be afraid to get a tutor. Most universities offer tutors who are students that would love to help you and wont be judgmental at all. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help and tutors are often people who have already passed the class with an A so they’ll be very good resources.
  8. Take care of yourself- Overall, make sure you’re eating well and drinking water throughout the day. Sometimes it’s impossible, but try to get enough sleep. If you go out to party watch out for yourself and others. Practice self care and if things get too stressful and you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

I know this post is very long, but I wanted to share everything I could for anyone who wanted help. If I think of anything else I’ll definitely add it later. I hope everyone has a great semester and school year! Good luck to everyone!

anonymous asked:

I'm really interested in learning Japanese but I'm not really sure where to start with it.

It’s amazing how someone can teach themselves a whole new language by themselves. I self-studied Japanese and never used a textbook. There are so many resources for learning, online and free. You can learn just using the online or free resources listed here and beyond. But where do you start?

First, start with hiragana. There are many ways to learn it.


Next, learn Katakana


Next understand more about hiragana like long vowel sounds, muddied sounds, The Small や、ゆ、and よ, the small つ、the long vowel sound with Tae Kim.

Then more with katakana. Learn the long vowel sound and the small ア イ ウ エ オ with Tae Kim again.

Then additional sounds using whatever method helped you learn hiragana and katakana.

Done with all that?  Now, drop romaji. It’s dead to you. A little reluctant? Practice more.

Learn grammar next with vocab and kanji on the side. It’s hard to learn grammar without vocab and it’s hard to learn words without understanding some kanji. I know it’s tough but once you ride it out through grammar learning Japanese becomes much smoother and easier. It’s not as frustrating. It’s so fun.



  • memrise
  • JLPT N5 vocab list ( recommend learning other JLPT vocab later too)
  • learn the words in the grammar lessons too!
  • Write down new vocab you come across and make flash cards or quizlets to learn them



Dictionaries are helpful for vocab and kanji.

  • imiwa?
  • jisho
  • Japanese ( This is my main dictionary)
  • Download Japanese dictionary and Japanese-English dictionary on iPhone in settings, go to dictionary on settings

After all that just keep practicing. Go to your best free resource, your public library and find books in your level, watch videos in Japanese, read manga, watch a film in Japanese etc. 

Also, here’s a good masterpost that also lists other good masterposts and more.

Here’s some miscellaneous advice I want to give beforehand I really hope you'll take:

  • Try using the Japanese dictionary the most, not the Japanese-English one but the completely in Japanese definitions of words one. Use Japanese-English when you can’t understand the Japanese definition to help yourself. I found English words given to define Japanese words seem to be similar words or/and words the Japanese word is usually translated in. It’s hard to really understand the word exactly. To really understand the word I find myself having to read the Japanese definitions. This is literally what I give the most credit for my progress in Japanese. ( some good ones are kotobank and goo辞書 as well as the iPhone one.)
  • Learn loan words. Sometimes they aren’t used like the language it originally came from uses it.
  • Understand what radicals are so you use them to look up kanji. Lots of Japanese dictionaries let you look up by radical.
  • Practice stroke order. I mean my handwriting is messy but a least it’s legible and not as messy as it could be.
  • learn Dialects!
  • Some words use a couple different kanjis. Learn the nuances of using those different kanjis in the word.
  • Read news in Japanese
  • learn the culture. It’s impossible to learn Japanese without understanding the culture.
  • learn kanji by learning how its used and vocab. Here’s a post I made about that. It’s the same one above.
  • Change your phone into Japanese.
  • follow Japanese people’s accounts on social media, whether that’s here on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram.
  • And lastly, Don’t lose yourself to discouragement. Keep going. I can’t tell you how good it felt to watch Jdrama completely in Japanese or read a whole adult novel in Japanese. I could see anyone getting there too. It takes time but it’s very possible.

Followers, feel free to recommend any resource in the notes:)


Ceres in Astrology

Ceres is commonly associated as being the quintessential Earth Mother, and rules over food, cooking, nutrition, animals, and has coined the keyword of ‘nurture’, and has been strongly associated as the modern day ruler of Virgo in Astrology.

Upon my own astrological study of the asteroid, I aimed to seperate her ‘nurture’ in relation to the nurture and care provided by the moon. Upon several chart studies and samples, it became clear the role Ceres plays within ones chart.

Ceres rules the action orientation of nurturing: What needs to be DONE to give and receive nurturing. It shows what you experienced in the nurturing environment and how you learnt how to care for yourself, hence her association with the sign of virgo - she is the practical nurturer.

Moon in ones chart is much more personal and has to do with your inner world and how you internally identify yourself and also describes your automatic reactions to external situations

Ceres focuses primarily on the ACT OF NURTURING ITSELF. It doesn’t contribute to ones identification, nor does it dictate the way nurturing affects our overall emotional wellbeing - it primarily shows what makes us happy in terms of comfort and physical care.

Ceres is the external manifestation of nurturing that primarily looks at your physical environment, while the moon is about your emotional wellbeing

With Ceres, there is also a reflection of the conditionality of nurturing and lack thereof. What was commonly found throughout the chart studies is that Ceres seems to be a manifestation of what we ultimately LACKED during childhood, and how we choose how to nurture others by how we learnt to care for ourselves. This sense of nurturing stems from what we wanted, though wasn’t adequately received.

Upon reflecting on the research and study from Professional Astrologer Steve Judd (who has 35+ years of experience reading natal charts), he indicated an afflicted Ceres in the natal chart commonly shows that as the native reaches their 30s/40s may develop a processed wheat intolerance or digestive complaint.

Harsh aspects to Ceres could also show issues of abandonment, grief, eating disorders, over-attachment, custody issues and parent-child complexes.

Check your Ceres sign and House placement

Ceres in Aries (1st)

As a child, you experienced an environment where you had to essentially learn to care for yourself. Either the parental figures were not present to give you proper nurturing and therefore you had to learn how to be independent and fend for yourself. If you had siblings, you may have taken the role of caring for them by taking most likely indicated by the house area Ceres is located. If Ceres is afflicted, you may have experienced a form of violence or aggression in the home life.

You may tend to be quite self reliant in caring, and may not want to allow others to take much care for you since you feel best when you do it for yourself. This may include cooking and cleaning for yourself, and you may get somewhat agitated if people do your tasks for you -especially without your say-so.

You may tend to care for yourself quite physically by being quite active, not necessarily going to the gym or exercising regularly but also just general movement throughout the day.

You take care of others through action - strictly doing things for another. You help improve other’s sense of independence, and as a parent, you may show your child how to do things so they can learn. Once you’ve shown them, you expect them to take the initiative to do it for themselves from then on.

