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Hi! I am just beginning to learn French and I'm so lost on to where to start and everything. So I was wondering if you had any tips for someone who's just starting to learn French? And if you have any recommendations? Thank you so much ✨✨

i’m so glad you decided to get in touch, thank you!! 

  • i’ve linked all resources in a small icon that looks like this: (x)

first of all i reccomend learning some french phonics and the rules of the french alphabet. learn the way each letter is pronounced - especially accents as that can really help you in spelling and pronunciation. (x) i’d reccomend, following some of the studyblrs that i’ll leave at the bottom of this post, to find some french notes in your feed - the studyblr community is so helpful when it comes to learning languages - not to mention, you’ve got the whole langblr community too! go ahead, start following some french and langblr tags!

then move on to learning basic phrases, vocab and words, so you can start forming sentences. learn words like ‘mais’, meaning ‘but’, and ‘parce que’, meaning ‘because’. for learning these basics, i reccomend looking through my pinterest board dedicated to the french language! (x)
⇢ as you learn vocab, learn the gender with the word - it will help you so much in the future!

as you learn more, you’ll need to start learning about verbs, start off by learning verb endings: the -er endings, the -re endings and the -ir endings for the present tense; do the same for the other tenses. 
⇢ you will find that quizlet (and the internet in general), will be your best friend for this!

once you’ve learnt the basics, start learning some more rules, BUT DON’T LET THE RULES OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE SCARE YOU - admittedly they can be hard to get your head around, but they’re some of the most important things to learn - it’s the difference between someone who is grammatically correct, and someone who is not - and we all love to sound smart don’t we!

find someone to practise with, make an internet friend who studies french; one that is french, would be even better! if you’re not into making internet friends with random people, try speaking to some of the french studying studyblrs, that i’ll leave at the bottom of this post. or perhaps, just talk to me! i’ve only been learning french for two years, but i’m top of my year / grade, and i have some decent conversational skills, to say the least.

⇢ do it because you love it, learn a few more phrase and vocab lists, because they interest you - it’ll become more and more motivational - trust me!
⇢ get in the mood to learn french: learn about their culture, eat some of their food, listen to some of their music etc. 

@studiyng​ wrote an amazing masterpost on how to learn a new language, which could be ever so helpful to so many people, so i’ll just leave this here! (x)

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10 day back to school challenge

hey guys!! last year around this time I made a back to school photo challenge, so this year I thought I’d create a back to school action challenge to help you prepare for the school year! If you’re following along, you can post pictures or updates to the tag #universi-tea challenge

  1. Make a list of school supplies you’ll need for the year
    Try not to buy more than you need!
  2. Write down goals for the semester
    Keep them somewhere you’ll see them often, and be specific!
  3. Organize and clean your room
    So you’ll have a fresh start!
  4. Start preparing for your favorite class!
    Or your hardest.
  5. Buy your supplies for the year!
    Don’t forget your list!
  6. Create a morning routine
    To make waking up early a little less rough.
  7. Make a list of yummy breakfast, lunch, and snack recipes
    You can’t study on an empty stomach.
  8. Create a color coding system for your classes
    Try to match it with your supplies to stay organized!
  9. Clean out your backpack
    If it’s anything like mine, it needs it. 
  10. Enjoy your last little bit of break!
    Hang out with your friends, go to the pool, and sleep late one last time.

Feel free to do them at your own pace and in whatever order works best for you. Keep an eye out for more posts in my back to school series, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Write down what you need to get done today, put an estimated duration time next to each task, open your exercise book or create a document, open up a timer, set yourself a deadline and start working. If you need a break, do a plank for the length of a song or watch a 4 minute compilation of motivating scenes from Legally Blonde or Gilmore Girls or Hidden Figures. Once the four minutes is up, get back to work. Before you go to bed, make sure everything that’s due tomorrow is done.
—  Getting started is hard, but you can do it.

Credit me if you use them > credits to: noorastudy
I made some infographic stationery!! If you want something personalized write me asap!! or if you have some requests (icons, banners, logos…). Soon I’ll make full personalized banners and icons about different subjects, follow me If you want to see more!

Happy birthday to me~ 🎉🎂 Made a bujo spread featuring my birthday with a bunch of cute entries 💖 Thank you for everyone who always supports me! I’m very grateful for all of it 💝
「Quick tip: Don’t forget to reward yourself for a tedious task, so you will be motivated to do it again!」

• 100 days of productivity • Day 20/100

Today I worked on my weekly spread! The theme for this week was galaxy/stars! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out ✨✨
The quotes in korean are lyrics from Galaxy by Ladies Code!
Don’t forget to check my Studygram! The link is in the description 💟


Day 2/100 of Productivity

  • I finally started my long-overdue revision of AP Physics notes! I managed to compress five pages of notes into just two pages, since most of the content in the first few topics is basically intuition for me now.
  • I also compiled a few research papers and articles to read, annotate, and take notes on in the upcoming days, in preparation for the Google Science Fair. My topic will remain secret for now ;)

🎵  listening to “from a cage” by envoi

Places - Местами


церковь - church
мечеть - mosque
плаж - beach
озеро - lake
трактир - pub, tavern, inn
пансион - boarding house, room and board (pre-rev. boarding school)

New Words/Hовые Cлова

клиника - clinic
гавань - harbor
улица - street
район - neighborhood, region, area


Really enjoying how my programming is going.. :’’’) I can now do java code for basic drawings, basic animations, play with colours and background, text, variables and interaction with the mouse.

Khan Academy also has this cute little messages along the way and a point system that rewards you every time you finish a challenge or a video! I’m also making notes on Evernote so I don’t forget anything!

(sorry for the ugly pictures)