studs jane


I have to say, this doll’s blue hair drew me right in. As a lover of hair all shades of blue, I was immediately intrigued.

Her gorgeous hair has multiples shades of blue in it, giving it depth. Her olive green eyes are framed by eyebrows on fleek, and she has natural eyeshadow.

Her outfit is a very flattering peplum top, and an actual denim pencil skirt. I’m happy to say that the top is really cute. The bustier portion of the top has black and white stripes, with a sweetheart neckline. The stripes are very reminiscent of the Classic Barbie in her vintage bathing suit. The top is accented by pink mesh, and the waistline has a line of pink ribbon which simulates a belt. The skirt’s pink stitching reflects the pink in the top, wrapping the outfit together. Her shoes are adorable high-heeled black mary janes, which have studs all over them. I’m a sucker for studded mary janes. Every single time.