You also care for the needs of others by encouraging their inherent sense of bravery, and to be bold and fearless of any hardships. You may become impatient with those who don’t attempt to care for themselves. You also establish yourself as ‘THE’ nurturing figure in your household, placing yourself as the leading care taking figure.

Ceres in Taurus (2nd)

As a child, you experienced an environment that revolved around material possessions and resources. You may have grew up in a home life where money was a great focus by one or both of the parental figures. One parent may have been quite a hard worker and/or a big spender. If well aspected, you may have experienced the pleasure of being able to access a lot of material possessions and/or resources and possibly an abundance of good food.

However, if Ceres is poorly aspected, you may have experienced and environment where the opposite was true. Money may have been limited, and you may have witness your caregivers working relentlessly to obtain a sustainable income to support you. Your parental figures may have done their best to provide you with care through means of physical affection, though if afflicted, this can indicate the LACK of physical affection from the care giver(s).

This could show a parent who was un-demonstrative to you, and ended up ‘buying’ their way out of giving you the physical affection you may have wanted.

You may have been given the excuse “I work hard to give you food and clothes and you should be grateful!” - though what you may have wanted most was a display of care and affection through something as simple as a hug.

You aim to care for your body quite well through soaps, creams and food, though you have to make sure not to overindulge with this placement.

You now give care and nurture through providing for them materially. You want to give people (and especially your children) the best you can afford, and you will work hard to obtain and give them what they want the most, buying gifts you know they’ll love and appreciate. You may also enjoy giving care through cooking for them, and also giving a bountiful supply of hugs and physical affection.

You also wish to care for yourself through the means of eating good (rich) food, and also shopping and being able to have items in which are only owned and enjoyed by you. This can be even more valuable for you if you purchased items using your own money you’ve earned yourself. Having a well balanced bank account (or perhaps even a little excess) can make you feel quite happy and grounded. You may also simply enjoy lazing around the home environment, watching movies snuggled under your favourite blanket.

Gardening or engaging in artistic endeavours such as painting or craft, and this can also improve your sense of wellbeing.

Ceres in Gemini (3rd)

As a child, you experienced an environment where the parental figures may have been quite erratic, often coming and going from the home environment. This may indicate that you also experienced frequent local trips with your care givers, whether that was simply a quick journey to the local super market than home or to see other family members close by. You may have experienced one of the parental figures as being quite emotionally detached and perhaps not as physically expressive of their affections towards you. Instead, they nurtured you by simply talking to you, and engaging in conversation or saying “I love you” rather than showing it. You may also have learnt to speak quite early in youth.

You may have been entertained by books and also other self-learning toys and games.

You may have also experienced much interaction with your siblings (or cousins/people in the neighbourhood if you’re an only child) growing up.

If afflicted, you may have had your thoughts and ideas rejected by the parental figures. You may have had difficulty verbally expressing how you felt towards the care giver(s) as you may have simply been ignored or most often, the parental figure spoke over the top of you, which left you feeling like your ideas and opinions were rejected. You may also have had some sort of learning difficulty which caused you frustration and left you feeling intellectually insignificant in comparison to your peers. This could have involved an inability to solve simple maths problems, difficulty spelling or speech problems when it came to the pronunciation of words.

You may tend to want to care for your mental health and wellbeing more so than your physical. Getting out of the house regularly may be quite beneficial to you.

You may find your sense of wellbeing is improved when you feel educated on a variety of topics, and knowledge is a source of comfort for you. this can include knowing what’s happening in the news, to being able to use technology well. You feel cared for when people simply ask how you are, and specifically about your wellbeing. You appreciate your health being recognised, and you feel even better when you are able to talk about how you’re feeling and are listened to. Text messages, comments and phone calls are also another way you feel most cared for, as well as writing, journalling and even blogging. Taking trips to your local area is also a great way to improve your sense of wellness, (whether thats taking a bus trip to the other side of town to a cafe than home or simply going for a walk).

You care for others through talking to them about how they are feeling, while also perhaps giving advice as to how they can improve their own health and wellbeing. You may also check in with loved ones daily through text or phone call, simply to ask how they are. You may also enjoy caring for others through teaching them something, especially on a topic you are well versed in. You may not feel the most comfortable dealing with intensely emotional situations, as you tend to like to provide care through rationalising things and putting them into realistic context.

Ceres in Cancer (4th)

As a child, you grew up in an environment where you may have experienced a parent/child complex with the mother figure. If well aspected, the relationship with the mother could have been quite beneficial, though their may still have been a subtle sense of tension in relation to the mother figure.

With this placement, if ill aspected or inspected in ones chart, the mother figure may have been absent in the nurturing environment, and/or you may not have gotten the love, care and affection from your mother as you would have liked. Your mother figure may have spent more time concerned about your siblings growing up (if you have any), leaving you to care for yourself. On the flip side, you may have experienced a parental figure who was overprotective of you and/or quite clingy.

If Ceres is heavily affected in the sign if cancer, you may have experienced an unsafe Homelife or may have a had issues with setting secure home foundations. This could have included frequently changing home locations.

If well aspected however, you may have experienced the nurturing environment to be quite warm, secure, comfortable and safe, whereby you had a good relationship with your mother and other female figures in the family.

You may find your sense of wellbeing is improved when you have an established and secure home where you can take refuge in from people in the outside world, you may feel most comfortable when at home and/or with your own family members. You may also be a strong and protective caretaker over your Homelife and family, and will especially pay great attention to the care and nurturing of your own children (if you have any or decide to). You may tend to put your emotional wellbeing before your physical.

You may find yourself quite protective and defensive over your child, especially if you felt neglected in that area in childhood. You may also find comfort in cooking and perhaps even home maintain. Every now and again, crying as an act of emotional release and stress can also be quite beneficial to your overall sense of wellbeing. Physical affection and close body contact with a trusted loved one will also greatly improve your sense of comfort and security. If you have a good relationship with your mother, you may find comfort in confiding in her or perhaps other female figures in the family.

You provide care and nurture for others by giving them emotional support, and you may also enjoy having your home place as a site of refuge and security for others. You tend to want to coddle and fuss over those you care for, and if you enjoy cooking, you may enjoy offering them food, or perhaps even supplying them with food, snacks and treats to lighten their spirits. You may also enjoy caring for others by simply holding them and maybe even cry with them in times of distress.

Ceres in Leo (5th)

With this placement, you may have experienced a nurturing figure who may have been loud, bold and perhaps quite bossy.

