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Friendly reminder both to myself and others:

You can spend two weeks on vacation in Italy eating nothing but pasta, pizza, and gelato and doing nothing more strenuous than walking tours of fabulous cities, and YOU WILL BE OKAY!!

I had a fabulous time in Italy, I cannot wait to go back, but I am also immensely glad to be back in my own space. France seems downright comfortable to me now. Also, I just ran for the first time in over two weeks and my times reflected my euphoria at being back. 4:10 for the first km, then averaged 5:10 for the rest. 5k total, I feel fab. I love running so much and I missed it so much.

Now for an ab workout and SO MUCH laundry

Have a lovely day my dears <3

Hi my dear friends

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Course registration: Completed

course registration is always stressfull. And this semester was no exception.

First the stress of clicking on courses during registration period and only being able to get 5 courses that fit into your schedule.

Then the stress of going around to all the courses you actually want to take and try to convince the professors to let you into their course.

and finally the waiting game to see if you actually got into your desired courses or not.

Well I think this semesters begging was succesfull. Or so it seems. I had 22 credits to spend and I am taking 21 credits this semester which equals to 7 courses. Unforuntaly had ot change my schedule a little bit and do have to take one 3 hour course on Firday instead of having the day of but otherwise it isn’t too, too bad.

Nonetheless, I will be very busy since most of the courses (2 exceptions here) are actually very intense. I’m excited, but not that excited


Sunday: all about organizing.
I sincerely believe that changing little details affects your productivity. This is why I decided to alter a bit the order of my stationery - sometimes you find out that pencils/rulers/highlighters are much easier to reach only after placing them somewhere else. My current desk essentials are:
• Triplus fineliners;
• Sticky notes;
• Stapler (srsly, at the Uni they give you so much paper stuff!);
• Eye drops to keep my eyes hydrated;
• Stickers- for those units where notes and terms are really important;
• Mini-organizer - for everyday planning and
• Big study planner - for tasks, deadlines & exams

Hello there! 

My school has study abroad programs to Italy and Paris, either a summer or a semester long, with courses in art history. I want so badly to go to Europe and be around the art there! These programs sound like a dream come true! They are fairly reasonably priced, cheaper than trying to travel on my own, but a summer is around $3000, and a whole semester is $8000, not including airfare. My parents will help me pay for some, but they cant give a lot and I don’t want to ask it. Its pretty unavoidable that I will be taking out loans, and I’m applying for scholarships to help, as well as putting part of my paycheck in savings. 

I am also going to open travel commissions! Drawings where the profit will go entirely into savings for study abroad! I’m pretty busy with school and work, but I hope to do these throughout the semester and summer and next semester and… well basically until I’m on the plane. Next spring or the summer after is when I’m aiming to go, but it may have to wait for a year after if the money saving doesn’t add up enough by then. That’s roughly 10 months to save! Commissions or donations by you guys would help!


$10 for the first character +$5 for every additional character, with tips greatly appreciated!

My email is if you are interested! Thank you!



  • Found a couple juice places in Florence and I’m very happy about this
  • Classes are going very well. In my social media class we’re learning how to promote for a big publishing house, Giunti Editore. They’re actually going to let us make social media posts for them…pretty cool. Learning Italian hasn’t been too difficult which is nice. Taking Spanish definitely helped. My sketching class is also going very well. We just walk around Florence and go to different churches or landmarks and sketch. I thoroughly enjoy it haha. 
  • Also found a new awesome panini place. Their focaccia bread is SOOOO GOOODDDDD. I can’t remember the name for the life of me but I promise to post that info ASAP :)
  • Learned how to use the espresso maker thing. I’ve been drinking it with whole milk and omg it’s life changing.
  • Yesterday was my roomie’s birthday so we went to an awesome family style restaurant (Il Gatto e la Volpe) before going to the bars. They brought out huge platters of meat and cheese and roasted veggies to start with then we had 4 huge bowls of pasta to choose from. Heaven. The whole night was so much fun…I love all the people I’ve become friends with this semester.
  • Life is great.
San Gimignano: A Trip Back in Time

Fellow SRISA students and I took a bus to San Gimignano for the day recently.

The city is built on a hill with unbelievable views of the Tuscan countryside. The city is also one of few the remaining cities in Italy with their medieval walls still surrounding the city like they were almost 800 years ago. We toured the city with a guide, who showed us the ancient towers that peer over the city as a constant reminder of the wealth, power and status of the old aristocracy who used the walls for protection and a show of power.

the city is full of curving paths, some of which are in tunnels or hidden between narrow buildings. We toured two of the churches within the city walls, with beautiful frescoes of the stories of the bible in one building and sienese style architecture and artwork in the other. The city was a popular home for many traders who traveled Italy. When they returned home, they built their houses in the syle of the buildings they liked in other italian regions, such as sienna or venice. 

