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Irish Dancer

Now, That’s Some Jig!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


I don’t remember exactly how it started. It was the craziest night of my life, up until that point at least. Since that night nothing has been the same.

I was standing against the wall, lost in my phone, texting my best friend, Sharon, who was once again late for the concert she insisted I attend with her.

“Sharon where the fuck are you?”

I stare at my phone for what feels like an eternity waiting for her response. Finally a reply comes across.

“Sorry baby.  I’ll be there soon.”

I huff, my frustration fueled tears catching the eye of a rock star wanna be who stops dead in his tracks to ask if I’m okay. I look up briefly, noticing his piercing blue eyes, and smile through my tears and nod, embarrassed that I wasn’t invisible and he saw me.

I wipe my tears away and text Sharon again warning her of her impending death. I look up to see those same piercing blue eyes standing over me. “You’re crying. Girls don’t usually cry for no reason. I can’t leave you alone like this,” he insists. “Your boyfriend make you cry?”

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Truth Or Dare

Hope this isn’t too bad, thanks for requesting :)

Warnings- hella fluff

You and Peter sit in a circle on the ground outside the school with Jubilee, Jean, Kurt, and Scott. Peter is laying his head on your lap while twiddling his thumbs in boredom, and you’re resting your hands against the scratchy grass, peering up at the blue sky. You and Peter have been best friends since you joined Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You remember how you met like it was yesterday, you were in the hallway, touring the school with Jean and Jubilee, when the speedster came barreling down the hall, paying no mind to his surroundings. He crashed into you, hurdling his earbuds across the hall, landing next to where you sat. You heard the song Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics blasting through the bare speakers. That was one of your favorite songs, so you pretty much instantly bonded with the silver-haired Quickster, even though he completely swept you off your feet… literally. After that you slowly began falling for him, rather hardcore.
“Guys, you know what’d be really fun!” shouts Jubilee enthusiastically.
You all look at her wearily in sync, waiting for her brilliant idea.
“Let’s play truth or dare” she elates, practically bouncing up from her place on the ground.
“I dunno, Jubs, remember how that went last time…the pole…the ice…my tongue” Scott sighs.
“Oh c’mon! Y/N hasn’t gotten to play with us yet, it’ll be better than just sitting around doing nothing” Jubilee states, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I’m in” Peter says in his usual “I’m a total stud” voice.
“Jean, Kurt?” Jubilee smirks.
They both exchange looks then nod at her in approval.
“Sorry, Scott, you’re over ruled” Jubilee rubs in his face.
Scott huffs and scoots closer into the circle.
“You get to go first, Y/N, since you’ve never played with us before” Jean says “Truth or dare?”
“Hmm, dare” you say languidly.
“I dare you to go and give Professor X this number for a toupee salesman” she says with a giggle.
You gulp nervously and laugh “Okay.”
You pick up the business card and walk over to Professor X and wait for him to finish speaking to the student he’s helping.
“Y/N! How are you enjoying the school?” he says with a smile, making you feel bad about what is about transpire.
“Er, fine… here you go” you say, quickly handing him the card and walking away abruptly. You can see your friends bursting into laughter in the distance.
“You should have seen his face!” Jean wheezes from laugher, holding her stomach.
“Okay Peter, your turn” Jubilee says, her voice resuming seriousness “truth or dare?”
“Psh, dare, obviously” he says, confidently, making you smile to yourself.
The group all exchange looks with Jean and giggle. Pete begins to look nervous.
Jean clears her throat and attempts to pull off a straight face, “I dare you to ask out Y/N.”
Your eyes widen and you swallow loudly. Peter pauses and evidently stops breathing momentarily. He doesn’t make eye contact with you at all and stares at Jean like his life is flashing before his eyes.
“We’re waiting, Quickie, go for it” Jubilee sasses.
Peter turns to you and makes a look as if he’s asking for your approval. You nod your head and he scoots in closer. “So, Y/N, do you wanna like… ya know?” he says in the best cool voice he can make.
“I don’t think she does know, Peter” Scott teases.
Peter blushes and sighs. “Y/N, will you go out with me?”
You feel your cheeks heat up immediately. The boy you’ve liked for months just asked you out, is this even real?
“Of course, Quickster” you say shyly, hugging him tightly, hiding your inevitable smile in his silver jacket. You can feel him smiling too, and that alone makes you the happiest person alive. Peter Maximoff is smiling because of you.

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