If possibly afflicted or un-aspected, This parent may have tended to ‘steal your spotlight’ during childhood, and you may have felt like their shadow, or played a secondary role in their ‘performance’. One of your parental figures may have been quite loud and obnoxious, making you feel small in comparison, especially if they presented themselves as being quite self centred in their actions.

The parental figure may have tried to make you feel special, but you may not have received their excess attention well as you may have found it to be ‘too much’. On the flip side, you may not have felt like you got enough attention or your sense of individuality, self expression and sense of ‘specialness’ may not have been nourished during childhood, as your parental figure may have been too involved in themselves and what they’re doing.

You feel most cared for when your self expression is acknowledged, and when people are taking notice of you, making eye contact and really engaging with you. Your sense of wellbeing may be heightened when you engage in play and activities you find fun and entertaining. Sincere compliments from others can really boost your sense of happiness, as well as being given gifts or any expression of true generosity. Physical affection such as hugs and kisses also make you feel very happy and warm inside. As a parent, you may be quite fun and playful with your child, and encourage them to express themselves and be who they are, and not to feel pressured to ‘fit in’. You strongly encourage them in whatever they do and will make an effort to remind them how special they are to you.

If Ceres is well aspected, you should have a strong vitality and heart health, and you aim to care for your self-esteem and self confidence more so than your physical body (which may be relatively fit if the rest of the natal chart supports this)

You take care of others by acknowledging them and making them feel special as an individual. You praise the individuality inherent in people and compliment them on their talents. You shine a spotlight on others and elevate them in anyway you can. You give much praise and compliments and aim to enhance their sense of self confidence, reminding them that they are a powerful individual. You may also care for others by being playful and humorous, not to mention expressing your sense of generosity towards them by giving them gifts as well as bountiful physical expressions of love and affection.

Ceres in Virgo (6th)

You may have experienced a home life where you were assumed a lot of responsibilities at a young age. You may not have got to experience a true childhood due to responsibilities being assumed to you, or perhaps you experienced excessively hard working parents that never got to pay much attention to you. You may have had a caretaker that was incredibly perfectionistic and fault finding. They may have been too critical of you and/or the way you do things.

On the other hand, your caregivers may have been rather ‘sloppy’ or ‘lost’ in life, so you had to learn how to care for yourself which included learning how to do day-to-day tasks alone. The alternative could be that the parental figure taught you how to do things then expected you to take care of yourself from then on.

There is also a possibility with this placement with being micro-managed as a child, and if Ceres is harshly affected (by Saturn or Pluto), there may have been a development of an eating disorder later in life due for the need to have some self - control, which came from the ability to control what you ate.

Ultimately the way you tend to nurture and care for yourself is by having your own established routine which illuminates any stress for you. You also may also aim to keep a clean and balanced diet, and keeping your health in check - perhaps using natural medicines and naturopathy. Keeping your environment neat and clean can also enhance your sense of wellbeing, as well as possibly having a job or some kind of task where you feel like you are being productive. This placement (depending on other factors in the chart) may have the hardest time relaxing and finding calm in ‘doing nothing’, so keeping stimulated by doing daily chores and activities will enhance how you feel.

You may enjoy making lists, keeping calendars and reading self-help or self-improvement books also.

You care for others by providing them structure in their daily life, helping them when they are in need, either by showing you how to do a task then moving on or assisting them doing a task (virgo has a bad habit of doing things completely for people anyway!).

You may also care for others by giving them constructive criticism on how they can improve something or themselves. You’re quite happy to help them in the process if they are willing to do the work.

As a parent, you may be the type to do things for your child regularly, including cleaning their environment and keeping them quite clean and hygienic. You may be meticulous about caring for their health, making sure they are getting a variety of vitamins, preferably through their diet alone. You may have their health checked quite regularly also. You may teach your child early as to how to care for themselves and also work very hard in your job to support them, while also teaching them the value of hard work.  

Ceres in Libra (7th)

As a child, you may have grown up in an environment where there may have been a constant fluctuation in the home environment. You may have experienced constant highs and lows, especially with a caregiver, which may have involved constant ups and downs - either emotionally or their personality.

There may have been a separation of the parents at a young age, or perhaps the parents were never together at all. You may have witnessed the more negative aspects in relationships between your parents/caregivers, including arguments, conflicts and perhaps an imbalance of fairness between the individuals.

One parent may have put too much emphasis on your appearance, whether that meant physically or the way you acted in front of others. This may have made you feel more like an object rather than their child.

There may have also been issues around fairness, perhaps you were often blamed for something a sibling had done, of even the parent blaming you unjustIy for something.

The way you care for yourself now revolves around having your opinion heard and valued as an alternative perspective. You want you ideas to be taken into account and judged fairly. You may wish to care for and nurture your own appearance and beautify yourself for your own happiness and pleasure, not to impress others or to fit their external ideals of you. You may also enjoy engaging in music or arts as a way of expression your sense of aesthetic joys instead of revolving around your appearance.  You may also enjoy having the company of another to give you a sense of support when it comes to your ideas, opinions and feelings about things.

You aim to achieve a balanced diet, though may tend to lean more towards eating sweets if you’re not paying attention. If in good health, you should have a steady and balanced weight.

You care for others by listening to their and valuing their viewpoint and opinions. You make sure you give another your attention and engaging in one-on-one conversations, fully taking in their perspective and ideas on things and helping them find a balance and/or a compromise to their problems. You’ll defend for those you care for, not afraid to stand up for them in times of dispute.

With regards to your children, you may be quite a permissive parent, allowing you child to do and have things if it will please them and make them happy. You may like to spin your child and take care in their appearance and teach them how to behave politely. You will be quite affectionate to your child and may want them to be quite social with other children. You listen to what your child has to say and if they have siblings, you aim to not let one child have more affection than another, timing to love them both/all equally.

Ceres in Scorpio (8th)

You may have experienced a home life where there was a high level degree of intensity experienced by one or both of the care givers growing up. You may have witnessed a parent go through emotional extremes, typically over a traumatising event in which you may not have much recollection of. This may have put you into a position where you had to learn how to deal with the extremities of the parent/caregiver, and be able to handle their energy by protecting yourself with your own personal power, while also trying to aid and heal them.

On the other hand, one of the parental figures have been quite overbearing in the home life, and their personality type may have been quite potent to you, to the point where your true emotional reactions and feelings were suppressed - either out of fear of the parents reactions, or that your feelings were rejected because the caregiver was lost in a void of their own emotional extremes.

