bujo spread this week was again inspired by the wonderful kOu & her amazing photos at @seigakun !!!! photo creds to her ahaha (o^^o) 

my exam results were released this week and I did…alright, I guess? but I think what’s more important to remember is that results do not define you, you are more than just your numbers.

on a separate note, I finally got my hands on the finetec palette and embossing materials this week asfjskDJAOMDK they’re amAZING (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I’m still pretty bad at using them bUT practice makes progress amirite ^o^

to see more of my artsy stuffsies – artgram

I’m getting to the tail end of semester now. I’ve done all my presentations now which is a huge sigh of relief because they’re a pretty big trigger for my anxiety. I’ve just got a couple of lab reports that I need to do, and then it’s just study for exams! Summer holidays are so close I can almost taste it (now that the weather is finally getting warmer!)

1/100 days of productivity

Using this cloudy Sunday for a little law revision. A welcome change from all the micro- & macroeconomics lately. ☁️📖

49/100 days of productivity + SUN 10.23.16 // 7:41am

theme of the week: chemistry. october sciences (4/4);;;; chemistry and me are like those characters in tv shows who start off as mortal enemies and then slowly become best friends +++ learning about collagen, vitamin c, and periodontal ligaments!


bullet journal from last week! decided to include a quote from my favourite book 😊I’ve also been really inspired by “le petit prince!”

ps I’m tracking #cherstudies so tag me!!


- A little peek into my Bujo for last week and this week’s spread -
I’m loving the Colour schemes and I was so greatly inspired by @studywithinspo new YouTube video that I had to make one of my own plant doodles to decorate my spread with 💜💜

도와 주세요 - Help me

저기요 - Excuse me

도와주실수 있나요? - Can you help me?

살려주세요 - Save me

안전하지 않은 기분이 - I feel unsafe

무서워요 - I’m scared

도움을 전화해 주세요 - Please call for help

그만해 - Stop it

경찰서가 어디있나요? - Where is the police station?


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