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Tae & Lou, 2016

I don’t ever post things like this but as I look through the gallery of my phone, I can really understand just how lucky I am to have this beautiful Queen in my life. Blessed is an understatement.

P.S. - Send me some questions for us to answer on Youtube. OUR channel is in the works. ;)

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@hautebutch dapper at its finest with queer famous androgynous models @mackdihle & Vjay Miner, and hot comedian @tamalerocks.
@hautebutch Quartmaster shirt, Yeoman Vest, Majestic Royal and Leotyne bow ties and Nik Kacy Footwear.
Photo by Maria Alejos Photography, Chicago, IL.
Venue: Lincoln Square Barbershop, Chicago, IL.


I think I might have a thing for Python (and Lukas but who wouldn’t)
Also anyone who has a 3ds and likes RPGs should get this game because if it doesn’t sell well Intelligent Systems is probably just going to continue making “Waifu Emblem” games. We don’t want that. Not my art. 

All credit goes to original artists