What you desire for self-nurture and care is a place where you be reside and be in solitude for a while, not allowing the emotions of others to interfere with you. You may feel safe when you keep your darkest secrets buried in yourself, and you greatly dislike the probing of others who try to dig it out. You may also feel cared for through intense emotional and physical connections with others, and this can include the act of sex though intimate cuddling with another can be just as satisfying for you also. You may have a laser focus on your health and well being, and you may care more about your psychological health than your physical one.

With this placement, you also have a tremendous capacity to heal others. You understand the dynamics of trauma and the out pouring of suppressed emotions. Your unshakable stature in the face of the extremes of others gives you the ability to take on their intensity and help guide them to transform it into something thats beneficial and healthy. You’re passionately caring for others and fiercely protective. You are able to completely rejuvenate others, but be aware you don’t take on their emotional trauma in and exchange of your healing with this placement.

As a parent, you may be ruthlessly protective over your child, and will certainly not tolerate bullying or harassment from other children. You may at times be quite overbearing to them and want to protect them from the harsh outer world, because you know how frightful the world can be sometimes. You want to encourage your child not to be fearful of anything, because you want them to understand that while life may be difficult at times, you want them to always be strong and come out the other side stronger than they were before.

Ceres in Sagittarius (9th)

You may have experienced a home life where one (or both) of the parental figures were frequently absent from home. They may have travelled long-distances, been living in another country, or just distant in general, perhaps on a more personal level.

You may have been given too little or too much freedom in your home environment (perhaps one parent was too restrictive while the other was too placid) and you may have become irritated by the parent who tried to pin you down when the other gave you all the freedom in the world. One of your caregivers reckless behaviour may have allowed you (or deliberately put you into) risky situations that may have put you in danger.

You may have also experienced a lot of travel as a child, or perhaps simply a variety of cultures which allowed to see the world around you in a more expansive light.

The carefree sense you experienced in childhood now may have made it difficult for you to except and express any intensely emotional situations, which now may result in you becoming quite ‘flighty’ and you’d rather avoid a situation where you have to take on responsibility.  You may be quite careless when it comes to caring for your health and wellbeing, and you may tell yourself that “I’ll be fine no matter what I do (eat/sleep times ect).

You may ultimately want space and freedom to care for yourself, and not feel responsible for anyone else but yourself, nor do you enjoy other people fussing over you. You may also enjoy getting outdoors quite often, whether that includes going for a long drive or a hike, to simply getting outside and lounging around on a hammock. You may also like to be quite active, whether this is playing sports or generally moving around a lot.

As mentioned previously, you tend not to want to have the personal responsibility for caring for others, so you may encourage them to be independent and learn how to do things for themselves. You may prefer to care for others through teaching, and especially opening their minds to other possibilities and ideas when they feel stuck or set in where they are and what they are doing. You’re quite happy to encourage people by inspiring them to be more optimistic about their situation, and describing your vision of their future if they may take your guided advice.

As a parent, you’ll encourage your child to have high morals, and not to do anything to the detriment of others. You want to teach them things about life and to open their mind to broaden their perspectives, encouraging them to not be judgmental of others.You may have a lot of faith in your child/children, and encourage them to be optimistic when things get tough. You may also be quite a playful and fun-loving parent.

Ceres in Capricorn (10th)

With this placement, you may have been pressured to growing up too fast during childhood. You may have had many responsibilities implemented on you at a young age, or perhaps something occurred where you had to learn to grow up fast and become responsible for yourself. With this placement, there was a possibility whereby you had to swap roles with a parental figure, and you may of ended up taking care of them instead of them carrying out their duties as a caregiver.

You may have also had a very stern and workaholic parent, who’s own personal duties and responsibilities made you feel neglected. They may not have been an emotionally demonstrative parent, rather caring for you by simply providing for you. They may have aimed to teach you the importance of work and goals, and expected you to do the same as you aged.

You may now be quite independent when caring for yourself, and prefer taking the authoritative role as the leading care giver in the household. You like to structure your own routine and way of doing things, and you are quite disciplinary to your children if you have any. You don’t typically enjoy others doing things for you unless you ask and/or give them direction of exactly what you want done. You like to make sure your bank account and workalike is completely in order, and you need to be aware of neglecting your physical health if you become too focused on your goals and work life (eg, skipping meals or neglecting sleep because you’re too busy working late nights at work or on a project).

If Ceres is harshly aspected, be aware of the development of restriction diets as you may be more susceptible to these which are greatly detrimental to your health.

Make sure you get plenty of calcium to and take care of your bones, joints and teeth.

You may provide care for others by being a leader and showing them how to take care of themselves, and encouraging goal setting and structuring a self-care routine or plan. Because you enjoy being a leading care taker, careful not to hold yourself responsible for the care and wellbeing of others too much and especially do not try to push people out of the way and reap them of their independence when caring for themselves. You may not be entirely affectionally demonstrative when caring for others (unless other chart factors contribute), and would rather show care and nurture through doing tasks for another.

Ceres in Aquarius (11th)

You may have grew up in a home life where you may have experienced a lot of chaos around you and/or had a caregiver who was unpredictable in their emotions and personality. One minute they may be calm, and then yelling and screaming about something the next. You may not have felt like your sense of individuality and ‘specialness’ was cared for as a child, and you learnt how to become emotionally detached from situations and observe what was going on around you. This was essentially a defensive mechanism for yourself due to a parent(s) unpredictability.

On the other hand, you may have had a parent or caregiver who was quite emotionally detached and unexpressive themselves. They may not have given you the closeness or demonstrated love and affection towards you as much as you would have liked. You may have felt more like ‘friends’ or ‘buddies’ with this parent, and although you may have enjoyed that, you may have felt left out on some of the true emotional connection found in other parent/child relationships.

You now care for yourself by not becoming too attached in relationship situations with anyone, not just romantic (depending on other placements). You tend to feel best when with a large group of friends, where your sense of ‘individuality’ is nurtured in a larger group or community. You may prefer to care for yourself and have the freedom to do your own thing when you want to.

You may not wish to care for others directly, rather letting people have the freedom to be themselves and to do their own thing. You encourage peoples eccentricities and to express themselves however they want to with you without judgment.

As a parent, you want to be able to be your child’s friend and companion. You may encourage a sense of independence in thought, and doing things and you may not be the type to concentrate so much on disciplining your child/children. You approach care taking in a relaxed and detached manner from your child, and may tend to ‘hand the child over’ to the other parent if they decide to have a temper tantrum of an emotional outburst.

