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Requiescat In Pace

Godspeed To Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The Opera Community And The World In General Has Lost A Singer With A Beautifully Rich Baritone! And, Boy, Was He Gorgeous With His White Hair.

Godspeed…May Angels Lead You Into Paradise!

My grandpa was in a gang called the “pretty boys” and they had leather jackets with “pretty boys” studded on the back. They didn’t even do anything they just stood around and looked pretty. My only sure goal in life is to keep this legacy alive


Saturday’s Stud

Get Inspired For A Six-Pack From This Slavic Stud.

Davor Garić…

He’s A Croat Cutie…

One Hot Daddy!

Woof, Baby!




Hotter Than Frackin’ Hell, Baby!


We’ve only got one planet. Celebrate it this Earth Day with Pretty Little Earth! 

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