We also stopped in the old governmental building that played host to the town’s podesta (empire representitive). There was a museum filled with art pieces on the lower levels, but then we also had access to climb the tallest tower in the center of the city. The views of the enclosed town surrounded by the tuscan countryside was absolutely beautiful.

After touring the city, we had time to stop for a leisurely lunch in the center square of the city. I had some delicious parpadelle with a boar red sauce and was in great company for the afternoon. Afterwards we stopped at the award winner of the Best Gelato in the World. It was so smooth, creamy, and delicious. Everything was flavorful but not too strong or too sweet. 

Overall, it was refreshing to get out of Florence for a while and relax in the quiet, quaint town. the weather was so beautiful and the calm day was a wonderful change of pace.

nessaivyselena asked:

Hi, I've asked you a question before (don't know if you answered it yet, doesn't matter though), anyway, I have severe social anxiety, but I want to attend a study tour with my college for at least a couple weeks in either Turkey, Egypt, or Greece, but I don't know how I'd do it because I can barely even talk to people here in the U.S. Imagine talking to people in a different language! I'm already freaking out and I'm just thinking about it. Help?

You should definitely go for it!

Studying abroad might actually help you overcome some aspects of your anxiety more than you think. 

It’s the chance of a lifetime and you shouldn’t let your anxiety hold you back.

The key is planning and organization. That will help reduce anxiety leading up to the trip the most.

I know that is way easier said than done, so here are some tips and other resources to help you plan ahead:


Okay I’m about to get super honest in this post…like this is you and me sitting in coffee shop having a heart to heart. Ready? Ok let’s do this.

I decided I wanted to study abroad at the end of last summer. I was so excited the day when I realized Florence was where I wanted to be this semester that I started (attempting to) learn Italian that same day haha. This excitement and wanderlust pretty consistently continued all semester…but I mean it’s kind of a hard concept to wrap your mind around. Imagining moving to a different country for 4 months where I didn’t speak the language to live with people I didn’t know was just this idea, you know? It wasn’t happening for months so I just kept being excited because that’s all I could really do.

This lasted all the way up till halfway through my 9 hour flight to Germany…that’s when it hit me like a train what I was doing. I was moving to a different country for 4 months where I didn’t speak the language to live with people I didn’t know. This is when this concept decided to become very real to me; thousands of feet above the freaking ocean. I tried to distract myself with movies (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and Brave to be exact) but eventually I kind of broke down. I won’t go into details but basically a mild panic attack and tears in the plane bathroom were involved.

I wanted my parents and sister. I wanted my house. I wanted my pets. I kept asking myself what the heck I was doing uprooting myself for months…but I eventually calmed myself down. I focused on breathing. I kept reminding myself that it took a lot of courage to do this and that this experience was going to teach me so many things that I couldn’t even imagine yet. I was going to meet amazing people, see amazing things, and grow so much as a person in the next few months. 

1 month after that plane melt-down I can honestly say I am so happy that I’m here in Florence, Italy. I fall more in love with where I am living every day. I love my roommates; they are so funny, kind, and just great people to be with. I love my classes and the people I have met in them. I love being able to travel all over Europe and fall in love with new cities each week…this has truly been an amazing experience and I’m only 1 month in. I think by May I honestly will not want to leave this beautiful place.

Yes there are ups and downs, but at this point there are SO many more ups than downs. Have faith in that.

So here’s my advice: if traveling is something you REALLY want to do and you feel you have room to grow as a person (everyone does), go to Germany. Please go. We as humans love having routine and safety, that’s why going away for a summer is scary to you. It’s perfectly normal to be scared of the unknown…but I think it’s very important to take ourselves outside our comfort zone. That’s where we learn the most. So don’t worry too much because Germany will be amazing! Take advantage of this opportunity to see the world and gain some perspective. I think you’ll find that even strange, new places can become home for you. I think that’s the beauty of traveling right there.

A quote to leave you with:

If your Nerve, deny you — Go above your Nerve

- Emily Dickinson

I’m sending you lots of light and love, and please message me anytime you need to talk,

xo Becca

This will be a meaningful experience because it’s really the only kind of thing you can do in college. You have to interact with people to get this ki…

HELLO people of Tumblr. I am going to the United Kingdom. More accurately, England. I have raised 8,000 dollars by myself, but I need about 3,500 more.