bullet journal from last week! decided to include a quote from my favourite book 😊I’ve also been really inspired by “le petit prince!”

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- A little peek into my Bujo for last week and this week’s spread -
I’m loving the Colour schemes and I was so greatly inspired by @studywithinspo new YouTube video that I had to make one of my own plant doodles to decorate my spread with 💜💜

도와 주세요 - Help me

저기요 - Excuse me

도와주실수 있나요? - Can you help me?

살려주세요 - Save me

안전하지 않은 기분이 - I feel unsafe

무서워요 - I’m scared

도움을 전화해 주세요 - Please call for help

그만해 - Stop it

경찰서가 어디있나요? - Where is the police station?


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You are not restricted to one dream per person, per life, per decade you are free to dream as often as you wish. Let yourself run wild and enjoy every minute you have with this earth, enjoy every single opportunity that lies before you and live to the utmost perfection.  The world is truly yours. Treat it with grace and explore all it has to offer and in return you will find happiness.

perfection by Amy Kennedy



23.10.16 // 11oC ☀️

14-18/100 Days of Productivity

It’s been a weird week, and I’ve sucked at uploading daily pictures for DoP, so I thought I’d collate a few from the past few days ✨ I’ve been fighting Freshers Flu, finding my rhythm with all my reading, and getting to grips with the physical manifestations of actually doing stuff - I’ve been in bed as early as 7pm, have had a few days where I’ve had to pack working in after thirty minutes, and days (like today) where I’ve just not been able to do anything at all 😴🛌

But, all in all, I’m really enjoying uni. I’m probably about 3/4s done with my first piece of assessed work for my NAT module, and have a pretty good idea what I want to say for my International Security module. And I made a friend! 🙌🏼