Ceres in Pisces (12th)

With this placement, you may have grown up in an environment whereby you didn't’ really ‘know’ one or both of your caregivers. This doesn’t mean they were absent from you in childhood (though thats possible with this placement), but you may not have fully known the personality and/or anything about one of your caregivers. They may have been present with you your whole life, yet you never seemed to really ‘know’ them, and only saw them in your home as an extra figure in the family. There may have been an illusive sense about this caregiver, whereby you felt like you couldn’t really understand them.

If afflicted, one of your care givers may have been an escapist from reality, either by hiding in the confines of the home not doing much, or indulging in something to avoid the everyday reality (this could be from  as simple as movies to something such as drugs and/or alcohol).

You may have also experienced a home environment where you became the victim of a situation. This could have been something rather extreme such as violence if Ceres is harshly aspected, or something such as being bullied by another sibling, where you had to run to the parent to ‘save’ you.

You may have felt quite alone and secluded at times, where you were left with your imagination to keep you occupied, possibly playing pretend games, playing as a character or with toys. In some cases, you may have felt quite close to spiritual beings and guides to keep you more company that living people.

The way you wished to be cared for is by having your alone time to recharge your energies. You may feel quite happy and nurtured by spiritual beings when asking for channeled healing energies. Music, art and spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and crystals may also be a form of self care for you. You wished to be cared for by others by having them take care of the practical side of things for you (depending on other placements in your chart). You also wish to receive unconditional love and care from others, and feeling emotionally and spiritually connected to someone can bring you a great sense of healing. The company of pets and animals can definitely help you feel comforted, as they are all compassionate beings which can always provide you unconditional love you desire to feel cared for.

You have a great capacity to energetically heal others. You may be interested in things such as reiki and/or remote healing, crystal therapy and so on. You can also give people copious amounts of unconditional love and affection, attending to anyone and need from the ill, to the elderly, children and the homeless. You can completely understand the emotional wounds of others, and can provide compassionate care and nurture to help aid them in anyway you can. With this placement, note to keep yourself energetically protected when healing someone in this way, as you can transmute their energies to yourself.

As a parent, you may encourage your child to engage in artistic ventures and creativity. You will encourage your child’s fantasies and play along with them and their games of pretend. You may quite lack disciplining them, being to forgiving of the things they do. You will listen to them with understanding and empathy, and will provide a close sense of emotional and spiritual connection to your child.

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(Note* There was much more I could have written about Ceres and the nurturing environment including more positive associations with this asteroid + this post was written in the Mercury Retrograde shadow period - may be subject to be altered over time)  


Test sheets for intro to Japanese alphabets! 

Fun fact: I have terrible memory, so I need to do brute force exercises like this to memorize. I got tired of redrawing the chart over and over, but didn’t like the charts online, so I made this. 

If, for some reason, you don’t mind having something with my handwriting, feel free to use this! No need to credit–just learn!

Your Natal Chart Knows All!!!

  • If you want to know what kind of first impression you make, check the Cusp/Sign of your 1rst House.
  • If you want to know what your life partner is like, check what house or sign Juno was in. (My Juno in the 1rst House TOTALLY describes my husband)
  • If you want to know your Destiny/what you are supposed to learn in this life, check what House the True Node (the North Node) is in.
  • If you want to face your fears, study up on where Saturn is on your natal chart.
  • If you need direction in what deities to follow, find your dominant planets on the chart. Then research gods and goddesses that correlate to those planets. It’s more likely that you’ll feel a closeness to them because its really in the stars that you are more connected to each other.
  • If you are wondering why you aren’t good or indifferent of something, there may be planets lacking within a certain house.

I fully encourage new witches to study their natal chart. You will learn so much about yourself, how to handle your weaknesses, and you’ll discover the roots of your talents/strengths.

Happy Studying!

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Hi! Would you mind explaining Harmonic Charts and how we should interpret them? I find it a little tricky to get my head around but maybe that's just the way some websites are explaining it, take your time, I know you get quite detailed asks, thank you 💖

Well Harmonic charts are VERY complicated.  The basis behind them is that we multiply degrees times fixed numbers to blow up the degrees in harmonic charts.  What we end up getting is each Harmonic chart we go into sees how the planets interact at deeper levels.  

The best way to describe this is if we see the natal birth horoscope as our physical plane existence. Each time you look into a Harmonic chart number that is higher, we are looking deeper into the persons soul.  Think of Harmonics as a case study of seeing into someones soul.  On the birth level
we see an aspect that might need more exploration.  Perhaps on the birth horoscope we see they are an artist.  Now Harmonics can see what kind of art they do.

I have seen certain people go as much as harmonic chart 128.  But for learning, and sanity purpose I encourage people who are really into this to start small.

First off how do we calculate it if we are not massive scientists and mathematicians?  Well we use  once you have an account there, you can save your information and quickly draw up harmonics of any number you imagine.

You can do this easily in as they have a drop down for harmonic charts.  it even tells you on the site how to do it.  Here take a Look. I will show you a quick example of Harmonics in action.  Below I am showing where on to find the harmonics selection, and what I will do is show you a few harmonic charts, what the layers represent and how to read aspects within.

As you can see, we are in the extended chart selection of  "under please select the type of chart you want", scroll down to “other charts”, then “harmonic charts (please enter harmonic chart in day field.”)  Once your mouse selects that option, under date the first text field says “start date for charts marked with” and then in that box, in the day field you put the harmonic number you want to look at.

When you look at a harmonic chart, conjunctions take a priority because they are the most powerful.  What we also look for is ties to the ascendant, because those parts of the soul because a major part in their self expressions.  Youll find hidden parts of a personality that are subtle in expression that you wont find from a birth horoscope.  We can also look for planets tieing to conjnctions to make a major aspect.  If they don’t tie to the ascendant, then these parts are internalized but still present.

Another important thing to look at is the midheaven.  Why?  because harmonic aspects that tie to the midheaven through conjunction or major aspect can come before the public or be used in the career.

What am I going to do is a really basic small case study of Famous Singer Johnny Cash.  What am I going to do is show you his birth chart, and give you a brief explanation as to why we use harmonics and their importance into showing our soul and the way we subtly acts and thinks.  You might be
surprised as to how it reveals things about how a person acts when these aspects can’t be seen in
the birth horoscope.


The purpose of this case study is to prove the effectiveness of Harmonic charts in show casing a persons artistic expression if the natal birth horoscope prove artistic talent.  In this case I am using Famous Singer Johnny Cash as the subject.  I will start by using the Natal Birth Horoscope as a means to set the stage of the Harmonics Charts used later to explain Cash’s Soul and subtle
behaviors we don’t see at the physical Birth Chart Level.

