studs jeans


Just A Few More Weeks Until Summer…

May Is At An End, And June Is Fast Approaching. We All Need That Extra Inspiration To Get Us To The Gym Or Outdoors To Get Our Bodies Fit For The Speedo!

Woof, Baby!


A couple of people have asked me to do the ‘draw x character in your wardrobe’ thing, so here’s Bucky in what I’m wearing: black sports bra and chiffon shirt, cropped black jacket (which I drew shorter on Bucky because he’s hecka tall) black studded belt, weird skinny jeans which my brothers refer to as ‘the star wars pants’, and the heeled boots I wear all the time. I’m not actually wearing fingerless gloves, that’s just Bucky. 

Luckily for Bucky, my entire wardrobe is shades of red and black. 

I left you guys a lineart version just because.

-Mod Hell

Because the bad girls are always the coolest. ;)

Drew a Pizzazz in response to the last issue of ‘Jem and the Misfits’ coming out - Very excited for the upcoming relaunch!

The Signs as 2000's Trends
  • Aries: Juicy Couture track suits
  • Taurus: Chunky highlights
  • Gemini: Von Dutch trucker hats
  • Cancer: Neck ties used as belts
  • Leo: Dresses with jeans
  • Virgo: Crimped hair
  • Libra: Butterfly clips
  • Scorpio: Cargo pants
  • Sagittarius: Studded belts
  • Capricorn: Low-rise jeans
  • Aquarius: Tattoo chokers
  • Pisces: 3+ layers

Irish Dancer

Now, That’s Some Jig!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!