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there’s a lot of shit on here about lighting candles and waking up early to see the sunset and if we are being hella honest, no one actually does that. u probably don’t own candles or if u do there in a closet and the only time you wake up early all year round is never. so here’s a guide to actual human beings.

-wake up when you need to. don’t wake up at 5 to “journal” and “meditate.” sleep is more important. if you have a class at 9, wake up at 8. it’s simple.
- eat something. it doesn’t have to be avocado toast. just have a bagel or a bowl of cocoa puffs.
- have ur meds if u take any
- attempt to look nice. at least brush your hair and your teeth. but honestly no one cares how u dress. if you wanna dress like a stripper, then dress like a goddamn stripper. honestly no one cares. (but if ur in hs try to follow the dress code a little bit?)
- wear makeup if u want, or if you don’t then don’t.
- ur probably not gonna exercise or stretch. who cares. i dont. your friends don’t. if ur feeling up to it then go jog 4 miles, but if ur not then don’t.
- actually try to have a plan of what ur doing for that day. attend ur classes, and do ur work. ur education is hella important. FUCKING DO IT. kill those grades, murder everyone else in that class, impress and surprise ur teacher, parents, and everyone else who thought u couldn’t do it
- attempt to be social. make plans with friends and try to go. it can be lowkey and only like an hr. eat pizza or go to a bar. just have fun.
- eat healthy. eat a hamburger when u really want a hamburger and eat a large pizza when u really want a large pizza but try ur hardest to eat healthyish.
- watch ya shows. who doesn’t love some amazing netflix binges? watch it. do it.
- actually read. books are honestly the best. at least try to pick up the first harry potter.
- go to sleep before 2AM!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sleep is hella important.
- shower. you don’t need to buy expensive bath bombs or candles and have a fancy bath and coat ur skin in so much lotion that you are a walking wet rag, but try to smell somewhat pleasant.
- do what u want. just make sure it’s legal. have sex, travel, learn how to code, be with ur family, have a family, marry someone nice, build an empire, be fierce, be strong, but most of all: be happy. you live once on this planet. live it to the fullest. and don’t let ANYONE bring you down. not a girl, not a guy, not a parent, or a so called friend. keep your standards high, and heels higher.

If the Arch of Titus looks familiar to you, it’s probably because the monument is the inspiration for Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. 

Arch of Titus, Rome, Italy 

Korean Slang: Texting

ㅋㅋ  sound of giggling/laughing

ㅠㅠ/ㅜㅜ  sad/crying eyes

ㅎㅎ(하하)   Haha

ㅇㅇ(응)  Yes

ㅉㅉ  tsk tsk 

ㅇㅋ(오키)  Okay

ㄱㅅ(감사)  Thank you

ㅊㅋ(축하)  Congratulations

ㄴㄴ(노노)  No

ㅈㅅ(죄송)  Sorry

ㄱㄷ(기다려)  Wait

ㄱㄱ(고고)  Gogo

ㅂㅂ(바이바이)  Bye Bye

ㄷㄷ(덜덜)  I’m shivering

ㅅㄱ(수고) Well done/Good job


{ 11-5-17 } 76/100 days of productivity

Finally finished my English oral exam!! 🌬🌸 Went a lot better than expected (… maybe due to my excessive revision ..) but ha ha time to start doing everything else waiting in line for me 😢 guess who’s not slacking until July

Also considering a giveaway/blog compliment thing when I reach my next milestone ?!? 🌟