(Natal Birth Horoscope)

Let us start by painting a picture of Johnny Cash on the physical plane.  We can see in the first house he has a conjunction aspect of less then 1 degree of Venus and Uranus.  This aspect makes who is very artistic eccentric in expression it.  They are rebels of their times and certainly love to go
against the grain of society in their expression.  

This is more so powerful for Cash because it happens in the first house that represents unconscious behavior expression and mannerisms.  It doesn’t show his musical talent per say, but it certainly sets the stage.  It exists in flowing aspects in many musicians charts who go against the grain in the their

Cash has a conjunction of sun, mercury, and mars.  All three of these planets were in the 12 house which is famous for having two sides, a spiritual side and a self undoing side.  Cash was lost at points and did drugs in his life because the ego struggled to establish itself.  It the Pisces concept of being lost that can lead to the self undoing that shows itself in the 12th house sun often.

In one interview johnny cash mentioned that his father worked very hard in fields and he was of a family of 7 children.  He never mentioned it directly but I believe the typical 12th house sun protocol may of been present.  His father was described as a decent guy, but may of been to busy and preoccupied trying to support and raise a large family to focus on Cash’s individuality from child hood.

Having Mars in the 12th tends to internalize anger, and with sun there I believe this set the stage for his drug problems.  With no healthy way to express his anger, he interalized it and it helped lead to his early “self undoings.”

As he got older, he became more spiritual he slowly unlocked the power of that 12th stellium with mercury, mars and sun there.  He used the suns creative drive in the Pisces house to write music.  Alot of it had spiritual overtones, which can be seen in the birth horoscope quiet easily.

When people with sun in 12 transcend, they can use the artistic side of Pisces to help form their ego and what they are about.  In this case, he used that Neptune energy of Pisces to be put into music and writing songs.

Cash had pluto in the 5th which i believed added depth to his creative nature being in the house of self and self expression.  He really loved to express himself, but I believe the pluto energy added the depth to his song writing because Leo loves to be creative.

Last on the Birth chart we see Sagittarius on the 10th house cusp with it’s ruler Jupiter in the 5th house.  This Lordship sets the stage for someone whose career and public reputation is influenced by their creative Leo side.  So his Career of being a singing came because of this.  He brought his Leo side of self expression and creating music to his career.  And since Lord Jupiter was the planet
in the 5th ruling the 10th, he had an expanded interest in being creative.

The birth horoscope doesn’t show everything about Johnny Cash’s desire to sing or be artistic, but it certainly set the stage.  So let’s cut his chart open using the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 32nd harmonic to see more of what made him the way he was.

(5th Harmonic)

First Let’s look at his 5th Harmonic.  The 5th Harmonic horoscope shoes hidden talents.  In this Harmonic we see his Ascendant trines a conjunction of Venus and Uranus.  So he had a hidden talent of bringing his love of being a rebel out in self expression behavior.  Not necessarily a wild find as Venus and Uranus were conjunct in the birth horoscope, but the Harmonic confirms it further.

In this harmonic he has a conjunction of Neptune and Saturn which I believe made him have take spirituality and music seriously.  It opposes a major conjunction directly opposite.  The midheaven has chiron sun and mercury siting in a conjunction.  This conjunction I believe indicates he had a
hidden talent for creatively (the sun) communicating (mercury) about pain (Chiron) in his career (midheaven.)  Alot of his music certainly did showcase about painful expediences people had.

All of this in an opposition tied his career/ midheaven to music and spirituality. I believe this is also why he had a serious (Saturn) hidden talent for expressing himself through music (Neptune, creativity, music.) in his career.

(7th Harmonic)

Now on deeper we go to the 7th Harmonic.  The 7th Harmonic represents Inspiration and how we inspire others.  In his 7th Harmonic Cash has sun and Mercury conjuncted tight part of an aspect pattern that opposes Neptune.  I translate this has he is creatively inspired (the sun) to communicate (mercury) through music and spirituality (opposite neptune.)  The opposition just ties it together.  More important parts of his music.

(11th Harmonic)

On to the 11th Harmonic we see a persons imagination, fantasy and dream world.  Imagination is very important to a singer and music writer.  The first thing I notice immediate is his Ascendant has Neptune conjunct exact.  This would indicate he has mannerisms of expressing his imagination through his self expression and mannerisms and behaviors.

Opposite that is a conjunction of mercury and sun, which makes ties Neptune to make an ability to creatively communicate his imagination that we can’t see on the birth horoscope level.  A key ingredient i believe for a country/pop folk singer which his music is more word driven.

Also he has a conjunction in this harmonic between Venus Uranus and chiron. His artistic side (Venus) met with his rebellious and innovated side (Uranus) and included painful experiences together.  All key ingratiation in his imagination used to write music He was very artistic about expressing and creating art (music) that was about painful experience, all born from the imagination in his 11th harmonic.

Last but not least his midheaven has another strong conjunction.  Mars and Jupiter conjuncted the midheaven.  Mars the imagination an unconscious desire to appear before the public.  Jupiter expands this ability for the imagination to come, and may even add some luck in the public being receptive to putting his imagination on display.  He did become famous after all.

(32nd Harmonic)

Last but not least the 32nd harmonic.  Kind of a dark horse to use in case study as the 32nd harmonic represents inner drive, talent and motivation.  This will show why Cash was motivated to bring it all to a surface level.  

First let’s look at the chiron, ascendant, moon conjunction in this harmonic.  He had an inner drive to express his emotions and pain through his self mannerisms and expression.  A key ingredient I believe important to putting his feelings behind his music.

Another vital conjunction exists in the 32nd harmonic.  Mercury, Neptune and sun make a wide conjunction, but still vital for his inner drive.  He was motivated to express his creative nature ( Sun) by communicating (mercury) his spiritual, creative and musical side from Neptune energies (neptune.)

This conjunction also makes a strong aspect opposition to mars, which makes for tieing these energies together.  That part of his inner drive and motivation became an “unconscious war path” and had tension but added more power inside himself to expression his creative musical nature.  He really wanted to do it more or less.

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How to use astrology to healthily express your chart

Study > analyze > synthesize > reflect > identify > move forward.

Study astrology, learn how to interpret your natal chart (and others) on your own. Analyze & get to know yourself; cultivate self-awareness so you can see astrology within. Synthesize your placements so that you can look at your chart as a cohesive illustration of who you are. Reflect on the positive and negative expressions of your chart, and how you’re handling the challenges; simply assess your current state and present level of development. Identify the negative manifestations and the problems they are causing; pinpoint your issues. Move forward by taking action to solve those issues – cultivate self-discipline, self-acceptance, maturity, a constructive inner voice, strength, motivation, whatever you need to make personal progress.

