LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND! Is it crazy that I am so happy right now ? I want these triplus liner for ages but in store I just could found the one with 12 but I wanted them in 20 (because everyone on studyblr has the 20 😁) So one day I decided to have a look on Amazon and tadaa 36(!!!) colours and btw I checked it and that is the whole colour range they have. So now my notes are going to look like unicorn vomit - sorry not sorry.

Hey Everyone I made a GoFundMe Page! now that the program is paid for I am saving up money to help with Living siutations such as: Food, Emergency, Transportation, Textbooks and Painting supplies.  thank you for your support and encouragement! if you can’t donate please reblog and share so I can have a higher chance of donations! thank you! also commissions are still open but please email me before you donate if you commission me!



Long time, no talk my friends! Packing, studying for finals, traveling back to the states, etc. has all been so hectic…it’s time to tell y’all what I’ve been up to.

  • The last night in Florence felt so strange. Sam, Allie, and I went for our last gelato, then Audrey came over later to watch movies with us while we all packed up our rooms :( around 4 am Allie and Sam left for the airport to head back to the states, and I have to say, it was weird saying goodbye in the street after spending a whole semester together. I can’t wait to see them again.
  • My travel plans consisted of taking a train from Florence to the Milan Central Station, taking a shuttle from the station to the Malpensa airport about an hour away, staying the night in a B&B, then flying out the next morning from Malpensa to Newark, then Newark to Atlanta. All of this had to be done while lugging around 2 suitcases, a duffle bag, and a backpack. I’m happy to say I managed successfully, even though there was a bit of a struggle getting everything on and off the train. 
  • I was pretty excited to be heading back home. I missed my family, my friends, my adorable pets, my bed, a shower that was bigger than the approx. size of a refrigerator, and my car. Even after being home for almost two weeks, I can still say I am so thankful to be reunited with these people/animals/things.
  • I’ve been spending my time getting over jet lag, relaxing, seeing Mad Max Fury Road multiple times, enjoying American food, exploring the Chattahoochee forest in northern Georgia, and driving 6 hours north east to see my best friend Evan in Indiana. I’m currently staying a week with her and it’s been so great being reunited after 6 months of being apart. 
  • Two nights ago we saw Marina & The Diamonds live and she was amazing!!! She’s so adorable and I can tell she has so much fun performing. If you’ve never listened to her music, look her up right now. 
  • On Tuesday Evan and I will be seeing Glass Animals live and I’m equally excited to see them. I’ve featured a few of their songs on some of my monthly playlists, but if you haven’t listened to them yet, check them out as well!


It’s funny how much your view of the world and your mindset changes when you travel. Before leaving for the semester, I kind of thought of America as some dumb screw up compared to other countries…like America had made all these awful mistakes and the countries I was about to see were somehow better. Now I have learned that no country is perfect and each one’s history has bad and good aspects to it. I have a lot to learn when it comes to the history of this world (I mean can anyone ever be done learning about that subject??), but I’m glad I have gained some perspective on this matter. 

After spending 4 months of traveling almost every weekend, my plans for my future have changed. Now, every cent I earn that doesn’t go toward basic necessities like food, rent, etc., I want to save to put toward traveling. I’ve already begun looking into volunteer programs in Morocco because I miss that beautiful country so much. I have fallen in love with the desert and I think about it every single day still. I also really want to see more of the middle east and Asia, specifically Turkey, Thailand, and Indonesia (specifically Bali). I’m not sure when I will see these beautiful countries, but I am determined to make it happen.

A side effect of all this travel, I have noticed, is that you can’t explain your experience to anyone. I will never be able to explain to you guys, or my friends, or my family just how much this experience has affected me. It’s sort of a blessing and a curse…you love that you have this experience all to yourself, that it is truly unique to you and only you, but it’s hard because no one really wants to hear about it beyond the initial questions that go like, “How was your semester?!” or “What was your favorite place to see?” 

I’ve actually talked a lot about this with my friend Dan. We’re grateful to have at least a few study abroad friends at Mizzou who can at least sort of relate to us.I mean it kind of sucks to have experienced something so amazing but feel like an annoyance when it’s all you want to talk about. I’ve heard that’s part of readjusting once you return back to the States, but it still kind of sucks to be honest lol.

That’s why I love talking to you guys so much…I know many of you have traveled or aspire to travel and I love finding people who are just as passionate about this as me. 

What’s the future for this blog?

I am going to continue blogging on here! I am planning to start a weekly post titled Throwback Thursday - Travel Edition. In these posts I will write about the weekends of traveling I had in Europe that I never got a chance to post about, mainly because my computer was dead for a whole month. Look forward to seeing posts about:

  • Greece
  • Easter in Florence
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Munich, Germany
  • The Amalfi Coast

I also want to travel more in the United States and seek out adventure in my homeland and continue practicing my photography skills with my Canon. I already have some from the day I spent hiking in north Georgia!

Please continue to message me with your travel questions! I love chatting with you guys :)

Ciao for now my loves!