It starts with astrology, sure, but it isn’t about astrology. It’s about you, and the conscious choice & commitment to self-development. So learn, create the consciousness, but then you have to choose and commit, which you can’t do by looking at the stars – you have to look at & within yourself.

Capricorn Risings 🏔

Capricorn Risings seem to walk around wearing hand-tailored suits. They present themselves resolutely and soberly.

Saturn’s blessings here produce a responsible individual that portrays their individuality through earthly images of stability and security. They’re solid and concrete and actively question everything around them looking for these characteristics in all things, so they’re not very much prone to sudden bursts of fiery excitement. Like a mountain rising quietly between heavy clouds, their presence is solemn, respectful and impactful. They walk generally in a straight line, with a constant rhythm on their heavy feet, close to earth. We can clearly tell they’ve got everything under control.

These people rarely let themselves be affected by external emotional manifestations, as if their body is surrounded by an impenetrable stone barrier. They’ve got clear objectives and ambitions, and this sturdy composition helps them make their way through every challenge and obstacle. They live for this conquest and they’re all about the path they must find to get there. Capricorn Rising’s are usually more mature than others around them and, being children of the lord of time, Saturn’s positioning and conditions is what greatly affects this Ascendant’s characteristics.

Those with Capricorn on the Ascendant may also show a strong and resistant body with remarkable facial traits, for Saturn rules bone structures.

Below, we’ll give only an introductory description of how Saturn manifests in the houses. Because of this planet’s complexity, the descriptions we’ll provide are only superficial. We advise further studies of the chart for “total” understanding of this planet’s position.

Saturn/1st house: on an open battlefield, two armies fight for an old and imposing tower standing at the center; it rains heavily. Being an individual means building one’s own personal value. The identity must be built with strong materials. If Saturn’s in Capricorn, recognition comes through one’s career or professional achievements. If Saturn’s in Aquarius, building an identity comes through one’s ideas and relationship with large groups of people. There’s the need to develop security in one’s self and in one’s existence. Knowing one’s self takes time.

Saturn/2nd house: through its windows, an elegant marble warehouse overflows with vegetables, fruits, leaves, plants and bottles of wine. Maturity comes through one’s developing ability to administer and to organize one’s money and possessions. Dealing responsibly with material matters take time. This is someone who values money and social honour as rewards of hard-work. A stable base come’s through material security.

Saturn/3rd house: an enormous ship fluctuates at the center of a storm; ocean waves rise and crush in the dark without mercy, but the vessel won’t sink. Communicating, producing phrases and being effectively understood takes time and maturity. There’s a need to develop form and structure in one’s ability to communicate, for one’s intense sensitivity typically produces interference in the realm of thoughts. This is someone who will develop maturity the more they interact with other people, specially relatives.

Saturn/4th house: a beautiful summer palace finally rises under the sun, between green fields and small lakes; at last, everything’s getting ready for the noble family’s return. Being recognized by the family is of most importance. Responsibilities and duties are completed to ultimately bring honour to close relatives. Dealing healthily with one’s psychological nature and family structure takes time.

Saturn/5th house: a forgotten imperial palace is restored and opened as a grand history museum; the gardens are preserved as if by magic. The challenge here is to recognize one’s own value, deep meaning and talents. Expressing beautifully one’s own identity through creativity takes time. Artistic careers are favoured later in life. Matters regarding children, games and romance are treated rather seriously.

Saturn/6th house: an old but imposing hospital is the only source of light surrounded by impenetrable darkness. This is someone with a structured routine that portrays themselves as very interested in other’s health conditions and daily habits. There’s the need to develop care with one’s own body and health as well as to learn that not everything ought to achieve one’s perfection standards.

Saturn/7th house: the gardens of an old rich family are reopened as public botanical gardens; fountains gleam under the gentle sunlight. Great sense of responsibility for other people’s well being. One’s identity is linked to their ability to be faithful and loving in their longtime relationships and friendships. Partnerships are solid, serious and formal. There’s the need to develop security in one’s true identity. Marriage may be delayed but stable.

Saturn/8th house: a majestic fortress is surrounded by enormous walls decorated by ivy; no one can see what’s happening inside. Portraits of security and confidence of one’s self, even though, inside, the individual deals daily with all-consuming emotions. Honour and loyalty. This Saturn’s famous for occupying important posts and social positions, mostly dealing with other people’s resources and possessions.

Saturn/9th house: an archaic temple is found at the depths of an ancient city; old words and truths are rediscovered. There may be some difficulty regarding subjects related to religion, sensitivity and ideals. However, utilizing logic and the rational mind is highly favoured. This Saturn’s very disciplined. There’s the need to develop a sincere and solid base for one’s knowledge.

Saturn/10th house: the whole royal palace’s been decorated for the marriage cerimonies; people from all around the world climb up the stairs and into the ball. Polite, beautiful and elegant. Diplomacy is a key characteristic for this Saturn. This is someone who excels at being fair and polite, specially in social situations, being able to dissolve all conflicts. Long-time partnerships are developed in the working realm. This Saturn loves being where he is and is blessing this individual with stability in one’s career, although this can take some time, work and maturity.

Saturn/11th house: built on stone, an old bank stands among taller skyscrapers; it is the richest and most trustworthy institution around. Fantastic apparent ability to observe and extract truth, secrets and details from other people’s lives. Information is analyzed and stored for future use, if needed. This is someone who seems to be able to finally give structure and reasoning to the complexities of the dynamics of groups of people. But, because big groups usually operate through superficiality, this deep and intense individual can find some difficulty in being accepted or finding the ideal group.

Saturn/12th house: a beautiful and isolated cathedral prays by the edges of a cliff; the sea crushes dearly against the structure’s dissolving walls. Projecting one’s identity in the physical world can prove difficult, for Saturn’s structure is being diluted. There’s the need to develop balance and wisdom, projecting one’s identity with ideals and concepts instead. An abstract and sensitive challenge, one could say. Accepting one’s subjectivity and finding one’s own path takes time.

Thank you dearly for reading! I’m hoping it helps.

School Advice Masterpost

15 / 11 / 2015 - UPDATED

I figured it would be useful to write a masterpost where I link detailed advice on a lot of school and college topics so you have a nice and condensed list for the future! Just click the topic you need some help on and you’ll be hyperlinked right through it ;)

 How to Plan for Multiple Tests Using a Calendar

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Persona Chart Series - Interpreting Planetary Persona Charts

Okay so throughout the Persona Chart series I will be explaining the interpretations of different components in the chart, I will be starting with planets since they’re the basics.

Interpreting the Personal Planet Persona Charts (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) 

Okay so the personal planets are very specific to us, they represent our personality quite a bit more than the other planets. When we interpret their persona charts, we look at them we look at them like separate people within us (like with the other planets).


Moon Persona Chart - Made up of everything that creates our emotional side. 

  • Ascendant is how our emotional side is received
  • Sun is the main ego (same as our Natal Moon sign)
  • Moon is our deep emotional complexes
  • Mercury is how we communicate our emotions to others
  • Venus is how we comfort others/find our own comfort
  • Mars is the emotional drive behind our actions

Interpreting Outer Planets Persona Charts (Jupiter and Saturn)

While they’re sort of like the personal planets, Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets and would more so serve as archetypes, this being said there are only small differences in how they should be interpreted. I would recommend interpreting them more like themes in your life (Jupiter = The world is your oyster, Saturn = weights on your ankles that keep you grounded), rather than different personalities in you.

This way, the planets in the person chart will all relate to those individual themes in your life.

Interpreting the Higher Octave/Generational Planets Persona Charts (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)

These three are far too abstract for me to regard them as tangible personalities but instead, I see their person charts as maps for the hard to find potential in us. Something the three of these planets have in common is spirituality and a higher existence. I would recommend using these person charts to study the talents you have regarding protest and the supernatural (Uranus), psychology and spirituality (Neptune) and sex and the occult (Pluto).

Note: They say it’s important to look at the Persona chart of your Natal Chart ruler because it can give us a lot of insight and can uncover secrets

Astrology and the Truth of 'Twin Flames'

The concept of twin flames suggests that another is our ‘perfect mirror’ in reflecting the shadow aspects of ourselves by where we want to resolve and integrate the frictional qualities and the intense push pull nature of the relationship…it’s a relationship that’s supposed to ‘awaken’ you.
Other theories suggests that twin flames are karmic souls that spilt from a single original soul and find each other when they incarnate.

Here is the astrological deconstruction of the concept of 'Twin Flames’.

First point to be noted - Twin Flames are NOT your perfect match…there’s a lot of confusion between Karmic, Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationships, this posts primary focus is on Twin Flames.

The description of a Twin Flame relationship is said to:
- Make you feel convinced you’re 'meant to be’ all though the intense highs and lows experienced together is clearly not healthy for either of you (yet you come back every time).
- They make you perceive everything in a different way, better or for worse.
- They come in and out of your life
- The feel like 'home’ to you
- You may feel like your opposites and indifferences is what attracts you to each other
- They make you feel transformed, for better or for worse
- Your feelings of passion and connection is equal to your level of worry of losing them or that you feel like there’s something they’re hiding
- You come into each other’s lives at the 'wrong time’ or there was something stopping you from being together
- One of you acts more as a spiritual guide for the other
- You desire them as much as you fear them

In astrology, there is only two particular connections that is experienced what’s been coined as twin flame relationships, and a third possible contender
* Neptune contacts
* Pluto contacts
* Moon contacts

Sound familiar?

These 3 planets also all rule the water signs - Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer

In the charts studied, all those who contributed their charts claiming they had met their Twin Flame had these planetary contacts within synastry and/or composite charts, primarily Neptune and/or Pluto OR, the couple had water signs on the sun/moon/venus/mars.
The reason why 'Twin Flames’ feels like such a soul connection is because of the energetic influence of these watery planets. They drown our logic and bring our hearts and soul to the surface to be exposed.
The term 'Twin Flame’ is the only way we can logically understand the powerful connection these aspects make to one another in synastry and composite.

Unfortunately, the idea that one person can be our one true relationship partner is a isn’t necessarily true.
There is often a desire (mostly in the charts of those with heavy water signs or a prominent Neptune/Pluto) to have a relationship that exists totally beyond the physical world, and that they would rather leave the physical and intertwine in the spiritual realm.

Neptune brings the all romantic high. It’s the place where we drift away in the arms of another and the whole world ceases to exist.
Pluto brings the connection by where you feel like it’s do or die, there’s no way you can separate and then the feelings build to the point of explosion and release, by where Neptune taunts is to come back for another try because we’re 'meant to be’.
The moon is far more gentle here but it’s easy to get feelings hurt.

Yes the relationship is intense.
Yes the partner may be the best thing that’s happened to you…at the time.
But there doesn’t have to be turmoil in relationships for it to be a beautiful one.

But that’s the problem - the 'Twin Flame’ relationship is ADDICTIVE (Neptune) and makes you OBSESSIVE (Pluto) and you just want to pour out all of your EMOTION (Moon).

Karmic and 'fated’ relationships do in fact exist, and some are meant to last, some are not - the purpose of these connections are to bring about a lesson by learning who we are through another (1st house to 7th house).
Twin flames in the concept of someone being your perfect mirror in the natal chart would look like:
- Everything in your chart (planets in signs) opposite one another almost exact (eg - Scorpio sun to a Taurus sun ect).

In the end, there is far more meaning beyond the concept of 'Twin Flames’.
Soul mates and karmic connections as well as fated meetings and attractions are all true and they also bring with them great lessons, however, your soul doesn’t have a single 'other half’ - in the 12th house, all souls dissolve into one, hence why soul contracts are made to interact with individuals to learn who we are while we’re here as pieces of the universe experiencing itself in different forms.

We all have a person we will meet to act as our mirror in the way we learn about ourselves - however - we will always remain ourselves.
Souls will remain intact in themselves as they interact with one another - leaning about what their own body, mind and soul feels like when experienced by another.
Though the lure of the water songs wants to bring us back to source sooner to feel an entire integration, know that you meet your partner for a reason, and that you were destined to meet one another to learn about your own soul through the contact of another.

(Will write posts soon about 'Nodal Contracts in relationships’ and 'The Vertex: My wish come true’ soon *)

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One of my study partners came up with this for our cardio exam. Since it was about 20% valvular disease, it saved my ass. 

As a brief explanation, A = Aortic valve, P = Pulmonary valve, M = Mitral valve, T = tricuspid valve. It pairs up if a murmur is systolic or diastolic and associated with stenosis or regurgitation of a particular valve.

Happens to work out that Aortic & Pulmonary stenosis are both Systolic Ejection murmurs, Mitral & Tricuspid Regurgitation are both Holosystolic murmurs and both Mitral & Tricuspid Stenosis both can occur as a result of Rheumatic Fever. 

There’s obviously way more to know for each of these conditions, but for someone who was mixing them up as bad as I was this turned out to be immensely helpful. Happy Studying!